12 day Ayahuasca Medicine Retreats in Amazon of Ecuador

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Journey into the lush Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and immerse yourself for 12 days in the solitude of the jungle, with medicinal plants and sacred Madre Ayahuasca. Stay at the Pasourcu lodge with Don Luis Andi Yachac and his family and experience deep healing and cleansing along with a small group of like minded souls. April 26-May 7 or May 10-21, 2015.

These transformational retreats include:

• delicious, healthy, local organic prepared meals

• simple double room accommodations

• guided tour to learn about different medicinal plants

• jungle walks, waterfall visits

• 6 ayahuasca ceremonies • ayahuasca preparation

• herbal saunas • “remedio” for cleansing the blood • emetics (vomitivo)

• meditation/sharing circles

• cultural demonstration of traditional music and dance

• translator • transportation from Quito to Tena and back 

Pasourcu, the pristine site where we will be staying for most of the time, is about a 45 minute hike into the forest from the road. Accommodations are basic double shared rooms with single beds and bathrooms. There is running water but no electricity. Purified water will be provided and our meals will be prepared for us, including delicious fruit growing on the land.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are led by Don Luis Andi, 62, an elder indigenous yachak (in kichwa language "the one who knows"). Since the day he was born, he had been prepared to become a powerful shaman by his father, a renowned powerful yachak. Don Luis also apprenticed with other twenty five different powerful shamans. As soon as at the age of 8, he started to take ayahuasca and tobacco. While roaming alone in the nature, he was visited by the spirits who took him to the "other side" for several days. In those other worlds, he received blessings from the spirit masters. He gained the powers of supreme natural forces such as the lightning, jaguar, anaconda and condor. He is a true curandero who never uses his skills and knowledge to harm people. He does not abuse alcohol. He stresses the necessity of purity and honesty to have healing powers. He sings extraordinarily and plays several instruments during the ceremony and calls spirits to come to protect, heal and give power. Don Luis is assisted by his wife, Dona Ines Vargas and his son Juan Andi Vargas, who also helps to organize the retreats. 

*If you are currently on any anti-depressants or anxiety medication, you must stop taking them at least 6 weeks prior to the retreat (please consult with your doctor), otherwise you can not drink ayahuasca. You will be given an application form to fill out when you book your spot. Please provide truthful information about your health/ allergies/ medical conditions on this form. Please inform us of any medications you are taking, or if you have a history of mental illness. All information provided by you will be kept confidential, and will be solely used for the purpose of this retreat.

Cost: $1,160.00 USD* Maximum number of participants: 12 per retreat. Space is first come, first served and cannot be held without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. 

A 50% deposit via Western Union is required to reserve your spot and the remainder will be due upon arrival.

* Price does not include roundtrip airfare to Quito. It is recommended to arrive in Quito at least one day before the retreat starts and plan your departure at least one day later. 

To receive an application, more information, daily itinerary and to book a place: please inquire to Isabel at (contact info blocked) with 'Ecuador Amazon retreat' in the subject line and which dates you are interested in attending.

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  • Seth Whitaker   February 07, 2019

      A trusted and brilliant guide

    Isabel is an incredible guide, leader and friend. She approaches her healing work with great dedication and respect for the local cultures and plants from which these medicines come. When working with Isabel, there is no ego involved: rather than acting like a "guru" or prescribing treatments, she works as a close partner and ally, ushering me along the healing path, opening doors for me to walk through. She has encyclopedic knowledge of healing modalities and holds space with a kind authority that is rare among healers. Isabel is an emotional rock for her tribe; healing work can be difficult and messy, and Isabel provides an absolutely safe and secure atmosphere to do this work. I have seen Isabel grow into a powerful leader over the years, and yet she has maintained a softness that makes her so approachable. I am honored that I was able to join her first guided trip to Ecuador, and her partnership with the family should be the model for all groups looking to work with indigenous peoples. She has partnered with them to build a gorgeous retreat center, completely focused on helping people do this important work in a safe, comfortable, and sustainable environment. She is the "mama bear" for her tribe and I consider myself so fortunate to have opportunities to deepen my spiritual practices with her and this beautiful community she has nurtured. I cannot speak highly enough about Isabel and the work she does.

  • Kathy Valler-wahrlich   January 24, 2019

      Big Gratitude to Don Luis

    I feel immensely grateful to Don Luis for my life. I went to the jungle Jan 2018, I thought to become more fearless and within moments of cutting the first vine Don Luis was able to tell me very specifically about a vein that was blocked in my neck due to old scar tissue. Everything suddenly made sense and become very real and I have been continual healing ever since. I learnt so much in such a short time, beyond anything words could try to describe. I am now doing things i never even considered i could do before. I achieved more on all fronts money - work - home - relationships of my life last years as well as the healing. Don Luis is a very gifted and special soul, he worked so hard during the ceremonies I felt so safe and protected in the Maloka these guys a real deal. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else except back to them. I am coming back planning: Jan 2020. Thank You for the healing that continues everyday now!

  • Joy Kerry   January 21, 2019

      love this woman

    I met Isabel through friends I had sat with in ceremony in Peru. I have experienced both profound openings thru Isabel's cacao ceremonies and journeyed with her to Ecuador to sit in 6 ceremonies with the Grandmother medicine. Isabel has a high level of integrity and I am grateful to have felt safe with her as the lead connecting me to the tribe in the Amazon. Blessings to continuous expansion of conscious on this planet.

  • Joy Kerry   January 21, 2019

      So grateful for this family

    Don Luis and his family graciously opened their land and shared with my group all the love and practices that have been cultivated and passed down through many generations. Don Luis is a powerful man with so much love and light packed into his petite physique. I have sat in over 30 ceremonies in multiple countries and am ever grateful for the work they do and share with others. Being a shaman is not necessarily considered a gift, it is a calling, possibly a responsibility to the planet. I look back fondly to my experience with Don Luis and his family. I also received additional care for a chronic issue I had been dealing with for years. Daily someone would drip medicine (hot water infused with plants) over my legs and feet for almost an hour as I sat there able to communicate with only a smile. I cried one day as Don Juan (Don Luis son) applied the medicine. I have been socialized to believe this is a menial task that not many would want to do, let alone feel happy to do it. It was at this moment I realized, they offer this healing with such grace because they are aware that my suffering, causes suffering to the planet. I was so humbled by this knowing.

  • Louise Baranowski   January 21, 2019

      Fantastic community

    Isabel has made it possible for many people to get enlightened as she has before us. She has created a space for people to take care of themselves and grow through the medicine. It has made easy for us to journey and Isabel has shared her jungle experiences and taken us to meet her Sharman. I have the utmost respect for the community she has introduced me to. So grateful Louise

  • Louise Baranowski   January 21, 2019

      Amazing journey

    This experience was life changing for me and a year later I am still feeling the benefits. Don Luis is an amazing wise Sherman who open up his home and his family to make you feel comfortable at all times and protected. I also watched all the people around me grow and flourish. It is a very safe environment for all who are open and willing to grow. I will return again and highly recommend Don Luis who has given up a traditional life to help others Thank you Louise

  • Rebekah Hunter   January 20, 2019

      So much gratitude

    I have struggled with mental illness in the past and now I feel as though I am able to move past it thanks to the wonderful work Don Luis and his son, Don Juan, have have helped me work through. Thanks to thia retreat I feel as though I am starting my life over and living from the earth while giving gratitude and upping mt awareness I feel in my body. Much love to these two shamans.

  • Miss Mister Woman   October 23, 2018


    In 2016 a trip was taken to this retreat. I came back sick where I developed mental illness. I will not go into specifics since none is needed. This review come from direct knowledge and experience. The shaman and his family appear nice, and kind. My mental illness that followed, the mental difficulties and story outline that followed were executed by the shaman Don Luis himself. While there the two so called shamans disappeared for 24 hours. Without warning to the group. When they arrived they simply said that they were out on a community meeting... ??? ... ???? My advice is what it is. Take it or leave. Do some research on line on the many who have gone to such retreats coming back mentally ill some having fates of death... I feel that it is the least that I can do. Be very weary.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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