Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator Training

  • Yobaba lounge Yobaba lounge
  • Chalabre, Occitania, France
  • Aug 14 - 22, 2019 (9 days)

About This Event

Welcome to a week-long training programme in Sacred Body Awakening with Anaiya Sophia in Southern France.

The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening is where a woman comes into direct contact with the Sacred Temple Codes embedded within her body. This somatic, deep, slow process will open her to gnosis, revelation and wild ecstatic freedom. This bodily wisdom emerges from our sacred origins, freeing us of shame, guilt and awkwardness. Together, as a circle of women, we will learn to touch, ignite, sound, soothe, drop, soften, ease and heal.

One of the last women to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene. She knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body to the primal source. She knew how to love with the whole of her body in ways that not only soothed the masculine; but also rebirthed him. Sacred Body Awakening comforts the soul, softens all that is rigid within and births the genuine restoration of trust amongst women.

This journey of sensual, somatic embodiment brings us into contact with our unspeakable purity. The slowness of the touch loosens up the mind, shakes off our mask, vivifies our sacred purpose and makes real our soul memories and reason for being here. This long-awaited union of the inner and outer parts of us explodes every sense of duality, as we discover our pre-verbal awakening into a divine being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but the Sacred Masculine patiently longs and delights after.

This training programme will prepare you to receive the transmission that Anaiya carries. The purity, innocence and joyfulness of authentic wisdom are her hallmarks. By the time she has finished with you - you will be a polished representative of this Awakened Feminine Embodiment of Wisdom.

Receive Anaiya's full accreditation, certification and blessing to continue on this work.

This training would serve:

The awakening of your Temple Priestess skillsThe precise and accurate receiving of this template ritualThe Preparing of your whole self to work with women and menThe healing of every kind of sexual guilt and shameThe liberation, healing and health that this quality of work brings – in abundance!The awakening of Kundalini Yoga into your BeingThe opening of you Charkras, Naadi's and Meridians to the lifeforce power of Shakti/KundaliniThe receiving of an Absolute Living Transmission that blesses your 'taking of Sacred Body Awakening' out into the World.

The week-long retreat is £2250.00 and will be held close to my home in Southern France.

 There will be two training programmes this year:  Sacred Body Awakening in August and also Sacred Yoni Awakening in June/July 2019. Both of these will be held in the safety of our home in Southern France. For now, Sacred Body Awakening is for Women Only.  However, during the training weeks, both men and women are invited into our circle on the last day to receive the work from the new initiates. 

The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening is where a woman comes into contact with the Sacred Temple Codes hidden in her body. The essence of Sacred Body Awakening is a pure embodied path of experiencing Trust, Safty, Healing and Goodness in the presence of two others.  The touch is somatic, easeful and respectful.  Intuitively guiding the other into pre-natal textures that soothe, heal and comfort. One of the last women to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene. She knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body, heart and soul to the tender ecstasies of life. She knew how to love with the whole of her body in ways that not only soothed the masculine; but also, rebirthed him.

This training programme will prepare you to receive the transmission that Anaiya's carries. The purity, innocence and joyfulness of her authentic maturity are her hallmarks. By the time she has finished with you - you will be a polished representative of this ancient Mary Lineage.


Venue: Yobaba Lounge, Chalabre, Southern France - (contact info blocked)Price: £2250Open to: Women OnlyFly Into: Toulouse or Carcassonne.

Anaiya Sophia is an independent mystic of an almost forgotten (contact info blocked) Let us not lose our way, please step forward and continue to carry this mantle with her.

Syllabuses will include:

Taking the War out of ManTaking the Whore out of WomanThe Five Constellations of Sacred Body AwakeningComforting, Blessing, Loving, Igniting and HealingAllowing ShaktiOpening the Sacred HeartIgniting the Womb WisdomKundalini Yoga: Awakening the Serpent Womb SteamingThe Practice of Intimate Erotic Love

This training programme will give you a certificate of professional training and the blessing of this lineage to continue on in this way. 

The Temple has (contact info blocked)

Sacred Body Awakening is a powerful initiation of Temple Holiness. This ancient remembering brings a woman into full contact with her Temple Codes embedded within her body - until now, the moment of this Great Birth! This is a whole body initiatory process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the mystical feminine way of permitting the Sacred Mother energies to flow ecstatically from one being to other, whilst facilitating the journey from human to divine, from (wo)man to God.

The Path of Sacred, Erotic Love is so often unclear and unlived because so few have blazed the evolutionary trail ahead of us. It takes a huge and courageous heart to walk this path, and a dependable connection with the Divine to continue to go deeper.

The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening (contact info blocked)

Find places and spaces within your body that were holding onto sexual trauma, heartbroken memories and rejected parts of selfOpen to a larger field of belonging, healing, trust, love and surrender that is only possible with woman-to-woman connectionLearn to trust and unleash your sexuality in union with your heart & soulBe supported by your sisters to go deeper into re-birthing your sexualityUnharness your longing and full erotic prayer to revive your sexual innocenceLearn how to ‘hold and imbue’ sacred relationship to catalyse inspirational soul growth and depth of intimacyIgnite your vulnerability by giving, opening, surrendering and trusting the masculine – your own and hisBe invited to Let Go…Release waves of ancestral sexual dis-functioning, family secrets, taboo tendencies and shame.

This work is open to all women, regardless of their sexual preference, age or religious/spiritual backgrounds. You will be safe. You will be honoured. You will be gently held throughout the whole process.

I truly believe - this is what you have been waiting (contact info blocked)

Other informationNearest Airports:  Carcassonne or ToulouseNearest Train Station: CarcassonneRetreat Begins: 6 pmRetreat Finishes:  11 amWe can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.  Toulouse is a 2 hr drive (€90) and Carcassonne 1hr (€70).



8 am Yoga
9. 30 am Vegan Breakfast

11 - 1 pm Session One

3 - 6pm Session Two

7 pm Vegan Supper

Venue Highlights

The highlight is the entire house! It is an enchanted Temple space - absolutely perfect for this work.


Accommodation is shared with one other. The rooms are elegant and luxurious with plenty of space with a shared bathroom.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


The food at Yobaba Lounge is one of the great highlights! Gertrud our host is exceptional when it comes to taste and presentation. Her menu is wholesome, local, hand made and uber healthy.


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