Opening the Heart with Sheng Zhen Meditation & Stillness ~ with Jing Li

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To feel at ease and worry free is everyone’s wish. We're all seeking deeper meaning in life and lasting happiness. Most people are seeking for ways in the outer world in which to be healthy and happy; however, if we would seek internally instead – turning to the Heart, it is possible to tap into the deep and lasting contentment that resides there - in all of us. 

Xin 心 (pronounced ‘shin’) is the Chinese word for Heart.

Sheng Zhen (pronounced scheng djen) meditation leads practitioners to the innermost place – the Heart. The use here of a capital ‘H’ is to indicate that knowledge of the Heart in Chinese life and culture is not identical to what native English speakers refer to as the heart:

In Chinese culture, “Heart is the master of all the internal organs” (Neijing ∞ Suwen, chapter 8; and Neijing ∞ Lingshu, chapter 71)The Heart is the seat of all emotions (Zhang, 1642; Li et al., 2013)“The Heart … is in control of the mind.” (Neijing Suwen, chapter 9)The soul resides in the Heart(see Chinese word 心靈)(Li et al., 2013)

The greatest characteristic of Sheng Zhen meditation is cultivation of the Heart! 

If the Heart is emotionally closed, negative feelings such as fear and anger accumulate. Consequently, these heavy negative emotions influence the brain, the thinking, and our view of life. Meanwhile, the negativities overload the physical heart (and also affect other organs). As a result, the mind is narrow and the heart is thirsty for love (or 心灵缺少了爱的滋育).

Sheng Zhen meditation opens the Heart with the power of love! – The practice of meditation in motion and in stillness frees the Heart from smallness and tightness. 

FEEL love in the Heart! Feel at ease, be worry free and healthy!

Jing Li is the gifted daughter of Master Junfeng Li, renowned founder of the Sheng Zhen Society and creator of the Sheng Zhen “Healing of the Heart” Qigong system. From a very early age she’s practiced Sheng Zhen Gong, and received divine teachings. 

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