6 days Sacred Sexuality / Tantra workshop

About This Event

This workshop is an invitation to bring awareness to the way you express love, live relationship, and relate to sexuality. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself the world of Agama Tantra and learn to transform lovemaking into a spiritual practice. Agama Yoga Colombia offers an exceptional opportunity to study the tradition of Tantric yoga in the heart of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi, surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

This workshop presents information in a modern, step-by-step approach that is well-adapted to the western mentality while also preserving the original mystique and richness of the teachings. The workshop includes many interactive elements, such as exemplifications, meditations, and initiations (energy inductions), and printed supplemental material is provided.

Videos on relevant topics are presented whenever possible. The course keeps a commitment to a clear and elevated level of communication, there are no explicit presentations or nudity whatsoever, and the workshop is open to both singles and couples.

Due to the provocative perception of Tantra, there are many myths, misinformation, and stereotypes that come along with these teachings. However, what many do not realize is that Tantra is deeply rooted in traditional Indian and Tibetan yogic teachings. This workshop includes relevant information regarding the mystery of spiritual eroticism from several traditions including yoga, Chinese Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism.

There will be teachings from Monday to Saturday and the course will be concluded on Saturday evening by a ritual.

The human size of Agama Colombia allows us to focus on our practice and dive deeper into the teachings. With the good vibes of La Finca and the warm welcoming of the team, I spend an intense and relaxing stay at the same time! - Clara from France

Event Highlights

  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Lectures, exercises, and examplifications
  • Classes to learn the yogic approach to safe sex
  • Tools to direct sexual energy towards a spiritual practice
  • Rituals
  • Watching documentaries and movies on the topic
  • 7 nights accommodation


This course is blending harmoniously theory and exercices. Due to the amount of informations and practices the schedule is quite intensive. Here is a typical daily schedule (subject to modifications) :

7.00-7.45 Morning Meditation (optionnal)

8.00-9.30 Theory & exercises

9.30 Breakfast

10.00-12.30 Theory & practices with short breaks

12.30 Lunch break

16.00-18.00 Theory & exercises

18.15-20.00 Theory & practices

20.00 Dinner

This program includes the following subjects:

- Ascetic versus Tantric spirituality
- Brahmacharya (sexual continence), including how to separate orgasm and ejaculation
- The curves of pleasure for men and women
- Perception, control, and channeling of sexual energy
- Tantric orgasms for women
- Hatha yoga and its relevance to the Tantric practice
- Transfiguration and consecration
- Consciousness and sexuality on the chakras
- Shiva and Shakti archetypes
- Yogic approach to safe sex
- Conscious communication
- The true nature of love
- An initiation into different erotic Tantric rituals and empowerment in their independent practice
- Tools to direct sexual energy towards a spiritual practice

Venue Highlights

Finca San Pedro is located on a two-hectare farm on the edge of Sogamoso and is a great place to enjoy yourself and to relax. Sogamoso is the second most populated city of the beautiful state of Boyacá, 213 kilometers away from Bogotá. It lies at 2569 meters above sea level and has an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. This city, also known as “the city of the sun”, is located in the middle of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi where you can find the Iraka Valley which means “great light on earth”.


Guests will be welcomed at Finca San Pedro. There are different types of rooms to choose from smaller cozy rooms to spacious rooms with extra beds. The rooms are decorated in a beautiful colonial style.

-Camping : For guests that would like to sleep in tents, camping facilities are available. As the weather can be a bit cold at night, you can also camp inside a spacious room made available for this instead of staying out in the garden. Hot showers, restrooms, and cooking facilities are available for campers too.

-Dormitory : Dormitory is mostly for travelers. It has its own en-suite private hot and comfortable shower. There are separate restrooms outside for men and women. The dorm has two semi-double beds for guests who want to have their own semi-privacy within the dormitory. Two bunk beds and one single bed are provided inside the dormitory. Dormitory for yoga students is next to the yoga hall with a small semi-private double room. Inside the dorm, there are three bunk beds, single bed, and twin beds.

-Private rooms : The hostel has different types of private rooms to choose. From smaller cozy rooms to spacious rooms with extra beds. All of the private rooms are decorated in a beautiful colonial style and if you would like a touch a modernity you can even request a television.


  • Free Wifi
  • Sauna
  • Kitchen
  • Yoga Studio



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