200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Karnataka, India

  • Shwaasa Shwaasa
  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • May 21 - Jun 20, 2019 (31 days)

About This Event

Let Shwaasa yoga ashram in Bangalore be your home for a month of the most affordable 200-hour yoga teacher training. The 200-hour yoga teacher training course is a divine odyssey of unearthing the treasures of sacred yoga philosophy. Incorporating every aspect of yoga wisdom, like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, meditation, pranayama, Kundalini yoga, mudras, bandhas, Shatkriyas, and much more, the course immerses the students in the fathomable sea of yoga and spirituality.

‘Free Pass’ to be a Part of the Prestigious Yoga Ratna Awards 2019

The good news for all those participating in the 31 day 200 hour yoga teacher training is that they will be provided ‘Free Passes’ to the highly acclaimed Yoga Ratna Awards 2019. Introduced by Shwaasa, the Yoga Ratna Awards felicitates those whose have immensely contributed towards yoga. Conducted in Bangalore, the award ceremony is held each year on 20th June, one day prior to the International Yoga Day.
Classical Hatha Yoga

At Shwaasa, you will gain the foundational knowledge of classical Hatha yoga and its asanas for the unification of the opposites.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

The eight-limbed Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practices are carried out in the same manner as taught by K.Pattabhi Jois.

Kundalini Yoga

Awaken the dormant Kundalini and spirituality within with the regular classes of primary stage Kundalini practices.

Pranayama Series

Pranayama refers to the expansion of the breath. In this, you will learn the various yogic breathing techniques to improve the quality and flow of prana within the body.

Meditation Series

Delve into the mental aspect of yoga with meditation series. You will learn about yoga Nidra and other guided meditation techniques.

Mantra Yoga

Mantra is the sacred sound that purifies the atmosphere and helps you attain heightened focus. Mantra yoga practices and chanting are the core elements of this subject.

Mudras and Bandhas

Mudras and bandhas are the two important elements of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles. So, this topic covers the diverse yogic mudras and bandhas important to the practice of asanas.

Yoga Philosophy

After being rejuvenated through Shatkriyas, sit for yoga philosophy classes where you get to read Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Sutras, and Shiva Sutras for a better understanding of yoga origins.

Shiva Yoga

With Shiva yoga practices, learn to open the third eye and transport into a mystical world.


Anatomy classes are conducted to help students gain a deeper understanding of how the human system, including the brain works and the effects of yoga on it. Anatomy of the digestive system, nervous system, and spinal cord is discussed in detail.

Sun Salutations

Every morning pay homage to the source of life - the sun, with the practice of Surya Namaskar with 12 Surya mantras.

Shat Kriyas

Internally cleanse with shatkriyas and other detoxification therapies to revitalize your body.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy classes on diabetes, blood pressure, and back pain. These are some of the common health problems encircling society; learn the natural way to treat them.

Contemporary Practices

The course includes contemporary yoga practices like humor therapy and transformational yoga that have proven benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Event Highlights

  • Daily pranayama and anatomy classes
  • Daily Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes
  • Weekly Ayurveda class and culture programs and sightseeing
  • Classes conducted in the esteemed guidance of experienced yoga teachers from India
  • An opportunity to make an everlasting liaison with kindred spirits
  • Both morning and evening meditation sessions
  • Three meals a day served in yogic style
  • 27 nights ashram-like accommodation
  • Free passes to the highly prestigious and acclaimed ‘Yoga Ratna Awards’ will be provided to all the participants of this course


05:00 Morning herbal tea
05:30 Traditional Hatha yoga
07:30 Pranayama and meditation
08:30 Vegetarian breakfast
10:00 Yoga philosophy
11:00 Tea break (Indian chai)
11:30 Yoga practicum
13:00 Ayurvedic lunch
15:30 Yoga anatomy
17:00 Ashtanga yoga
19:00 Meditation
19:30 Sattvic dinner
1 weekly Ayurveda study
1 weekly cultural program
1 weekly sightseeing
Wednesday and Saturday holidays

Venue Highlights

The Shwaasa Yoga Ashram is the vision of Shwaasa Guru, Swami Vachananand Ji. The ashram is established in Bangalore and is approved by the government of Karnataka. Shwaasa offers yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats, conducts yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions, in order to bring the authentic wisdom of yoga to the doorsteps of the common man and woman. All the courses and sessions are guided by the Shwaasa Guru in a spiritual manner for the uplift of humanity in an economical setting.


The Shwaasa Yoga Ashram in Bangalore is set in a nature enriched pattern, where the atmosphere is serene and birds sing melodies of happy days. The ashram inspired accommodation and lifestyle ensures that you embrace days of health and spirituality during the course of the journey.

The ashram has spacious rooms that are well-ventilated and furnished with modern amenities. Each room has an attached bathroom that is kept spotless and has an uninterrupted water supply. The rooms are decked with shiny glass paned windows offering heart-warming views of the town. The ashram is surrounded by a garden having lush green and fresh grass where the students can spend their leisure time strolling and in self-introspection.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic



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