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13 days yoga, meditation, healing and sacred sites retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru

Event Highlights

  • The retreat will take place in the Sacred Valley, around 45 minutes outside of the old inka capital Cusco.
  • The retreat place is surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains and a stunning view.
  • You have a big garden full of flowers to relax in, in between classes and excursions.
  • Come and join us for a transformational and magical retreat together with other beautiful people!
  • Join us in this powerful place on earth and take some time off from a busy life!


Example Itinerary from Day 5: (Full Itinerary available at (contact info blocked)(contact info blocked)?)
~ 7- 7.50 am: Meditation & chanting
~ 7.50 -9 am: Yoga & yogic dance
~ 9 am: Breakfast
~ Vegan cooking class
~ Opening to receive healing sessions with Angel
~ 1 pm: Delicious lunch
~ Healing Sessions
~ 5.30: EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique course
~ 6- 6.30 pm: Optional short yoga class, meditation & chanting
~ 6.30 pm: Meditation
~ Dinner
~ Rest

About This Event


Join us and our wonderful group for an adventure you will remember a long time!

 Let us take you to the sacred inka ruins and strong energy places, join us to Visit Machu Picchu, the ancient city of light together!!! 

SINGLE ROOM: Early Bird: 2111$ (valid till 12 weeks before), normal price 2233$ ~ Tidlig pris 18000 NOK, vanlig pris 19000 NOK

DOUBLE/ TWIN ROOM: Early Bird 1988$, normal late price 2111$

Tidlig pris: 16900 NOK, vanlig pris: 18000 NOK

TRIPLE/ QUADROPLE ROOM: Early Bird 1888$, normal price 2100$

Tidlig pris: 16100 NOK, vanlig pris 17888 NOK

Accommodation options: single, double, triple and quadruple room  


-  Daily morning  meditation, chanting, classical  asthaunga- 8- limbed path yoga class 

- Teaching of the universal yoga dance Kaoshikii with 22 benefits

- Teaching of yogic self- massage 

- Evening circle with meditation, chanting and sharing...

- 9 nights of accomodation at retreat center ~ Illary Chaska in Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley ~according to availability and choice

- 3 nights of accomodation in Machu Picchu in double, triple or quadruple accomodation

- 3 days Machu Picchu spiritual, mystical tour

- 3 vegan, healthy, homemade meals a day ~ raw and cooked

- 1 ayahuasca ceremony with our experienced fascilitators'

- 1 landhealing ceremony

- 1 river blessing ceremony

- Vegan cooking course- 3 parts

- EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) introduction class with Angel

~ Forgiveness session with the group

- Excursions: Sacred ruins and town of Ollantaytambo, visit to Saqsayhuaman ruins in Cusco, Moray agricultural circles and energy vortex, Pisac Intithuatana ruins, optional Chincheros visit

- Salineras ancient inka Salt Mines visit

- Visit to Cocha Wasi animal sanctuary to see Andean animals such as the condor!

- Half day hike in sacred & stunning Kinsa Cocha lakes over 4000 m up, accompanied by lunch with indigenous family

-  Private Tourist by- land ~ transportation to all places

~ Return from Machu Picchu by train

- Cultural, professional, English speaking Indigenous tour guides to sacred sites

- Local sauna with medicinal herbs - optional

- Fire night

- Integration and sharing circles'

- Blessing ceremony for your life path & highest journey

- Make deep friendship bonds with likeminded people from various countries

- Get a new start in your life and closer guidance to your higher life path!




- international flights

- travel insurance

- 4 meals out

- one medicine ceremony ( ayahuasca)

- Tips 

- Optional concert with local musicians 

- 60 USD extra for a single room during the Machu Picchu trip

- Airport pick up and return not inluded ~ can be arranged

- Healing sessions with Angel - 100 soles offer for one hour  of thetahealing or spiritual healing

- Personal expenses

You will fly into Cusco Airport or Lima airport. If you fly into Lima Airport, we wil help you, if needed, top find your domestic flight to Cusco Airport. We will be happy to arrange your airport pick up!

Good search engines: (contact info blocked) & (contact info blocked)

The form of yoga is classical yoga from the 8 limbed path, very relaxing, good for the muscles and hormonal system with a strong focus on meditation and selfless service, you also learn philosophy!

There is more focus on meditation than yoga during this retreat.

No previous experience with yoga and meditation necessary.


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you!

 Many blessings,

Angel Amita

(contact info blocked)

 (contact info blocked)

" All creation begins first on your imagination.

It is your tool for conscious manifestation.

Use it to create positively and your wildest dreams will manifest!"

 ~ Adama 


Illary Chaska Spiritual Center is located in the Ollantaytambo area in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

The center is new and has comfortable shared and single rooms for you all.

We will be in a quiet and beautiful location surrounded by majestic Andean sacred mountains on all sides.

Beautiful waterfalls, and river passes the land. The land is big and the energies there are very special.

You will enjoy a truly beautiful location to recharge and care for your mind, body and spirit during the retreat.


For this retreat, you will be served deliciously cooked and raw vegan meals with local and mostly organic ingredients. Only four meals during visits to Machu Picchu and other places are not included. Please let Sacred Journeys know in advance if you have other diary restrictions and they will assist you. Sacred Journeys have experienced that hardly anyone misses meat because the food is so delicious. However, there are cafes around and when we eat out it will be possible to purchase other food.

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Toya Dickson   January 20, 2020

      A Once In A Lifetime Journey!

    Angel's Machu Picchu 4 day journey was awesome! She's the perfect host to guide as she's a healer, has passion for the area and is very knowledgeable. Her energy also attracts the right participants who need to be there too, as I was grateful to share this experience with such beautiful souls. The energy of the sacred spaces will stay with me forever. It was very healing and I highly recommend!

  • Lidia Borisova   January 06, 2020

      Lidia Borisova

    I met Angel in a very hard moment of my life. 4 days of retreat that I spent with Angel and a group helped me a lot to reestablish my inner peace and strength to keep going further. And special thanks to individual healing sessions with Angel.

  • Eran Barberan   November 30, 2019

      Angel is an Angel ❤️

    Angel hosts a truly mind blowing retreat that I would HIGHLY recommend everyone experience! Extremely adventurous and beautifully balanced with many spiritual opportunities, this is a once in a lifetime experience I will carry with me forever. Angel wormed her way into my heart even before the retreat began and has remained a dear friend even after. Peru has the most exquisite energy and this retreat was such a perfect way to get to experience that with the guidance of Angel, a true spiritual guide, empath and healer. For anyone considering going, don’t think twice, this trip is definitely worth every penny. It was definitely a life changing experience for me and part of my heart will always remain!

  • Naomi Boyer   November 29, 2019

      Fabulous retreat

    Over 2 years have passed since I attended Angel’s Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu retreat and I still consider it one of my favourite experiences. It was elevating and energizing and profoundly moving. The scenery was absolutely stunning and the ruins were amazing. Angel has a very compassionate and generous soul. She puts so much of herself into making the retreat special. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Vivienne Yardley   May 06, 2019

      For anyone seeking a spiritual journey to Peru with deep connection to the sacred places and themselves, with a combination of yoga, meditation, vegan travels and likeminded people, I highly recommend Angels retreats.

    Angel by name Angel by nature! Our time with Angel was truly special. I feel so fortunate to have spent such an amazing l time in Peru with Angel and the other beautiful souls that were drawn to this wonderful spiritual guide in such a magical place. Angel was so good at communicating before and during my time in Peru. I had many questions before the trip and she took so much time to make sure I had all the information I required. It was so reassuring as a female travelling from the UK on my own to be met at Cusco airport by a driver she had arranged. As well as the 4 day retreat to Machu Picchu, Angel also organised 3 extra days in Sacred Valley, hooking me up with another traveller, to share accommodation and the costs of a private trip. Our guide was a Peruvian Lady who gave us great insight into the history and spirituality of Inca sites including Sacsayhuaman, Temple of the Moon, Inca agricultural terraces and Moray Salt Mines in Sacred Valley. Our morning meditations and yoga practices set each day off to a great start. The time we shared at Machu Picchu was incredible. We meditated and chanted in some very special places, away from the crowds, so we could feel our special connection with this sacred and spiritual place. Angel made sure all our food needs were met, loving preparing buffet breakfasts and packed lunches. As a fellow Vegan, she directed me to the most amazing Vegan restaurants – in particular I would recommend Green Point in Cusco (just a short walk from Casa De La Gringa hotel which had also recommended). The Garden of Vegan in Urubamba is also well worth a visit. Thank you so much Angel. I will feel forever connected to you, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and all the special souls who shared this time together. I look forward to the next time our paths cross again.

  • Elisabeth Aira   November 06, 2018

      Life changing experience

    The country, the place, the people and the ceremonies in this retreat are life changing. Angel knows Peru like the back of her own pocket. You get so much value for the money on this retreat. I will go back to experience more retreats with Angel in the future.

  • Mathilde Torsøe   October 11, 2017

      One of my best trips

    This trip has been one of the best in my life. It was truly amazing. If you are curious about it, just go!! You will not regret it :) ! I was in Peru in February and March, and at that time of the year the nature was really lush and green. We visited so many beautiful sites! Macchu Picchu was of course a highlight. But the other places and things we did was also so exciting. The trip has done much for me, especially when it comes to do meditation and yoga on a deeper level. The food was great, the Peruvians are very welcoming and sweet and all in all it was a great trip. This trip can also be a great starting point if you want to take a longer trip in South-America and visit other countries.:)

  • Janne Paulsen   October 07, 2017

      Reatreat 18-30 sept 2017

    "Angel" has become my guardian mother on earth and my friend for life, and this trip is one of the best adventures of my life. I have learned so much about myself and shared so much wonderful and magical time with the beautiful group of lovely people and all the other local people who have been involved in our journey. We have visited so many great sacred sites that it is difficult to rate them. The healthy food was so delicious and the space of living was great. I will never be the same person after this retreat in a positive way. I definitely recommend to everybody who search for some answers and need a beautiful journey inside and outside of ourself to go, you will never regret. Angel is an amazing person, teacher, in my eyes a becoming master of guardian angels with lots of experience and love. Thanks and blessings ❤ I will for sure go back. Pisac in my heart for ever.

  • Caner Dönmez   September 30, 2017

      Have you ever met with real Angel before? :)

    Angel is a most compassionate person that I have ever met about spirituality. She truly dedicated her life to healing The Planet Earth and Cosmos. During my journey in Peru, she guided us wonderfully; she communicates well with locals, arranged everything smoothly such as Hotel, transportation, entrance tickets to ancient sites with local guides and her cool driver Mr. Tino :) Moreover, Vegan cooking course was amazing, I guess I ate the healthiest food in here during my stay and I learned a lot of cool tips and techniques in the kitchen. I lost weight, I increased my meditation time, I frankly healed my mind. I also have an idea about what light work is now :) I feel like I will be kept in touch with her and Pisac. Thus, I strongly recommend to Sacred Journey if you are thinking to visit Peru for a spiritual purpose especially if you are into learning new cool stuff, rituals, ceremonies and etc.. Namaste, Ocean

  • Sarah Spearin   July 03, 2017

      April 2017 - Emotional, Challenging, Good

    I took Angel's retreat in April 2017. I was with her for an entire month attending her 2 day Lares Hotsprings, 13 day yoga retreat in Pisac and the week long trip to Lake Titicaca. My experience was very emotional as I had very strong intentions of why I was coming and what I hoped to accomplish. I enjoyed the meditation technique Angel had us practice especially the mantra (Ma-Om) and getting connected to mother earth and her energy. I still do this technique at home. I also enjoyed Angel's kirtans which she had us do daily. I'm not a singer. Too scared of karaokes, but the kirtans helped me find my voice, my confidence. I thank Angel for this. For anyone thinking of doing a trip like this, remember there will be ups and downs. Just remember why you chose to come, what your intentions are. Because there will be different energies from different people - some good and some bad. You may find the bathroom situation challenging. You may feel like one moment you're getting fed like kings and queens and the next, you're barely getting enough. A trip like this can test you, make you realize you can handle more than you think.

  • Anton Gustafsson   June 28, 2017

      Review of Angels retreat to Pisac/Machu Picchu

    Hi, My name is Anton and I participated with Angel’s first trip with her as guide in Peru, Pisac and surroundings. I have also participated here and there since then, and I consider Angel as my friend. My overall impression is a unique journey with moments of imbalance. I really enjoyed the yoga practice and Angel’s dedication to this every day. Every day starts with a yoga session before breakfast, and I really needed this as a person coming from a “sit still and work/look at tv –western culture”. We had opportunities to eat healthy and vegan all the time. As far as I know Angel goes by the sattvic vegan diet, which suits me. We could personally eat what we preferred outside of this diet, but sattvic is the preferable choice at this journey. She also talks and teaches about how to make vegan food, which is included in the journey. Angel have experience in finding different locations around the sacred valley, such as sites containing ruins, ancient stone circles, mountain salt mines and a condor welfare center. She also guides the groups to Machu Picchu and from there to Wayna Picchu which is amazing to visit. She has knowledge in plant medicine, but only in one specific plant, and she does not want to hear or talk about any other plant. She has a strong way in holding her space, so she can comment about things that doesn’t exist in her subjective view of the world, pretty direct and firm. The positive aspect of this is that she has deep knowledge in accurate that plant. She is very skilled in singing and playing with instruments. I would like to mention, Angel doesn’t have perfect balance in her business acquaintances. She is mentally blocking negative feedbacks from people in her surroundings often blaming others rather than looking at her part of the issue. This results in discussion about prices and overall planning. As I have understood life, when we face a disturbing conversation, or even situation, we just have to look into ourselves with the thought about what I did to contribute/create this imbalanced conversation or situation. I don’t feel that Angel has fully succumbed to this. But then again, she is dedicated spiritually so who knows. With her spiritual side, there also comes a side of manipulation, which also acts as a teacher to express yourself truly and from the bottom of your soul. With love Anton Value for money 6/10 Accommodation & facilities 8/10 Food 8/10 Location 8/10 Quality of activity 4/10 Overall impression 6/10

  • Gréta Arnarsdóttir   June 14, 2017

      Beautiful experience

    " Now, what a wonderful, wonderful, experience. Going to this retreat in Peru I didn't really know what to expect, but the experience went above my highest hopes. " "I left with my heart full of joy, peace and love- as cheesy as it sounds it is also very true. I saw some stunning nature, had delicious food, met some amazing people and learned so many things about myself and connections to others, nature and spirits. Looking back its amazing how all that could happen in only two weeks time! Thanks to the universe for bringing me here and surrounding me with beautiful people and environment and thanks to Angel for bringing this life changing experience to me. One love <3 "

  • Brandon Bollivar   May 14, 2017

      Sacred Valley Retreat

    Angel ,our guide, is truly an angel .The Sacred Valley is truly sacred. The peacefulness and the people make you feel so relaxed and at peace.Special people are drawn to this place and Angels retreats .The meditation was great the yoga was great and the food (even though I'm not a vegan ) was amazing ! All the ruins were as cool as I thought they would be, and more ! And everyone was so friendly and fun ,music, meditation, yoga, great food, new friends, and magical ancient ruins, everything I wanted and needed ! Amazing!

  • Diana Ognyanova   May 06, 2017

      Yoga retreat Peru April

    The Yoga retreat in Peru was an amazing experience! Breathtaking! Thank you Angel for being such a wonderful guide and Yoga teacher!

  • Marley Pelletier   April 20, 2017

      Life Changing Retreat

    This retreat was an amazing experience. I was looking to find myself and learn to feel love from within instead of searching for love from others. The mediation and yoga really helped me look within. I not only found the beauty in myself but how to see the beauty in others. The vegan diet was hard at first but really changed the way I felt. In the end all the teachings the diet and lessons came together and helped me truly free happy. Very life changing. Angel is very caring and I truly feel like her goal is to help people. I will never forget my experience and what I have learned.

  • Thea Rush   April 20, 2017

      the best experience of my life!

    I find myself lost for words when trying to sum up this retreat- an utterly pure and magical experience, truly a once in a lifetime journey. When reflecting back I can't help but smile and being so happy hearted with what I have gained from this, such a beautiful journey! Angel is truly that, an angel! The most amazing guide and leader you could wish for with so much wisdom and love to share~ this trip has truly changed my life for the better and I would strongly advise anyone and everyone to take this magical opportunity to this beautiful place. I can't thank Angel enough.

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