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7/14 days AYAHUASCA HEALING RETREAT with Shaman Doña Ottilia & Yoga and Art Therapist Giuseppe Rosato (MA, YT, EAT)

About This Event

Ottilia is a female shaman who grew up surrounded by the plant teachers and who has dedicated her life to healing others. Great opportunities await those who seek an authentic, non commercial experience with plant spirit medicine. The Itinerary that we have developed is just a draft and adjustments are implemented all the time.  Why? The treatments and thus the Itinerary depend on each individual. The itinerary then unfolds itself based on whatever your specific needs and visions. Be assured that there will be yoga-meditation and expressive arts workshops that are meant to provide you with support and will help you to integrate your personal work with the appropriate medicine and treatment that Dona Ottilia will be providing to you (including ayahuasca). Also, be assured that the work or itinerary that Dona Ottilia will develop is based on specific personal needs and visions and is very holistic: Will address your body, mind and energy-spirit. Specific treatments for your individual needs can address everything from organs, bones, blood, muscles, skin, energy, psychological and spiritual problems and trauma. As well as treating long persisting diseases of body, mind and spirit, many types of treatments include restorative and rehabilitative sauna, medicinal baths, massage that are regenerative of your harmony, well-being, balance and life-purpose. So ultimately, we invite you to trust that this retreat is designed keeping in mind your potential and your life obstacles that is why both Dona Ottilia and myself (Giuseppe Rosato) invite you to relax to the idea that the itinerary is open to continuos changes that will be made to serve your present physical, mental and spiritual state. Moreover, Relaxation and Trust are two of the fundamentals for you to achieve what you had come for. Then there is playfulness: a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement. Amusement? Amusement as a synonymous of infectious high spirit. You are unique and this is exactly how we will see and treat you but you are not alone. In fact you are taking part to a group retreat where we will be likely to spread or influence others and where in turn you will be influenced by others' liveliness, vitality, spirit, zest, energy, bounce, sparkle, vivacity, buoyancy, cheerfulness, good humor, joy, joyfulness, exuberance. Enjoy!!!

altered states of consciousness ayahuasca chakras consciousness creative and expressive arts therapy growth healing health hospital medicine plants meditation mental health mindfulness self-care self-growth shamanism spirutuality spychedelic wellbeing wellness yoga

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  • Pauline   January 11, 2015

      Ayahuasca Retreat!

    Namaste Giuseppe! checked you on Event Brite Congratulations. If I plan to experiece the mother plant, it would be your retreat. I am excited about the integration work as my last aya retreat was a bit lacking on that. I am confident you would be a great teacher to make the exprince more rewarding.

  • Anthony   January 11, 2015

      Gracias Giuseppe

    Siddharth, great to know you are holding a retreat. I will surely join oncenter my crazy schedule is sorted out. Thank you for the life skills that you imparted at the fat a bulbous retreat, I can face my demons with a smile and face the new year with a smile. You have been a great source of inspiraction - thank you again for giving me the tools to fight the adversities.

  • suja suresh   January 11, 2015

      Amazing experience

    I was fortunate to attend Giuseppe's retreat in BalI and was impressed about his "out of the box" format where he integrated other modalities like arts! It was a novel experience, where even a hard core yoga practitioner like me left with valuable experience which I can incorporate into my practice and my life itself. I would recommend Giuseppe's retreat to anyone who is looking for a life changing experience. Thank you, Giuseppe and wish you all the best.

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