Joyful Wisdom: A Maitri-Mahamudra Retreat for Older Women

About This Event

Our intention for this gathering of elder yoginis is to warm up the space of traditional mahamudra investigations by compassionately exploring, healing and transforming the juicy and challenging emotions triggered by our life stories. In the mornings we will be nurtured by the deep silence of mahamudra meditation. In the afternoons, following our vajra siesta, we will dance with energy of the genuine heart of sadness to discover the meaning of co-emergent wisdom. As a sisterhood of elders, we will create a cradle of loving kindness so that we can revisit the stories of our lives and the emotional realms we have known. Much can be learned about the bardos of life and death when we bring together this way of experiencing the Trikaya: the space of mahamudra, the energy of maitri space awareness and the embodiment of our personal “life-review”.

PREREQUISITE: Open to all women tantrikas, age 60 or over, who have received the pointing out instruction from the lineage of Trungpa Rinpoche.

Pay-It-Forward program tuition not including accommodations: $563 usd  We invite all who are able to do so to consider paying the Pay-It-Forward tuition rate. By doing so, you make it possible for us to offer scholarships to others, particularly our Mexico sangha, while also covering the direct cost of your stay here and contributing to our year-round operations. Please select "Pay-It-Forward Tuition Add-On" in Registration.

Full program tuition not including accommodations: $455 usd   We invite all who are able to do so to pay the full tuition rate.  By doing so, you cover the direct cost of your stay here and contribute to our year-round operating expenses.

Subsidized program tuition not including accommodations: 30% off Full Tuition  If the full tuition is unworkable for you, please pay the subsidized rate. By doing so you contribute towards the cost of your being here and everything it takes to keep Casa Werma operating year-round. Unfortunately, Casa Werma is not able to offer work/trade options at this time. Please type "SUBSIDIZED" in Discount Code in Registration.

Accommodations: There are several places to stay either onsite at Casa Werma or offsite as a "commuter" at our partner hotels.  A special discount of 15% is currently being offered to all of our retreat participants at Hotel Casa Encantada. Please use "WermaPP" discount code when making your reservation at their website.

Travel Arrangements: We recommend flights into Morelia airport (90 minutes away by car). We can help with travel arrangements, please inquire about options. Visit our How to Get Here page for more info.

 Please email (contact info blocked) with any further questions.

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  • Laurie N Fischer   December 08, 2018

      Casa Werma is beautiful to stay at for a retreat or as a B & B.

    Did you know you can stay at Casa Werma as a B & B even if you're not attending a program there? My friend and I stayed there for 3 nights last month, in November, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed at how beautiful and peaceful it is. There are 5 acres of gardens to walk around in or sit in. The small town of Patzcuaro is right outside the walls but you don't feel the hustle and bustle at all when you're on the grounds. Go outside the gate, though, and there are always people out in the streets, walking from place to place, going to the large, vibrant market that starts a block or two away and extends for several blocks. There's a feeling of connection to the community when you're mingling on the streets with others walking rather than everyone driving around everywhere, as they are here in the U.S. My friend has some balance issues and said she'd rather be in a crowd of people walking in Mexico than in a crowd in San Francisco. In Mexico, you feel like people are not as speedy and actually see you as they pass rather than brushing by on their way somewhere without seeming to notice you. Arriving at breakfast in the mornings, I was blown away by the brightness and beauty of the room and table. The friendly, relaxed hosts prepared healthy, wholesome, delicious food. We enjoyed talking with them about the area. They were knowledgeable and helpful as we planned sightseeing excursions. Staying put at Casa Werma for a day also made for a good way to spend a day while traveling. We could sit outside at a little table and draw or read or just sit. Our quarters were bright and beautiful and very comfortable. Joining the weekly Casa Werma meditation session one evening, we enjoyed sitting around a fire pit afterward, talking with the 7 or 8 other people. The shrine room was lovely and available for us to use for sitting any time, as well. Although we didn't attend a retreat here, we could tell it would be a perfect place to do so. We also appreciated the chickens and big rooster, El Grito, walking around (and crowing), plus the two cats. I recommend staying at Casa Werma in Patzcuaro if you can.

  • Kristi Martens   November 09, 2018

      Peaceful Paradise in Highland Mexico

    Casa Werma is an incredible property, inside and out, in the town of Patzcuaro in Michoacan. Casa Werma is always spotless and well maintained, and has a dedicated crew of gardeners, housekeepers and fantastic managers. The American manager/ directors are dedicated Shambala Buddhists and their knowledge and kindness permeate the experience. One couldn't ask for better hosts and crews that create and truly care for a positive experience for all guests. The huge square block property is a walled compound that includes extensive, well kept gardens, a main colonial house and modern buildings. Casa Werma must be one of the top properties in all of magical Patzcuaro. The gardens and outside spaces are gorgeous and lush, filled with fruit trees, colorful flowers and tropical plants. Paths wind through the gardens for peaceful meditation. A large patio adjacent to the colonial house has tables for eating and reading and a large fire pit. Inside the main house are 2-3 wonderful, comfortable bedrooms and modern, beautifully-tiled baths. Fireplaces keep the highland chill out of the main house. A large living room is perfect for reading and gatherings. The solarium lies off the living room and is an inviting light-filled space for meditation and yoga. The kitchen lies in the main house and is fully equipped and modern. There is abundant bottled/ potable water in the kitchen. If breakfast is part of the arrangement, visitors are in luck as the coffee, tea, fruits and hot morning dishes are divine. Across the patio is a separate modern house or cabin with its own bath and kitchenette, we did not stay there, but it seemed exceptional and apparently could be set up to sleep anywhere from 2 to 8, I believe. Casa Werma has a fantastic location in the center of town that we fully appreciated. We could SAFELY walk everywhere in Patzcuaro which is a special "Pueblo Magico", with cobblestone streets and Spanish Colonial buildings. The local indigenous people are the Purepecha, renowned for their arts and crafts in traditional weaving, pottery and woodwork. Many fantastic shops and markets feature the arts and crafts of the Purepecha. Day trips to neighboring villages and archaeological sites add to the cultural experience. Overall, we would rate Casa Werma at the highest level for beauty, peacefulness and cleanliness.

  • Emily Smythe   March 24, 2018

      Gardens of Paradise

    My husband and I recently spent several nights at Casa Werma, in the Casa Grande building. The house that we stayed in was outrageously beautiful, well-kept, and cared for-- boasting traditional roofing, en-suite bathrooms, a generous dharma library, and a cool respite from the afternoon heat owing to the thick, stone walls. The grounds, however, must be seen to be believed. Jurassic-sized banana trees, and cacti, avocados overflowing from trees, limes swelling on the branch, a cheerful rooster with his two hens clucking about, and winding rows of exotic flora and fauna thriving within a walled plot of 5 acres of land. Kai and Ryn, the co-directors of CW who live onsite, could not have been more friendly or welcoming. They answered any and all questions that we had upon arrival and throughout our stay. They provided us with a helpful map of the city, and even pointed out the best places to get just about anything-- from tacos, to atms, to hot chocolate, to sunscreen. Leaving the walled, compound of Casa Werma, we were delighted by the thriving market-- no more than a 4 minute walk away. Stand after stand loaded with fruits, vegetables, pastries, honey, shoes, pots and pans, clothing-- just about anything you could need is sold here, everyday. We were delighted by our time spent at Casa Werma, truly a precious jewel of Pátzcuaro, and we hope to visit again.

  • Daniel Meza Junco   December 22, 2017

      Gratitud y hermoso cariño!

    Por fin estoy respondiendo uno a uno los correos que tenía pendiente. Y este correo es uno especial porque la experiencia en Casa Werma y las enseñanzas de Shambala Art, son y serán una de las experiencias significativas en mi vida por todas las sensaciones y aprendizajes que me ha dejado. Estoy muy agradecido y bendecido por haber tenido la oportunidad de vivir la experiencia y doy gracias a ustedes, Kai y Ryn, por haberme ayudado y facilitado mi participación. Para mi haber estado en el hermoso espacio de Casa Werma significo y significa un gran encuentro con algo muy especial, que no hubiera podido imaginar sino estando ahí, y que ahora me ha permitido nutrir mi espíritu y descubrir nuevos caminos llenos de esplendida dicha y belleza. Gracias por haber estado esa semana tan amorosamente con nosotros y conmigo. Estarán siempre en mi corazón. Las abrazo con gran cariño!! Y deseo que sean muy felices! Nos vemos en el futuro y en el corazón!! Daniel

  • Carolyn Sykes   December 01, 2017

      beautiful retreat paradise

    I recently attended a retreat at Casa Werma for 8 days, and cannot find the right words to describe how wonderful it was. From the food, the very comfortable accommodations, the beauty of the whole property, to the incredible women who run the retreat center. Everything was smoothly taken care of so that we had a very safe container to relax and practice in. Ryn and Kai, the directors of Casa Werma, have an excellent knowledge of the whole region, as well as the immediate neighbourhood and were very helpful with the many and varied questions and requests. Patzcuaro is a very special town with lots to offer, and is walking distance from Casa Werma. I am looking forward to my next visit to Casa Werma! Carolyn.

  • Margaret Rottsolk   December 01, 2017

      A gem!

    I am in love with Casa Wema. Not only is the space breathtakingly lush and beautiful, the space skillfully held and cared for, the teaching that happens there is inspired and life changing. If you have the chance to try it, do it!

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