5 Day Easter Ancient Medicines of San Pedro & Psilocybin & Kundalini Yoga Activation Retreat

Event Highlights

  • One of the main reasons why people choose this retreat is to discover the wonderful healing powers of the Wachuma Cactus. San Pedro contains the psychedelic alkaloid mescaline, which has been used for over 6,000 years in the Americas to aid spiritual and psychological healing. People continue to use it today worldwide to overcome psychic challenges, enhance their creative voice, and find greater peace within themselves. After harvesting some San Pedro cacti Sanson boils it into a tea for a guests and fellow spiritual travelers to go on a sacred nature walk. San Pedro has been used to help others conquer their complexes and addictions. If feeling better about one’s self and connecting with nature is the worst that can happen, then why not?


This is a sample schedule, and can be subject to change without notice


18:00 arrival

19:30 Opening circle

20:00 Dinner

23:00 Silence


8:00 Morning Yoga
9:00 Intentional meditation on the beach
10:00 Breakfast
12:00 Eco Therapy - Walk in Mountains and offerings to Mother Earth, will occur during the walk Wachuma Ceremony
14:00 Picnic
16:00 Five elements Chakra Opening
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Dynamic Dance


8:30 Kundalini Yoga Awakening

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Integration session

14:30 Lunch

17:00 Discovering Yantra Workshop

20:00 Visit to local area and Dinner in centre


8:30 Sadhana Yoga Workshop

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Psilocybin experience

20:00 Dinner

22:00 Chanting

Throughout the day smoke cleanse, lifting aromas and positive mental process awareness


8:30 Full Chakra awareness Kundalini empowerment

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Conclusion session - taking the knowledge in to your life

13:00 Smoke and sound cleanse

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Free time/departure

About This Event

You're invited to the wonderful world of sacred plant rituals, Seven Chakras Retreat Centre is offering a special easter retreat with a variety different therapies.

This retreat has been carefully curated to allow participants to explore new depths in their consciousness and allow deep healing in order to move forward to a new beginning a new life. It is aimed at people looking to turn around their lives and start a fresh.

The plant medicines will be used in conjunction with revitalizing kundalini yoga, drum journeys, guided relaxation, breathwork, aroma therapy, mindfulness, kriyas and other chakra opening techniques.

The food that will be served throughout the retreat is all plant-based to allow for gentle detoxification of the body for those who are "omnivorous" and also is will be light and nourishing to keep our vibration high without feeling heavy or lethargic.

Unfortunately we cannot include you if:

 1)      You have a diagnoses of Emotionally Unstable (Borderline) personality disorder.

2)      You have a personal or immediate family history of psychosis (drug induced psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar). 

3)      You have epilepsy or any serious heart conditions. 

A new state of consciousness - Raquel

Venue Highlights

The retreat center has plenty to offer:
A chill out area with hammocks for reading, relaxing and reflection.
A spiritual development room, where we practice mediation, yoga, mantras and other spiritual practices.
A lovely friendly dog
A psychedelic garden, our medicines are grown on site.
A music room, with a standing piano, drums, cajon, guitars and a variety of traditional and world music instruments.
We are close to the beach, just a 5 minute walk down the hill.


We have some lovely rooms and spaces in our retreat center. We are a small and familiar retreat center.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • Bicycles


During the retreat we offer either Vegan or Vegetarian meals. Everything is home cooked, made with love and fresh. Mostly the diet is based on a traditional yogi diet. Rice, lentals and pulses. Plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables. Carolina has studied Ayurveda and can consult you on your specific dosha.
Also Alicante is the home to the traditional Spanish Dish, Paella. We can either cook one here at home of visit one of the local restraurants to experience this dish.

breathwork kundalini mantra meditation music therapy plant medicine san pedro wim hofs yoga yopo

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Ali Cusack   April 26, 2019

      San Pedro, Psylocibyn, yoga, meditation retreat

    Retreat Center Response: Ali made a last minute booking via the Retreat guru booking system. We sent out our screening questionnaire asking about her previous mental health issues, she didn't return this to us. On her arrival she mentioned she had been rejected access to other psychedelic retreats because she was suffering from PTSD and had had other mental health related issues. Considering this, we gave her the dosage which was appropriate for her condition and her safety. We didn't want to jeopardize her safety or health. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** Participant Review: I booked this retreat against a background of having taken plant medicines (mostly DMT) and a whole lot of inner work as lot of healing to do. I had clear intentions and wanted to try San Pedro especially as it had been recommended by a friend and was very much less potent than DMT plants I had recently tried. I had taken mushrooms recreationally. long ago and wanted to try in a meditative setting . The hosts house was beautiful and a wonderful and comfortable space with a very positive energy. Carolina and Sanson are amazing souls both with very positive energies. They cooked us scrumptious nutritious vegetarian food. They were both experienced dKundalini yoga practioners and the yoga and meditation was the thing I most enjoyed and got the most out of . However I have to be honest so that others can make informed choices and say that I was hugely disappointed in both San Pedro and Psibocylin particularly both were taken very casually and the effects were so small that I can honestly say I have had far more transcedant and healing experience necessary from natural medicines such as breathwork, meditation and ecstatic dance . One cannot and should not compare to plant medicines containing DMT such as Ayahausca,Bufo as completely different. I expected this and much more subtle effects . But the effects especially the mushrooms were almost neglible. I concluded that enough was not given especially since I know myself well and always require much smaller amounts of anything than most people to get the same effect as another person. I asked for more both times as I very much d deeper experience. was ready for it but it was deemed that 'less is more'. In conclusion, if like me your main purpose is to experience San Pedro and Psybocilyn, I would not recomend this retreat . But if you want to experience the Kundalini yoga and meditation , for sure you will have a good experience . Also mindfullness exercises which were great too. Just a note that say that the Wim Hoff breathing did not take place as advertised .

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I teach yoga part time and am a mom of two toddlers full time. I love my life, but goodness do I need a break. My husband and I have been putting off our wedding ceremony for 4 years because life has gotten in the way. We haven't had a single night alone since our family has grown. I wouldn't change a thing about our lives now, but it would be so wonderful to remember what it's like to 'just be us.' Antrim

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