22 Day Awakening the Goddess Body Yoga/Healing Immersion for Women

Event Highlights



Early Morning: Meditation and Yoga Practice
Mid- Morning: Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Late Morning: Sacred Circle with Group
Mid-Day: Free time to relax, unwind, check in with the world, go for a cloud forest hike on the property’s Parque Arvi boundary or whatever your heart desires
Late Afternoon: Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Early Evening: Explore, connect, rest, be
Into the Night: Sacred Circle with Group, meditations, gentle movement and stillness practices, ceremonies and rituals to prepare for dreamtime rest and healing
Personal Time Throughout Day: Personal time for reflection, journaling, integration and processing

Please know that this plan is open and spacious for a balance of personal and group processing, exploration, resting/relaxing and integration. It ebbs and flows as needed for the profound healing and transformation of the sisters!

About This Event

A women’s mystery school immersion retreat in nurturing Santa Elena, Colombia that awakens your inner goddess, connects you to your beautiful, sensual body temple, and results in profound healing and transformation!  

Isn’t it time you:

Break free from old dead energies and beliefs that are causing you pain and limitation 

Be reborn into a new sense of freedom and personal empowerment

Fully embody your highest soul essence and purpose 

And reconnect to your own inner vitality

Join us on a sacred sisterhood retreat for a special 22 days/21 nights to cultivate a new life vision built on your powerful inner resources, personal strengths and ecstatic freedom.  Then, reenter the world as a sacred warrior!   

This transformative mystery school immersion is for only a small group of women who are committed to purify and transform their body, emotions, mind and spirit. Unprocessed emotions, along with the conditioning received and stored in this lifetime and beyond, are locked in the body. Our bodies and auras are full of these blocked energies.  Stuck energy prohibits our natural expression as beings and can delay and halt our spiritual evolution.

Soul/spirit cannot flow

where the energy does not go!

Drawing from methods and traditions known for profound and dynamic inner change, this women’s collective creates a sisterhood community that holds sacred space for each sister to transform into their magnificence. With a core focus on our sexuality as the master key to our most vital energized self, we explore relationship to both internal and external feminine and masculine attitudes and imbalances. 

Using techniques from shamanism, yogic science, Buddhism, Taoism, tantra, quodoushka, archetypal work, and alchemical and new age spiritual science, Elaine Marie guides each woman through a personal healing transformation process that:

opens the vital energy in the body to maximize the flow of life-giving Shakti 

clears away many limiting and conditioned emotional and mental beliefs, patterns and behaviors

deeply catalyzes spiritual evolution using the alchemical sciences clearing away karmic, ancestral and past life patterns and binding energetic contracts

What is the Goddess Body? 

It is not a description of a body type or age nor of behaving hyper-sexual or hyper-blissful all the time. It is not any man-made cliche that attempts to objectify or define what the feminine is supposed to be, do or look like. It is important for us women to understand this!

The Goddess Body is a body that is open to its authentic natural responses and impulses towards life. 

It is a body without resistance that does not resort to behavior which is inauthentic in order to portray a certain image.  And, it is NOT fearful, numb or contracted against life to protect or armor itself from ‘perceived’ unsafe, external forces. 

It IS a being in a state of grace, naturalness, openness and flow that is ready and clear to receive the impulses it was meant to em’body’ from the divine part of self. When this flow is opened in a female, she becomes the divine embodiment of the living Goddess. This is a state of mature feminine energy expressing itself confidently, creatively and authentically.

During this immersion, we use somatic body-based experiences and awareness get us out of our head and into our glorious instinctual being. We learn to embrace the feminine as it is in all of its glorious shapes, sizes, colors and calibrations. 

We engage in a sensual, deep and lively head-to-toe exploration of our inner and outer bodies.  This exploration clears, balances and integrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.  It is amazing how much life vitality can be unlocked by this body-based work! 

We dissolve the blocks in our heart center; open to our natural flowing sexual energies; create a deep emotional awareness; learn techniques to locate and release armoring, trauma and defensive postures; and finally uncage our rapturous true authentic voice to express the divinity of the Goddess within us. 

This is a life-changing journey into authenticity!  Expect to be different upon your return as you fully embody your radiance and life force energy!  Gift yourself with your true self – THIS is who you came here to be!  

What Happens During The Retreat?

Our retreat is consciously designed so that each day and nights’ activities build on each other.  Rather than following a proverbial ‘peel an onion’ technique, we create a powerful spiral of energy that takes us to new levels of evolution.  As the alchemy of our sacred container does its work, old energies, stale patterns and ineffective habits easily fall away.  Fresh, self-empowering, self-supporting ways of being step in helping us weave an original tapestry of self - one that is light, open and joyful!

We focus on core archetypal themes, inner patterns of darkness and light, and

misaligned/imbalanced masculine and feminine frequencies within us. Through sacred self-inquiry into these areas, we are led into deep, inner reflection.  Once there, we use expressive processes such as poetry, movement, touch, dance, art, sound, song and other musical means to explore and excavate our most hidden inner realms and shadows.  And, to move the unwanted energies out of and desired energies into our bodies, we create a daily body practice of breathwork, Tantra yoga, and physical release and purification practices.  This daily ritual goes home with us to support our continued spiral evolution. 

Finally, the day’s work is integrated into evening meditations, gentle movement and stillness practices and ceremonies that unlock expansive dreamtime states perfect for deep healing.  This special design triggers an awakening of greater consciousness, vitality and personal freedom while providing momentum for our upper spiral of energy!  AND it all comes with lots of EASE and GRACE!

Venue Highlights

Finca Lemuria in located near the beautiful, small town of Santa Elena nestled high in the Andes mountains that surround Medellin, known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’. Medellin is Colombia's most modern and beautiful city, where highrises tower out of blankets of green forest that reach up the mountain sides. In Santa Elena, we enjoy a tropical high mountain cloud forest ecosystem with stunning biodiversity amid rugged mountain terrain with many wetlands, streams, creeks, and lush native tropical vegetation. At any time, a mystical cloud cover can drift through the property creating a magical and surreal effect.

Local soils are rich with nutrients that allow local farmers the enjoyment of growing nutritious produce and an abundance of tropical and local varieties of flowers, many of which are exported to international markets abroad. Santa Elena is also the birthplace of the ornate flower arrangements called silletas that are the cornerstone of the Flower Festival or Feria de Las Flores in Medellin.

With a beautiful, warm and sunny climate during the dry season and with cool mountain evenings, our land offers a wide variety of flora and fauna and an amazing array of wild tropical bird species. We are also located on the boundaries of the National Parque Arvi, a 28,000 acre protected natural reserve area with many hiking trails right out our back door.

Santa Elena is a popular weekend destination for Medellin and offers a variety of artisan restaurants, cafes, spas, and a yoga dome. With its laid back rural villages, Santa Elena and the surrounding local pueblos are safe and friendly places to wander and the local Colombians are warm people eager to greet you with a neighborly “buenas!”


Finca Lemuria has limited Glamping Lodging options available on the property. These options are provided on a first come/first serve basis. It is recommended that you stay on the property to maximize the benefits of the retreat, so get your reservation in early. Please note we cannot guarantee a certain accommodation until you have received a confirmation from us.
The options are:
Bamboo A-Frame Sleeping Huts with single mattresses and bedding provided (double hut shown in photo)
Hut 1 Single only, (size of a two person tent)
$10 per night = $210 pp for 21 nights ONE SPACE AVAILABLE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
Hut 2 Double occupancy with 2 single beds (smaller)
$10 per person per night = $210 pp for 21 nights TWO SPACES AVAILABLE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
Hut 3 Double occupancy with 2 single beds (larger)
$15 per person per night = $315 pp for 21 nights TWO SPACES AVAILABLE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
Hut 4 Double occupancy with 2 single beds (larger)
$15 per person per night = $315 pp for 21 nights TWO SPACES AVAILABLE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE


Santa Elena offers a variety of accommodation options from simple to high end via airbnb and local hotels/hostels. We can provide some recommendations for off-site accommodations by request, but you are responsible for your own booking and transportation to and from the finca. We highly recommend staying on the finca to receive the full community immersion experience so register soon!


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian


We are serving two healthy vegetarian meals each day, organic when possible, spaced later in the day to encourage intermittent fasting as a part of the body's purification process. We highly recommend not eating after the afternoon meal, but this is optional. You need to provide your own food if you choose not to fast for the evening time meal. There are small food markets and a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the finca for simple food supplies and meals if desired.


Travel to Colombia
A valid passport is required for entry into the country. Colombia offers a no hassle visa upon arrival and there is no pre-entry requirement to receive a 90 day tourist visa. You fly into the José María Córdova International Airport which is the second largest and most modern airport in Colombia. Roundtrip group shuttle transportation to and from the airport to Finca Lemuria is provided and included in the retreat price for your convenience.

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  • Diane L.   August 03, 2019

      Loving, Gentle, POWERFUL

    My three weeks with Elaine Marie, changed the way I view the world and my possibilities in it. The guided meditations enhanced my ability to connect with my inner wisdom and introduced me to my guides. Other processes we experienced moved old energy blocks that had held much sadness for me . I returned MUCH lighter energetically and happier over all! Of course Elaine Marie's gentle guidance during yoga and loving understanding of my challenges to do yoga and assistance to find a more workable but still effective way of utilizing the poses was much appreciated! The information classes were very interesting food for thought. I came away with great mantras, and other tools to clear my mind, heart and soul. Thank you , Elaine Marie! I would love to join you again in Sept. I am holding that thought.

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