Shamanic Healing Retreat - Soul Expansion.

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Hi this retreat space has been designed with a high level philosophy to provide a new and exciting way to explore and delve deep into the Soul. I work predominantly with Rapé Medicine and Feminine Plant Medicine from the Amazon. I incorporate this with Traditional Shamanic Healing Techniques for the Soul and Mind. I also work with Sound & Light. The vision is working with a Traditional sense in a modernist way. The high end aim for each Retreat/Workshop is to expand the consciousness of each individual and place their Souls directly into their bodies. To become grounded, centred, whole, solid and seen. To develop new ways to see the World and to communicate effectively and strongly. Once this process is complete it is to work with each individual to manifest a new life, to move and morph the outside landscape to fit accordingly the new grounded and solid representation of oneself. In all to be visible to work towards a cascading energy to heighten the visibility of those that surround (contact info blocked)

Dark and light intertwined to weave and find new light pathways of being. Working with Medicine, Sound & Light. Working to expand ones Soul into a new pathway of being. To step fully into an empowered Soul of being. To ground, build and expand ones consciousnesses.

We are Medicine, each and every one of us.

This is a retreat that has been designed to move you into a new depth of being to see your own unique Medicine, that you are one of a kind. To expand your Soul & state of consciousnesses inner and outer.

On our Souls journey, when we fully integrate our Souls back and align them into light and high frequency of being, life will transform. This will lead to deeper feelings of wholeness, physically as well as emotionally in the Soul, mind and heart. Leading to grounding, a calmer mind, joy, happiness, feeling whole within yourself, sense of coming home, no more confusion and a focused and new sense of optimism and clarity.

We will work with Medicine, Sound and Light. We will work in Ceremony, do group Rituals and receive Shamanic Healings in the form of Soul retrievals, Extractions of entities and other low vibration energies within your system. Other healing modalities will present themselves if needed. You cannot plan what is to be healed until each scenario presents itself………….

This is not a retreat for anyone wanting to spend a lot of time simply talking on their past and sitting in their old energy. It will be a lot of supported release work, each day and night. You will gain a lot of healing tools to take away so you can take the Shamanic knowledge and forge a new life inner and outer. To stand empowered within yourself. To lead yourself forward each and every day.

Each day in between the teaching and knowledgeable you will receive Hapé Medicine will be introduced to release and move you into a new place. bringing balance to the heart, mind and Soul. Hapé Hour is the new Happy Hour! We will spend time releasing addictions, mind loops and (contact info blocked)

We will meet together in Ceremony during the night to heal. We will purge and move our Souls into a new way. Before each Ceremony we will journey using the drum. Shamanic journey work is an intricate part of the Shamanic Path, in journeying we can meet our Spirit Guides, our future selves and Power Animals this will give each of us guidance to see what we need to release and restore within each Ceremony. Sometimes guidance can give us the tools to escalate our Souls growth in such a deep and profound way. When we move into guidance we are moving into a place of following our Souls life path.

A strong sense of self comes through an ego-less strength, a new sense of authentic self comes through. This is the high level agenda of this week. To move fully into wholeness and joy of existence. To move fully into your Soul and move forward in your (contact info blocked)

We will touch on Community and Shamanic Healing outside of self. We will work with our Ancestors and Descendants and receive the tools to communicate with them. This brings in protection, guidance and a new sense of never truly being alone. To see why we are here from an Ancestral point of view. Moving through and healing Ancestral lineage is why we are here, to move from the curse of wounding into a new direction for that of our Decedents.

You will receive tools to heal yourself during the week, grounding techniques, protection and cleansing of your energy these are simple but paramount techniques to live a successful joyful life.
The shadow of the past can keep people in bondage, the great news is we can all set ourselves free. In each second we have that power. In each breath comes a choice. We can be anyone we choose.

We can use our pasts as a stepping stone to literally transform our lives with the guidance of Great Spirit, Plant Medicine and the self with the attitude and motivation needed to want the actual change, within the inner self and outer self. The past can be transformed and wounds can become (contact info blocked)

Before ending the journey of the week we will move into what we want next then each person will receive downloads of new futures and manifesting into a new mainframe of existence this journey will begin on our last Ceremony together, and move into the next day. Replacing the distortion into a brand new place the inner to outer. We will work together to create what it is you actually want moving forward in your (contact info blocked)

Other aspects coming into play downloads during the night, light to replace the spaces that releasing has brought within your system, mind clearing, rituals outside the aspect of self and other modules that will present themselves as we meet in March 2019.

Due to keeping the price low is would be super awesome you gift some money if possible to the Shipibo Community I have been blessed to spend time living amongst. At present they need fresh drinking water, food, medication and vitamins and vital medication for parasites. Money to feed and cloth the school children be most amazing contribution too. Thank you.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your incredible work, I was a part of your 11/11 shamanic healing and the ceremony was incredibly powerful and the aftercare blew my mind, thank you so much! I would recommend Julie's services to everyone, she is truly amazing. Bec Hart. I attended one of Julies Workshops and i must say i was not expecting to feel such raw emotion i had defiantly been hanging onto alot of stuff for such along time it had just become a part of me Julie put all her heart and love and healing powers into the day that i defiantly came away feeling like a new person and felt that my life was just about to begin. The experience was amazing and i came away with the new love of my life, which was myself, an open centred heart and a clear mind. I will be recommending this to each and everyone of my friends. Big love to you all x Coleena. I recently attended Julie's Introduction to Shamanism Workshop. The day helped me immensely and I got in touch with some deep feelings that were causing me to feel distressed but was at a loss to explain why. I learned how to journey and was surprised at how clear the visions were, and how easily they came, in the other worlds that I journeyed to. Despite having a slightly skeptical and rational mind, I was astonished to meet my power animal and have been able to call on him since. I learned how to open a sacred space which was something I needed to put into practice. Julie put so much of herself into the day, customising the content to fit our particular needs. It was a beautiful and humbling experience, in a truly wonderful location, I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about shamanism. Chris Thomas. “I've worked with Julie over a number of months to help support my personal growth and remove many blockages that I wasn't ever sure I could remove. The transformation has been life changing. Julie's love is a medicine in itself and her work with me has helped me come back into my own power and nourish self-love. We've worked together in ceremony and journeying, and the techniques and meditations that she has shared with me are valued tools that I carry on my journey. In gratitude and love, thank you Julie.” Debra Lee. I absolutely love Julie! She has helped me on my spiritual path and with my healing. Her guidance always helps me grow stronger. Julie has truly helped me transform and understand me and how to progress forward into a more powerful, loving woman. Anytime I need a little guidance, all I have to do is send a message and Julie replies straight away! I’m forever grateful for you Julie An AMAZing Healer. An AMAZing being. Julie is who you see, a Shaman Women filled with Love, Passion and Compassion. You truly feel her love come through within her healing, I have walked away feeling lighter and open. She has shifted stuff from me that has been seated for many years. She sees what you feel, even more so what you do (contact info blocked)A truly gifted being/healer, who really genuinely wants to help people. Thank you (contact info blocked)I will be (contact info blocked) Alison

Event Highlights

  • The Retreat Highlights include:
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of Shamanism.
  • Learning to do journey work, gaining new Power Animals & Guides.
  • Retrieving and working deeply with you Soul.
  • Sound Healing.
  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies.
  • Spending time in Mexico and taking time out to swim and enjoy in the beautiful retreat space.
  • Expanding ones Soul and state of consciousnesses.
  • Gaining new tools for self healing to take home with you.


On a daily basis a high level aspect in the following:
Morning time - we will work on breath-work/Shamanic Journey Work on aspects of the Soul.
Afternoon time - we will work on integrating the morning lessons and gain new insights into self healing and group work on guidance gained in each journey. Shamanic Rituals will be performed. Group light healing transmissions and sound healing.
Night time - Shamanic Ceremony.
There will be time during each day for swimming and food time.

Venue Highlights

The retreat centre is in Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is an excellent place and very economical to fly to from all main Airports. The beach is an absolutely fantastic good place to enjoy. If you want to explore further I can discuss this with you further.


Featuring a private pool and pool views, it is located in Cancún. With WiFi. A kitchen with a microwave, has a grill and a (contact info blocked) washing machine, and a bathroom. A flat-screen TV with satellite channels is available. The nearest airport is Cancun Airport, 32.2 km. Shamanic Work will take place inside and outside.

Look on the website link at the retreat space.

(contact info blocked)2019-shamanic-happenings


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Kitchen

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


We will group together as Shamanic family and cook together meat free healthy light food. Its a good time for us to group together and cook, relax and enjoy the healthy food we all produce together.


A taxi from the Airport is essential, if people are getting to the Airport at the same time then a group Taxi would work, I can hook everyone up in regard to this.

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