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Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands' Psychedelic and Biohacking Retreat

Event Highlights

  • We offer a personalized approach to each of our clients. We will start the process before your arrival - we will schedule one hour call with you and will send you some documents to prepare for the event.
  • The program is very rich and professional. We are all specialists in our fields - we are a blend of scientists and therapists, some of us give talks on the topic of mindfulness and psychedelics at international conferences.
  • We offer a unique blend of knowledge and experience - a mix of different therapeutical modalities, movement practices, cognitive science understanding of thought processes and knowledge of the human body. We apply this combined knowledge to make your psychedelic experience as effective as possible.
  • The main highlights of our methods are:
  • Therapeutic techniques
  • Workshops
  • Supplementation for the optimal psychedelic session and advise on the supplementation for optimal health
  • Utilization of persuasive and behavioral sciences for intention and post-session goal setting
  • Techniques for empowering self-healing
  • Holistic approach


Day 1:
arrive by (contact info blocked)
08.00-11.00 arrival, tea and breakfast
11.00-12.00 group sharing
12.00-14.00 somatic experience workshop
14.00-15.00 lunch
15.00-16.00 body optimization workshop
16.00-16.15 break
16.15-17.15 Therapeutic approach to growth/healing
17.15-17.30 break
17.30-18.00 recognizing your patterns
18.00 -18.30 anti-anxiety hacks
18.30-19.30 dinner
17.30-19.30 group sharing

Day 2
10.00 – 11.00 group sharing of intention
11.00 -11.30 guided meditation
11.30 -12.00 break
12.00 – 19.00 truffle ceremony
19.00 – 20.00 dinner
20.00 -20.30 break
20.30 group sharing, time for journaling

Day 3:
09.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-10.30 mindfulness meditation
10.30-11.00 break
11.00-11.30 movement workshop
12.00-13.00 lunch
13.00-16.00 how to integrate the experience: physically, mentally and emotionally
16.00-17.00 closing and check out

About This Event

We are delighted to invite you to our PSN group retreat. Following the great success of our guided magic truffles one-to-one sessions, we introduce a group setting as an additional possibility to access the power of our science-based approach to psychedelic experience.
Our retreat program combines the specialized expertise of our sitters. The program is a blend of Marta Kaczmarczyk’s knowledge on our cognitive systems (Embodying the Mind (contact info blocked)), Fernando Rodrigues’ understanding of supplemental support (Psyhacked (contact info blocked)), and Patrycja Radecka and Coen de Koning’s therapeutic skills (Therapeutic Sitter Service (contact info blocked)).

Participation fee: 800EUR for three days. Food and accommodation included.

Starts @10am on Saturday the 20th of April ends on Monday the 22nd of April @5pm
Herenweg 416
Noordwijkerhout Zuid-Holland
Please note that you will need to purchase your own truffles. We will advise you on where to do it and what to buy.
Accommodation consists of cabin bunk beds. Please bring sleeping bags and towels. If taking your sleeping bag is not possible, please let us know.

What to expect?
Our aim is to empower you by helping you notice self-sabotaging patterns and giving you tools to change them. We use a holistic approach that combines cognitive and behavioral sciences, therapeutic methods and biohacking to optimize your mind and body for improved vitality, joy, connection, and performance.

What do we offer?
– Help with dealing with anxiety
– Improve your health and energy levels
– Learn how to improve your meditation practice
– Kick-start your process towards personal growth
– See your patterns and learn how to remove the self-sabotaging ones
– Learn to recognize what is limiting you and how to deal with it
– See your life in a more holistic way
– Realize the potential of your body and be more grounded and present
– Get empowered to improve control of your life
– Find out how to create plans that you will be able to pursue
– Experience different methods of self-development
– And of course: a powerful psychedelic experience guided by our sitters.

– Therapeutic techniques
– Basic principles of organizing our mind, body, and emotions
– Based on cognitive science
– Supplementation suggestion based on questionnaires and one-to-one assessment
– Utilizing knowledge from behavioral change methods and persuasive science for a seamless alteration of habits
– Somatic (relating to body) practices and exercises
– A psychedelic session with magic truffles guided by our sitters.

Who is this for?
The retreat is for people who:
– are trying to find more purpose in their life
– feel stuck on their life path
– experience low energy
– seek to improve their meditation practice
– seek a deeper connection with others
– want to understand their behavioral patterns and how to remove the self-sabotaging ones
– want to live a more joyful life
– want to understand themselves better to be more in control of their minds and bodies
– are looking to improve the decisions they make in their life
– feel emotionally blocked and want to some realize to be able to express themselves better

Preliminary program
Before the retreat:
A one-hour one-to-one preparation online consultation with the addition of journaling assignment for working on the intention to increase the effectiveness of the retreat.
Intake form to screen for any complications relating to the psychedelic session.

During the retreat:
We will start with breakfast which will be followed by a sharing circle. You will have an opportunity to get to know other participants in a meaningful way by sharing your intentions and taking part in ice-breaking activities.
The workshop program will start with addressing anxiety issues and looking into coping strategies (through supplements, breathing, and therapeutic techniques). Included will be a workshop on how to meditate more effectively.
The second part of the day will be dedicated to working on intentions, looking into thought patterns and trying to analyze how to improve satisfaction with your life.
The day of the psychedelic session will start with a yoga/meditation session. After a break, we will guide you through your psilocybin truffles experience. The day will end with a light dinner.
The last day will be an integration day. After breakfast, we will invite you to share your insights from the psychedelic journey with a group. To help you ground we will follow with a movement workshop.
After lunch, we will close the retreat with a discussion on the next steps to make your experience long-lasting. We will help you to create simple and easily actionable goals.
Please contact us for a detailed program.

Who are we?
Patrycja Radecka (BSc (Hons), Pg Dip, MSc)
Mindfulness Therapist, Psychologist, Integrative Counsellor

Marta Kaczmarczyk (MSc, PDEng)
Cognitive and decision scientist (MSc), persuasive science and tech expert (Post-MSc), psychedelic guide trained in psychedelic emergencies, optimization and biohacking enthusiast

Fernando Rodrigues
Visual Artist, Biohacker, Psychedelic Transhumanist and explorer of the invisible landscape

Coen de Koning
Designer, Therapist at the Therapeutic Sitting Service


We have four places available in a separate cabin (bunk beds) or mattresses in the session space.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Breakfast includes fruits, oats, and seeds with vegan milk, and bread/rice waffles and spreads. We serve vegan soups and curries for lunch and dinner. Nuts and fruits are provided as a snack during the day.


Please take a train to Leiden and a bus 57 to Noordwijkerhout. The bus stop is 2 minutes walking from the venue.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

legal retreat psilocybin truffles retreat with an accredited therapist

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