Psilocybin Healing Retreat Baja

Event Highlights

  • What's Included in your Retreat:
  • -6 days/5 nights in a safe, private ocean-front residence on the northern Baja penninsula.
  • -7-day Online Preparation Course that will help you set intentions and prepare.
  • -3 Mushroom Plant Medicine ceremonies lead by trained, caring and musically gifted Shaman as well as loving facilitators.
  • -Daily guided meditations and instruction to continue your healing.
  • -Blissful Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and Integration meetings.
  • -Fresh, local home-cooked meals and healthy snacks.
  • -Closing Sound Bath and Fruit Ceremony to seal in our work.
  • -Kind and authentic community; maximum of 10 guests
  • -Dedicated time for journaling, swimming, rest, fireside hangouts, & nature connection
  • MORE INFO: the buena vida dot net


Day 1:
 Welcome To The Buena Vida!
Welcome Meeting
Group Dinner
Setting up your sacred altar

Day 2: Ceremony #1- "We Welcome the Fungi Teachers"
Morning yoga flow
Healthy breakfast and fresh juice
Free time
Afternoon guided meditation & tuning fork healing
Sunset Psilocybin Ceremony

Day 3: Ceremony #2- "Time to go Deep"
Morning Yoga & Fresh Breakfast

Free Time
Integration meeting with Shaman and facilitators
Light Lunch
Breath work meditation
Ceremony #2

Day 4: Rest & Integration
Fresh Breakfast

Integration with Shaman and Facilitators
Afternoon of relaxation-Option to head to town for shopping or beach time
Evening bonfire with new friends!

Day 5: Ceremony #3-"Mother Nature is Our Teacher"
Morning Yoga & Fresh Breakfast

Morning Beach Meditation
"Let's Play in Nature" Ceremony #3
Sunset Beach Fruit Ceremony
Dinner/time to pack/fireside chats

Day 6: Sweet Goodbyes
"Taking the Journey Home" final share and integration
Shuttle to Airport between 8am-1pm depending on timing of flights.

About This Event

Intention.Ceremony. Joy. 

These three words describe the goal of The Buena Vida Psychedelic retreats. We use sacred pant medicines to heal past traumas, unveil creativity and inspire gratitude. Sound bowl vibrations, magical meditations, free-flowing dance and a judgement-free community surround our work. Take a safe, secure adventure into the most mystical area of the universe: your inner self!

Though many of us have tried "magic mushrooms" as young adults in a recreational or party-type setting, the healing effects of fungi are finally being discovered, studied and shown to the public. These ancient fungi have a lot more to offer than just a simple good time. 

   Those looking to heal chronic depression, anxiety, social awkwardness, PTSD or even simply a lack of purpose in their lives are sure to benefit from a safe session with psilocybe mushrooms. When done at the correct dosage and under the care and supervision of experienced, caring facilitators, these little magic fungi can help us get to the root of our issues and find the strength to heal ourselves. 

   Possibly even more important than the mushrooms themselves is the preparation, integration and sense of community that will be provided at Sol Medicine. You'll have the opportunity to learn from those around you and receive counsel from our dedicated leaders. Be sure to bask in the glory of unspoiled nature and remember what its like to live a life of happiness and gratitude. 

WEBSITE: (contact info blocked)

Intention. Ceremony. Joy.

Venue Highlights

Our stunning oceanside retreat hacienda provides safety, comfort and tranquility for up to 10 guests. All accommodations are either private rooms or shared-occupancy and offer a variety of bathroom and sleeping configurations.

More Info: The Buena Vida dot Net


More Info: More Info: The Buena Vida dot Net


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free


We serve delicious local-inspired and chef-prepared food. We mostly serve Vegetarian meals with the occasional local seafood or chicken dish for those interested.


Airport transfers will leave from either the Tijuana (TIJ) airport or San Diego (SAN) airport.

healing meditation mushroom healing mushrooms plant medicine psilocybin psilocybin retreat

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  • Mike Short   January 17, 2020

      Amazing / Healing

    The location and accommodations where nice, clean and beautiful. The staff was knowledgeable, open and loving. Wonderful cosmic guides that made you feel secure and safe when you are at your most vulnerable. The ceremonies were beautiful, powerful, and healing. If and when you are ready this is a safe place to explore and receive healing beyond your imagination. Mike Short

  • Lisa Sbragia   December 23, 2019

      Unbelievably powerful

    I left the retreat with my heart filled with love and gratitude. A new perspective on my life and a new connection to my source that I hadn’t been able to reach through any other modalities. Absolutely changed my life. This is a true medicine. If you are doubting going on this retreat, don’t waste another minute. This will blast you though and above your negative thoughts and self doubts and set you on the right track with new focus. Planning on attending it again very soon!

  • David Lovely   December 20, 2019

      Still feeling great

    Amanda and her team are the most thoughtful and insightful facilitators I could imagine for a Psilocybin retreat. They are knowledgeable, organized and just do a great job. They have an incredible ability to help both novice and veteran participants. They truly improve the value you get from the experience. I will definitely be going to another retreat. I'm hoping to convince my wife to come or at least a friend. Thanks Amanda! :)

  • annette diaz kardonski   November 14, 2019

      Deeply commited

    Through the whole process, from the first contact to the weeks after the experience, the retreat leaders demonstrated full commitment to delivering the best possible experience. at all times they were supportive, they gave guidance and provided a safe space to let go and explore. I felt cared for and at ease because I also notice the rest of the participants being cared for. They were very candid and at the same time showed a high level of expertise in navigating the different experiences of the ceremonies. I also appreciate the ingredient of the traditional shamanic elements they brought to the whole experience. I look forward to attending another retreat in the near future!

  • Gayla Cavicchioni Valle   November 14, 2019

      Leap and the net will appear.

    This was my guidance when seeking out a spiritual refresh. Opportunity manifested in the form of the Buena Vida retreat. I rather suddenly and unexpectedly gave myself this rare gift in my older years (I’m 69) reawakening some magic I’ve held within me, waiting 40 years to express itself again. In the company of wonderful people, none of them “like me,” I experienced joy, trust, and acceptance that was a safe and sturdy platform for my own explorations. The results twinkle and spark on within me. Each person collaborating to provide and guide our path to the light within was well-equipped and devoted to their chosen mission of supporting us as individuals and as a group. We couldn’t have been more different from each other, yet a bond and trust was forged that was safe, genuine, and extends beyond the actual time we spent in each other’s company. A week in paradise with “best friends” was so good for my soul. I’m so happy I took the leap into the Buena Vida.

  • Dan Lang   November 12, 2019

      Truly a profound experience

    The experience during the retreat was truly profound, wonderful, and powerful. Words cannot adequately capture the feelings. Amanda and the entire team were so full of warmth and love, and provided such a safe and nonjudgmental environment for everyone. My personal experience with the plant medicine during the retreat was so incredibly profound (I keep coming back to that word), beautiful, and life changing, that it was exactly what I needed to break through my old patterns of thought. I wouldn't have been able to do that in any other environment. The entire team did an amazing job of explaining what we could expect each step of the way, beginning well before we arrived, during each day while there and during the ceremonies, and then how best to approach the integration back into the real world after the retreat was over. Amanda comes across as a go-with-the-flow kind of person, but you can be assured she has thought through every detail of the experience to make sure we are safe and well taken care of, and the best part is she and the team do it with such a sense of joy and happiness that you just want to smile and laugh when you're around them. I am so grateful that Amanda does what she does, and that she's picked the perfect team to help everyone work through their personal journeys. Thank you Amanda! The work you do truly changes lives!

  • Sharon Braunling   November 12, 2019

      Phenomenal psilocybin

    I will keep this review short and to the point although I could go on for pages in detail about my week. Bottom line, it was a remarkable experience in every way. Amanda, Kate, Maria, Ryman and Stefan (the token male of the group) were all so kind and loving. I felt absolutely safe and supported during the week-both in and out of ceremony. The accommodations, food and workshops/yoga were all great. The ceremonies were profound for every participant there I believe- most definitely for myself. I attended with the intention of releasing a lot of resentment and anger I had been carrying for years. I communicated with the mushrooms for weeks prior to set my intention and it was obviously received and granted. I came out of the final ceremony with a new outlook on one relationship in particular and on life in general. I have had a spiritual practice for about 13 years prior to this retreat. I feel as if I was sticking my big toe in the spiritual pond beforehand and afterwards, I am fully immersed in the deep end! The psilocybin broke me wide ope in such a positive way and I am super excited to see what lies ahead for me on my journey. I am already planning a return to Beuna Vida with my sister in the spring. Thank you, thank you, thank you Amanda and staff for doing this amazing work.

  • Laura   October 28, 2019


    Led by a very experienced team. I always felt supported and understood. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need and that you are ok. The whole experience was very healing and enriching. If you are going to do a journey like this, it is great to know you are doing it with trustworthy people who are supporting you.

  • Johanna Henderix   October 26, 2019

      Great Team

    I felt so very well looked by Amanda, Kate and the whole team, during and in between the plant ceremonies. The personal attention given to me really helped me let go of a toxic load I have been carrying forever. The peaceful, beautiful surroundings were a balm for my nervous system, I am so grateful to the whole team for their devotion to my process.. Thank you Amanda for putting this in place.

  • R Wolf   October 26, 2019

      Life-changing experience!

    I must express my most profound gratitude for the experiences Buena Vida wove together for us/me. It was a positive life-changing week! The team worked together using their individual skills to provide a supportive environment for all the participants. As a former teacher, I recognized the well-thought-out "curriculum" Buena Vida put together...both professional and loving. Thank you, thank you, thank you....❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Connor Mercer   October 25, 2019

      Do it

    Amanda and the team are such a perfect balance of nurturing, knowledgeable, and whimsical all at the same time. The location, the facilities, and the warm comforting presence they have created allow for deep healing work. I’m being completely honest I’ve never had that much of a cathartic release as the last medicine ceremony. I’ve been in therapy, tried every kind of SSRI, was in an outpatient mental hospital for a while with all manner of expressive, art, cbt and other therapies to try to address my depression/ anxiety and none of those things scratched the surface of what I experienced throughout this retreat. I remember having a thought in the midst of that last medicine session how I had been yearning for something this powerful for so long. I got to unlock many feelings, maybe for the fist time, I’ve either self medicated into suppression or kept busy to avoid feeling. This is a profound experience that everyone can benefit from, and there are no better group of people to trust in guiding you through the healing.

  • Maria Leotta   July 24, 2019

      The Safest, Most Supported Way to Explore Plant Medicine

    If you are looking into using plant medicine but feel uneasy about doing it in the best way possible, then this is what you were seeking. I went into this journey with so much anxiety and trepidation and no experience using psychedelics at all. I just knew that I needed some help and this medicine felt right. From the moment I arrived and joined the leaders of this group, I knew I was safe, supported, and cared for beyond what I had hoped for. We were given great materials to work on, to set the most powerful and aligned intentions possible even before arriving to the retreat and once there, were given great information on what to expect, how to deal with what could come up, and abundant, non-judgmental love and guidance all the way through the process. My experience was so far beyond what I could have imagined a best case scenario to be and what I got out of doing this medicine in this way (with these well-prepared, kind, supportive and loving women leaders and powerful shaman who knows what she's doing and how do it safely). I can't honestly imagine trying this medicine in any other environment now, as I don't see how it could ever feel as powerful. The love and compassion these women provide, the safe space and unity of the group they create and the intense energies they bring in, made it so that I could feel safe to journey deep inside and let go of so much fear and uncertainty that was holding me back. If you're considering doing this for a first time or even a first time in this way, I can't think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm. My relationships within the group and with these amazing female leaders are ones that I will have and cherish forever, and our work together will never be forgotten.

  • Michelle Gill   June 23, 2019

      I achieved in a week what a lifetime of therapy never did

    I came to the Buena Vida retreat at Sano Bay a broken woman, and left with such a sense of love and peace in my heart for myself that my family and friends are astonished. I knew I had some serious pain to face from severe childhood trauma, and I knew I needed to do something different because therapy had never "released the trauma" that I so often hear needs to be done. This stored trauma has been effecting my health and relationships for a long time. The medicine, with the help of the shamans and facilitators, helped me to do what I needed to do. It wasn't easy but I knew it wouldn't be. I always felt safe and cared for. This was an absolutely huge shift in my self perception. I can say with conviction that I am strong, I am a survivor-a term that I never really felt rang true for me-and that I can do anything I want in this life. I literally cannot believe how perfect the entire experience was. I am usually too anxious to go to new places, but I just trusted that it would be okay and it far exceeded my expectations. Every meal was a beautiful creation by chef Tina Jo at Sano Bay, which is a gorgeous, clean, wonderful place that I felt great in and I'm extremely sensitive to mold and chemicals. I could go on and on, but I will just say that Kate, Amanda, Ryman and the plant medicine absolutely saved my life. I am beyond grateful.

  • Julie Dunigan   June 15, 2019


    This is my second retreat with Kate Ryan, June 2019. I returned because the first was a peak experience of my life. How could it get better than that? It did. Words escape me when trying to describe what happens when Kate creates and leads ceremony as shaman. After witnessing a second retreat I have a better understanding that she is a master at protecting and containing space then working with invisible master teacher forces to use her gorgeous singing and musical talents to move the energy of the medicine into our minds in order to do healing. It is not just her amazing signing and musical talents that give her this ability it is her level of being. Kate is an extraordinaryly awesome person with an enormous heart who is made to do this work. I have both experienced and observed her guiding people through enormously difficult and therefor transformational experiences gracefully to the other side with colossal love, care and expertise. Once back in waking reality there is the added bonus of hanging out with her which is like more medicine. Her personality is fascinating, loving and at times hysterical. If you get the chance to work with Kate, TAKE IT!

  • Julie Dunigan   June 14, 2019

      2nd phenomenal retreat with Amanda

    Just returned from a second retreat with Amanda in June 2019. I'm starting to believe this woman has SUPER POWERS. The retreat itself couldn't have gone smoother. The accommodations in Ensenada Mexico were so nice they were almost dreamlike. The food was healthy and delicious beyond imagination. Besides planning and organizing endless thoughtful details, Amanda's super powers lie in her shape shifting abilities. Facilitator, teacher, guide, comic relief, medicine woman, and being one of us, as we all bonded together. Words escape me as I try and describe the actual ceremonies. For me they have all been of extreme high vibration, supported with enormous love and protection. They were magical and transformational, I have returned more aligned with my true self!. You are extremely fortunate if you ever get the chance to be part of Amanda's amazing retreats.

  • Charles Nicolosi   June 01, 2019

      My first retreat and my first experience with psylocidin

    The retreat took place at Sano Bay from May 24 to May 29. I would recommend this retreat to any sincere searcher. Amanda was a very helpful and friendly leader. Katie was an awesome singer and musician. The ambience was lighthearted and totally non-threatening. However, both ladies were very knowledgeable with years working with shamans as well as presiding over retreats.I have no criticisms...and why should I? My experiences were profound, the food was excellent and the beach and ocean were very special.

  • Courtney P   April 21, 2019

      Talented Shaman and Musician

    Where to begin when describing Kate Ryan! Words fail me. Kate is an accomplished and knowledgeable shaman, a very important aspect to consider when looking into retreats and spiritual adventures. She is incredibly down-to-earth with a wonderful sense of humor; so easy to approach and converse with! Shamanism aside, I have heard few voices equal to Kate's powerful songs during ceremony. She is a gifted leader and musician with a Spirit given voice and lyrical ability, and masterful with many ceremonial instruments. She was such an important piece of my amazing ceremonies. I do not think they would have taken as powerful of a path without her guidance and leadership. Thank you!

  • Courtney P   April 21, 2019

      Exceptional Every Time

    I met Amanda a year prior at my first plant medicine retreat. She was amazing! Knowledgeable, personable, honest, hilarious! I had a wonderful experience. Fast forward some time, and I learned she had branched out and was doing another retreat with a different type of plant medicine. I was a bit nervous, but absolutely trusted Amanda and took the plunge. I have no regrets. She was there through every up and down, comforting and nurturing, and the wings that had begun to bud at my first retreat opened up and allowed me to soar. I am forever grateful for this beautiful woman who truly changed my life. I continue to evolve and a great percentage of that success is owed to Amanda Schendel! Thank you!

  • Richard Prager   April 02, 2019

      Committed, dedicated, and caring

    Amanda was very helpful and supportive before, during, and after the retreat my wife and I participated in with her in March, 2019. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and organized. She really wants everyone to feel safe and comfortable enough to take risks and grow. She has a sparkling personality, a good sense of humor, and great compassion.

  • Carina Klet   March 31, 2019

      Perfect first experience with plant medicine

    The organizers, facilitators, and shaman were all excellent, I always felt safe and well taken care of. Everything was explained clearly. The overall retreat was well organized with daily activities, workshops, and some excursions off-site. They also did a great job of facilitating connection among the retreat-goers. The retreat center was quiet and I appreciated having a room to myself (to into dorm style places), pretty nice place for being in the jungle. Would definitely recommend!

  • Julie Frederickson   March 25, 2019

      Blast of my lifetime

    I am so glad I went to this retreat. This was one of most fun and intense experiences of my life. The whole retreat was well organized and planned out well by Amanda and Jess. I felt really care for and taken care of. From delicious and fresh meals, yoga, meditation, class room, and the ceremonies all worked together in harmony to allow healing fun to happen. Also enjoyed the group dynamic that encourages people to connect of deeper level is profound. I highly recommend this retreat to explore oneself and have adventure of life time.

  • Julie Frederickson   March 25, 2019

      Kate is gifted healer through her music art.

    While I was on plant medicine journey, Kate's talented vocal and musicality really provided support. She channels ethereal sounds and energy from other world that is very touching and lasting. She also is quite down to earth, easy to approach, fun, and genuine person . I fully appreciated interacting with this light worker.

  • Evan Renaerts   February 17, 2019

      Kate is a true blessing

    January 2019 I participated in a psylocibin retreat in the Yucatan and there I met Kate Ryan- WOW! Kate was trained by an Ayahuasca Shaman in Ecuador, she is a beautiful singer and has a huge heart. Being in sacred ceremonies means you aren’t just watching someone but experiencing them as they spin their magic. Kate seemed to effortlessly weave magic through ceremonies of 4 to 5 hours, while moving energy and holding a container of immense safety. You cannot be in ceremony with Kate without falling in love! Just to add some icing to this cake, Kate is completely down to earth and has a wonderful sense of humour! Participate in anything with Kate and you will be glad you did.

  • Evan Renaerts   February 17, 2019

      Amazing Amanda!

    I knew the first time I met Amanda that she was a special being, so full of life and love. This was proven beyond any doubt during the week-long psylocibin retreat I participated in during January 2019! Amanda organized and executed hundreds of logistical details, offered up warm welcomes and held sacred space. She is able to do what she does so well because she is living her passion. I’ve seldom felt more loved and cared for! If you have a chance to be in retreat with Amanda, jump at it!

  • Martha Anandakrishnan   February 15, 2019

      Talented and Magical

    I did a psilocybin retreat in Mexico with Kate as our shaman and she was central to the success of my experience. Having done a prior retreat without a shaman I can say that Kate’s singing and powerful facilitation made a huge difference in my journey. She is a very talented healer. I got to witness her singing over a participant who was having a very challenging trip and I was very impressed with how she handled that and brought the person through it, with the help of other wonderful facilitators.

  • Martha Anandakrishnan   February 15, 2019

      Awesome retreat

    This is the second retreat I’ve done with Amanda and both times she did an awesome job as a facilitator. She was one of the organizers of second retreat in Mexico and she looked after the large number of participants with professionalism, compassion, and a great sense of fun. I was impressed by how well organized the retreat was and how creative she was with the ceremonies. She always made sure our needs were met, whether it was transportation, a hot shower, or help during the ceremony. I highly recommend any retreat that involves Amanda!

  • Julie Dunigan   February 11, 2019

      A true light worker

    I had the great honor of being part of a sacred Psilocybin retreat in 2019 in part organized by Amanda. Not only did Amanda successfully organize an awesome 8 day retreat, constantly working on all of our behalf, but it was a total joy to be in her presence. She has both tremendous comedic gifts and a very healing quality that made us feel completely accepted no matter what type of baggage or wounding we came with. Her compassion, kindness, and knowledge as a facilitator were exceptional and I felt safe and well cared for during these Psilocybin ceremonies. Once deep in the medicine I was informed by the spirit of the mushroom that Amanda and her team were truly made for this sacred work and were part of something extremely important. I recommend her to anyone looking to do this type of deep work and hope that I can return to a future Sol medicine event as it was one of the most beneficial retreats of my life.

  • Julie Dunigan   February 11, 2019

      An honor to work with Kate

    I recently experienced a retreat using sacred medicine in Mexico with Kate Ryan being our Shaman. Having only previously done this type of work in Peru with indigenous shaman I didn’t know what to expect. I was completely blown away by Kate's ability to hold space, conduct ceremony, & sing sacred songs that lead me deep into the medicine. Once there, the medicine informed of this woman’s immense power and the powerful guides coming through her. Coming back into my waking awareness I lay their in complete awe of her as her singing was absolutely mesmerizing. Not only did I feel safe but I felt in the presence of this immense super natural force. What was even more remarkable, was how completely lovely, kind, and generous she was hanging out with all of us on our down time. I am eternally grateful to have worked with you Kate!

  • Blair Owens   February 10, 2019

      Amanda brings love and light!

    Amanda is flowing with creative and loving energy. She is the best friend you can open up to, providing the space to feel safe and accepted while also easing tension with her charismatic and uplifting personality. She has had me on the floor laughing (one of the best medicines), guided me through meditation with her beautiful drumming and singing and has also been there to listen in my most difficult times. Amanda is knowledgeable, comforting and understanding. She is someone I look up to on this path and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her.

  • Katharina Shervin   February 05, 2019

      The Single Most Amazing Experience of My Life

    Granted, I never had a baby, but I believe even if I had had a whole slew of kids this experience would rank right up there with the birth of my children. I had the transcendent trip that everyone hopes for, and I will be forever grateful to Amanda and Jessica for bringing together everyone and everything to make this retreat happen. Kate, the shaman, is amazing. The three of them together are so powerful. As the medicine came on during the 3rd ceremony, I felt like I was resisting with all my might. I kept repeating surrender and soon Amanda appeared by my side, gently telling me to breath. Then Jessica was there, too. Kate was singing to me. And my dear friend, Martha held my hand. My body started writhing. I was moaning and growling and laughing. I felt like I was birthing a dragon, and at the same time I was the dragon. All the strong emotions I had been holding in my body forever were being moved out. Amanda and Jessica were fanning away the negative energies. Kate sang and sang. Amanda put her hand on my heart. My body was filled with divine love and divine light and images of the Buddha. I was filled gratitude. I got a series of what everyone was calling downloads, one right after the other: I have been on the right path all along. I am a healer. Everything I have been doing is working for me. There have been people to help me all along the way. My husband is here to help me. We are going to find or build a big property where we are going to have plant medicine retreats. OMG. Plant medicine with a shaman and ceremony is incredible! If you are thinking about doing a plant medicine retreat: DO IT. If at all possible, do it with SOL Medicine. The spaces at Ozen are perfect for plant medicine ceremonies. Guest services could use a little improvement, and I have no doubt they will work towards that. --Amanda and Jessica will make sure of that-- That being said, my husband and I would not hesitate to do another retreat there.

  • Petar Veljacic   November 20, 2018

      What a lovely soul!

    Amanda was one of the fire keepers in my final ayahuasca ceremony at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador and I remember that she accomplished magnificent work that required loads of concentration and fine skills. She was moving around energies during my stay in Gaia with elegance and inspired many participants with the stories she shared. Key words that describe Amanda (except from being such a lovely soul) : clarity, efficiency and readiness. Looking forward to meeting Amanda again in some other set up!

  • Jansyn Cunyus   November 15, 2018

      Knowledgeable and Passionate

    My husband and I both had the opportunity to have Amanda facilitate our psychedelic journeys. I can say that without a doubt, she is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She helped my understanding of the experience and led me through several breakthroughs that were instrumental in my growth through the process. Her witty hilariousness never failed to lighten up any tense moments that arouse. Her breadth of knowledge on just about any subject matter made conversations with her as easy as they come. I would be honored to have her facilitate another one of my experiences in the future.

  • Megan   November 13, 2018

      Healing Magic

    Something about Amanda and her energy makes you feel accepted- which is a very comforting feeling during ceremonies. From the way she holds herself, holds a ceremony, and holds space for other beings is full of such natural grace it makes you feel warm knowing that you are safe with her. If you have been intrigued by this sort of healing but haven’t taken the leap I’d say that this is the sort of place to do it!

  • Megan   November 13, 2018

      Healing Magic

    Something about Amanda and her energy makes you feel accepted- which is a very comforting feeling during ceremonies. From the way she holds herself, holds a ceremony, and holds space for other beings is full of such natural grace it makes you feel warm knowing that you are safe with her. If you have been intrigued by this sort of healing but haven’t taken the leap I’d say that this is the sort of place to do it!

  • Jeff Canada   November 13, 2018

      Magestic human!

    Amanda was an amazing facilitator and friend on my retreat. Her calming energy was able to ground me and help me along my journey. She gracefully led me through meditations, yoga, ceremonies, massages, and was a kind friendly ear to listen and talk with me. I highly recommend Amanda and am so happy to have her in my life. ❤️

  • Tinatsu Wallace   November 13, 2018

      Compassionate and trustworthy facilitator

    Amanda facilitated during a retreat experience I had in Jamaica, and I absolutely loved her bubbly but grounded presence. Her knowledge, experience, and insight helped me navigate my own experiences, and she's just plain fun to hang out with as well. I would work with her again anytime.

  • Martha Anandakrishnan   November 13, 2018

      Joyful, Intelligent, Caring

    I connected with Amanda the moment I met her—she has the kind of positive energy people are drawn to immediately. The sort of work she does with retreats demands a serious commitment to the wellbeing of the participants (which can be challenging); yet Amanda has a light touch and a sense of humor that make the experience more effective and enjoyable. My best moments were spent with her and I trusted her implicitly. I would definitely do another retreat with her and highly recommend her!

  • Nicole Sambor   November 13, 2018

      Calming Presence

    As a somewhat anxious, introverted person, I have a tendency to keep my distance from most people until I know them well. This was not necessary with Amanda. I felt safe around her from the moment that I met her, while she was working as a facilitator at a retreat that I attended in Jamaica. Her compassionate, calming presence was felt immediately. Additionally, she has a great sense of humor, which helps. The retreat wouldn’t have been the same without her.

  • Sam   September 21, 2018

      caring and compassionate

    Amanda is one of the most caring and compassionate women I’ve ever met. She’s a strong, guiding force who wields her energy like a healing baton. She understands herself and her place within the world she inhabits, and she honors the journey and honors the soul in ways I’d never experienced before. She’s also grounded and hilarious, which makes even the scary moments fun. I’d recommend any time you can spend with Amanda as possible. Her retreat changed my life.

  • Paul Gambill   July 12, 2018

      Amanda is a warm and thoughtful guide who makes experiences more fun

    I went on a retreat hosted by Amanda in July 2017 at a beautiful house in Sammammish, WA. From the moment I arrived until the time that I left, I felt like a very welcome guest. Amanda has such a fun and endearing personality that makes it very easy to feel comfortable with her as a guide. She offered an opportunity to discuss 1 on 1 with her any concerns or anxieties I was feeling, and that was really helpful to preparing me for the ceremonies. Every detail about the weekend was meticulously planned, from food to activities to how to create a comfortable space for all the attendees. I had an incredible experience with her, and I would absolutely do it again if she was hosting a retreat in my area.

  • Katherine Elonna   July 10, 2018

      Joyful and Powerful Leader & Excellent Ceremonies

    I was lucky enough to have Amanda as one of my Ayahuasca facilitators. I've also worked personally with her in a one-on-one mushroom journey. She truly is able to hold space and provide such a caring and warm environment. I think its so important to trust the person who is leading you through these psychedelic spaces. Amanda has a firm grip on these medicines and also has such a light-hearted personality and warmth so that I always felt it was easy to let go and breathe into my lessons and healing. I find her experience with traditional ceremonies helpful as she creates a beautiful and intimate space for your journey. However, she also is a modern teacher and able understand the needs and background of westerners. Overall, I'd love to attend any retreat or journey that she hosted. I can't wait to see what's next for Amanda!

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This sounds like a dream! I am an education student and I have spent way too much time working all summer to pay for school. My boyfriend of 5 years is a government firefighter and has been away working most of the summer. His 30th Birthday and our 6th anniversary is coming up this winter, we would love to celebrate with a yoga retreat! We both love yoga but have barley had time to practice in the past few months. Keeping our fingers crossed! Jaimee and Dan

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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