Womb * Sense: Plant Medicine & Pachamama Purification Women's Retreat

About This Event

Come, purify deeply during this retreat. 

Where the focus is on clearing your body — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually, safely guided by our skilled and caring all female team as you unravel the old and seed the new. 

Over 8 days/7 nights, at the profoundly serene Yoga Mandala center in the Sacred Valley, where we’ll align your entire system, chakra by chakra.

Combining daily Womb * Sense classes with gentle yoga and meditation,  ancient shamanic rituals and plant medicine ceremonies with Ayahuasca and Mapacho, all supported with psychoeducation and therapeutic somatic practices.

Peeling back the restrictive layers, so you can unashamedly ‘be’who you really are; a powerful channel for light, truth, and Source in your creative endeavors, work, relationships, communities, and the world.


The Q’ero Earth Keepers, ancestors of the Inca’s, will guide us in grounding our roots, to establish right relationship with Pachamama, the primordial womb-space of Mother nature. 

Entering a Temezcal, we’ll begin to detoxify the body of impurities, poisons and pollutants in this Mesoamerican ‘sweat lodge’ experience, held under the starlit sky.  

Deepening our cleanse with flower baths to prepare for Mapacho and Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies, led by our Tabaquera and Shipibo Maestra, who’ve both shared these traditional Amazonian healing practices for lifetimes. 

Our team of teachers and facilitators will provide psychoeducation and therapeutic support to help you understand and process insights gained regarding your ‘shadow’ in ceremony. 

You’ll also develop tools to help you to fully integrate these practices into everyday living for when you return home.

Daily gentle yoga, meditation and breath work will activate and awaken your chakra’s, helping you to ground, switching on your sexuality, opening your heart, channels for clear expression and cultivating your intuition.

Sacred rituals will align the Holy Trinity — our bodies, hearts, wombs — with the Divine.


Waking up to views of the majestic mountains, you’ll enjoy ample time to rest, relax, reflect, or swing slowly in a hammock with a fresh herbal tea, soaking up the inspiring beauty.

You’ll be honoring your body with the delicious, nutritious, organic menu, tailored to support you through the special ‘dieta’ required to prepare your body for plant ceremony.

Soak in restorative nutrients during the Earth Spa day, where we’ll relax in the local hot springs, detox, dissolve travel pains, and give our bodies the chance to receive again.

Throughout the week you can book soul nourishing treatments with skilled practitioners.

Enjoy the magical Andean culture with visits to waterfalls, Incan sites, portals, and a hillside hike to a local conservation project where we’ll meet Peru’s favorite, fluffy animal.

On the final night, we will celebrate this journey with a closing fire ceremony; you can share a poem, song, your music, or simply your sweet presence with us all.


Root Chakra “Grounding In”

9am: Pick-Up in Cusco, Bus to Yoga Mandala
11am: Check-In and Welcome Circle
1pm: Lunch
2 pm: Womb*Sense class: Calling in, Clearing Ancestral Roots
4pm: Right Relationship with Pachamama Q’ero Ritual
5pm: Body Purification with Temazcal ‘Sweat Lodge’ Ceremony
8pm: Dinner
9pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

Sacral Chakra “Fertilising”

8am: Sacral Awakening Vinyasa Yoga Flow
9am: Breakfast
10am: The Healing Power of Mapacho as Medicine
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Womb*Sense class: Awakening Our Creative Capacity
4pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect
7pm: New Moon Energetic Clearing Mapacho Ceremony

Solar Plexus “Sensing”
8am: Solar Activating Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Marta
9am: Breakfast
10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Earth Spa & Hot Springs Soak
4pm: Womb*Sense class: Moving from Mind to Body
7pm: Dinner
8pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

Heart Chakra “Softening”
8am: Heart Opening Vinyasa Yoga Flow
9am: Breakfast + Flower Baths
10am: Exploring Shipibo Healing with Ayahuasca
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Womb*Sense class: Releasing Grief + Relational Wounds
4pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect
7pm: Heart Healing Ayahuasca Ceremony

Throat Chakra “Speaking Out”
8am: Voice Initiating Vinyasa Yoga Flow
9am: Breakfast & Flower Baths
10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration
1pm: Lunch
2 pm: Womb * Sense class: Finding and Freeing Your True Voice
4 pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect
7pm: Clearing Communication Channels with Ayahuasca

Third Eye Chakra “Intuition”
8am: Intuitive Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Marta
9am: Breakfast
10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration
1 pm : Lunch
2pm: Womb*Sense class: Trusting Your Truth Ritual at Waterfalls
7pm: Dinner
8 pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

Crown Chakra “Devotion”
8am: Divine Vinyasa Yoga Flow
9am: Breakfast + Bus Pick Up
10am: Womb*Sense class: Envisioning + Embodying the New Earth
1pm: Lunch in Urubamba
2pm: Hike with the Llama Project
7pm: Dinner
8pm: Fire Ceremony Celebration

Departure & Transfers
8am: Farewell Vinyasa Yoga Flow
9am: Breakfast + Room Check-Out
10am: Closing Prayers + Gratitude Shower
12pm: Departure, Bus to Cusco

Venue Highlights

Yoga Mandala is an ‘away from it all’ space of harmony, nestled in nurturing surroundings of native flowers and sparkling streams at the base of the Andes mountains.

Here, the Inca believe the Apu’s or mountain spirits assist humans in connecting with heaven and it’s divine angelic energies.
Lovingly owned and operated by a family who cares deeply for the environment, this unique bio-constructed center, designed for low-impact on the eco-system, combines outstanding service with great natural beauty. Their aim; for you to feel comfortably at home.



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