Listen to the Song of Spirits - recovering lost western spiritual tradition. 7 days long retreat in Lanzarote, Canary

  • Villa Amatista Villa Amatista
  • Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
  • Sep 8 - 15, 2019 (8 days)

Event Highlights

  • reconnection with Fire Element. Deep healing of typical fire-issues in your life such as: anger, frustration, depression, lack of goals, lack of life direction, sexuality, passion for living, etc.
  • connection with the world of spirits. Recognition of the guide-spirits and the spirits of nature - how to ask for their help and how to honor them
  • full immersion in nature
  • a deep transformation and inner alchemy, exit from crisis situations
  • recovery of ancient western spirituality through specific techniques: incubation, lucid dreaming, extensive dreamwork
  • healing of mental / emotional patterns
  • reconfiguration of the belief system
  • Eradication of obsolete structures and creation of new ones more flexible and more in line with the current life of each participant
  • a deep connection with the current cosmic cycles, general but also individual and with those that are to come. MAXIMAL CLARITY with respect to their message and direction.


MONDAY 9th September
retreat starting at 15:00

- opening of the medicinal circle with shamanic ceremony
- coffee break
- explanation of the current cosmic moment and its repercussions, with the help of psychological astrology
- dreamwork explanation and group dynamic

- before brunch: dreamwork sharing circle
- brunch
-ritual work with Fire element
- incubation for healing in a volcanic cave
- dinner
- Transmutation work of shadow 1

- before brunch: dreamwork sharing circle
- brunch
-ritual work with Fire element
- incubation for healing in a volcanic cave
- dinner
- shamanic work of recognition of the guides, offerings of medicinal songs in the nature (need volcano)

- before brunch: dreamwork sharing circle
- brunch
-ritual work with Fire element
- incubation for healing in a volcanic cave
- dinner
- night work of transmutation of shadow 2 (El Cuervo Volcano)


- before brunch: dreamwork sharing circle
- brunch
- ritual work with Fire element in the lava field
- incubation for healing in a volcanic cave
- free time
- dinner in Uga village in a typical Canary traditional restaurant
- Sunset welcoming in La Geria (sound ceremony for rebirth and resurrection)

- brunch
- Holotropic breathwork session 1
- extensive session of psycho astrology, probing the current life cycles of the participants (work with the birth chart of each participant)
- dinner
- Shamanic work with the spirits, training the voice as a channel of connection with them and weaving together the medicinal songs (after sunset)

- dreamwork conclusions and integration
- brunch

- integration
The retreat closes with a night shamanic ceremony with medicinal songs


About This Event

Hello Everyone, 

we propose you an experience-based "out-of-mind" retreat, that will literally make a difference in your lives, through reconnection to the prodigious nature of Lanzarote Island and direct participation in it.

We are starting four retreat long cycle, each event for one of the main elements- fire, water, earth and air. Each retreat will be in specific location and work will be adapt to actual element. Starting with land of FIRE in Lanzarote. 

In this shamanic retreat work will be build around the fire element. Deep healing of typical fire-issues in your life such as: anger, frustration, depression, lack of goals, lack of life direction, sexuality, passion for living, etc. Retreat is based on recovering western spiritual tradition, featuring specific techniques such as incubation and dreamwork, in order to get a complete renewal/resurrection in many levels of your life. On the other hand we will work with relatively new spiritual systems, like transpersonal psychology, holotropic breathwork technique and archetypal astrology. An important section of the work is dedicated to reshape our relationship with the night and its specific energies. Many of the scheduled activities will be being developed at night, such as shamanic ceremonies in volcanic calderas. So, get prepared to work also in absolute darkness!!!  

Why this retreat is different? 

This retreat is offering to each participant the recovery of the essence of the lost western spiritual tradition, our tradition, and the possibility to convert the main techniques in daily spiritual practice. While Eastern Spiritual Tradition is essentially a sun-consciousness-based one, here in western society we have the power of the sunset and the night as the main pillars for our own spiritual awakening and further development.

Lanzarote as a Portal to the Underworld is the perfect scenario for such a recovery, is the warranty of deep inner connection and healing, as it is well known from shamanic practice and tradition (healing occurs in the dimension of the Underworld). Due to the very fiery nature of this island, the main accent of this retreat falls on healing/reshaping your relationship with Fire Element.

Main intention for this retreat will be in the practical work and experience, not in the mental approach/talking. We will reserve the mental approach to some very few and specific moments when mental understanding will be needed, such as the astrological lectures about current cycles, etc. 

Venue Highlights

The Island of Lanzarote emerged over the sea 25 millions years ago and geologically is a treasure indeed. Regarding to the inner work and transformation that we are proposing in this event, Lanzarote, from a wordwide point of view, is one of the few Portals of the Underworld and offers a unique opportunity and perspective: dive there, explore, learn and transform in direct way and from direct contact with the Underworld's powerful Spirits.

Villa Amatista is located in between of the Tinajo area volcanoes in a very unique landscape. You can enjoy the tranquility of the typical Lanzarote countryside, in a beautiful suroundig full of flowers, plants and even trees - luxury items if we take into consideration the fact that this island is a volcanic desert. You will LOVE to wake up in the presence of the volcanoes and the breathtaking views over the Timanfaya National Park.

A kind, peaceful and environment-friendly place with magical and surprising corners when to rest, dream or have a cup of tea. Of course, don't forget about the swimming pool and the gorgeous meal that Zanna and her team will offer us so generously


The accommodation available in Villa Amatista consists in shared rooms with their own bathroom. More than "rooms", we are talking about small, independent houses with their own kitchen, bathroom, small living room area and also individual terrace in an exotic and natural surrounding.

One of these small houses are actually a mongolian yurt, as you can check it in the slideshow.

We can offer you also the possibility to book a whole house/yurt for single use, extra charge will be applied in this case (please check this option in the pricelist).

We provide excellent quality towels and also extra blankets if needed.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


In this retreat, due to the energetical work and daily schedule, we will offer only brunch and dinner every day. We will offer also one dinner in a specific canarian restaurant in the village of Uga.


American Coffe, infusions, tes, milk, plant base milk
Home made bread
Home made yogurt
Home Made granola
Fruit salad
Gluten Free Cake

In addition, 3 dishes are served from among the following:

Selection of hummus
Selection of eggs dishes ( spinach tortilla, vegetable tortilla, shakshuka, egg curry...)
Selection of gluten free Pancakes and their sauces (chocolate sauce and blueberry sauce…)
Selection of gluten free savoury pies
selection of Veggy burgers
Greek Salad
Quinoa salad
Veggy Strudel
Vegan Quiche

DINNER (few examples) :

Delicate onion soup with tomato bruschetta
Smoked tofu kebabs with paprika chips and tzatziki sauce
Green leaf salad with roasted courgettes
Coconut, dates and mint truffles with mint tea

Creamy pumpkin and basil soup with goat cheese fondue and white pepper
Vegetable baking in the Mediterranean style
Spinach dumplings
Green salad with wild rocket, sesame and balsamic vinaigrette
Pears in red wine with saffron cream

"Pappa al pomodoro" with steamed quinoa , feta and parsley
Assorted vegetables greek style:
Green beans with olives and tomato brunoise
Baked aubergines with honey vinaigrette
Cauliflower and caper salad
Chocolate and walnut vegan and gluten-free brownie

And many more recipes….

Buckwheat pancakes, gnocchi, vegetable tart, stuffed veggies,patties, potatoes gatò, stuffed panzerotti, kanten, mint and cheese pasta salad, bruschetta, omelettes, grilled eggs, short fermented salads, tzatziki, spinakopita, greek veggy stew, gado gado, spicy sprouts, Polenta, homemade pastas, lavander ice cream, coconut and cholcolate pannacotta...


We will have at the disposal of the group few rented cars, the price is already included in the retreat pack, no extra charge will be applied. We specify that the cars serve exclusively for the group dynamics, no individual use of them it will be possible.

We are offering also airport service (pick up and go back) for the participants for an extra charge of 10 euros/person.

If wanted, airport taxi service is also available, it costs around 25-30 euros, airport is approximately 20 minutes far from Villa Amatista. Taxi for airport can be booked in Amatista.

Tags: alchemy shamanism transmutation western ancient spiritual wisdom

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