18-day Ayahuasca Dieta Retreat

  • Novalis Novalis
  • Puerto Maldonado, Peru
  • May 7 - 24, 2019 (18 days)

About This Event

At Novalis we offer Ayahuasca retreats for private groups of up to eight participants. Our ayahuasca 18 day retreat with 8 dieta retreat consists of 4 ayahuasca ceremonies, two ceremonies during the first 4 days, 8 days in isolation, and two ceremonies during the last 4 days of the retreat (18 days total). The rest days between the first two ceremonies and between the last two ceremonies are offered to share the experiences, embark on the process of personal integration, incorporate supportive accompaniment, and they include other holistic and health promoting experiences including ethnobotanical jungle walks, reiki, yoga, floral baths, and delicious, shared, organic, vegetarian meals. 

The dieta process is a traditional practice embarked on between an individual and a plant spirit, under the supervision of an experienced elder or teacher. A person goes into isolation in the forest (in one of our dieta huts, called a tambo), where they connect one-on-one with a plant spirit for a week. The person enters with an intention for healing, cultivating, awakening, or addressing an aspect of the self through the help of the plant. In our form, for 8 days, the person is in isolation, restricted to a very simple diet, out of range from any social contact at all, and restricted from any distracting habits (typically even reading). The point of this self-disciplinary practice is to go deep within the inner landscape with the aid of the plant, with an intentional purpose unique to their individual goals for spiritual learning, physical healing, and personal growth. 

The plant which is worked with is principally chosen with the aid of our Shipibo friend and curandero, Loyver, who listens to and reads the energetic needs of an individual through the first two ayahuasca ceremonies (as well as evaluating potential medical conditions and psychological traits), to determine which plant will be of most resonance with the individual’s energetic, spiritual, and physical processes. 

Each ayahuasca retreat will include:

Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to NOVALIS and back (forty minute car ride followed by a forty five minute beautiful boat ride along the river, and a forty minute scenic hike through the rainforest)

Accommodation in our shared tree houses completely screened in from mosquitos, with bug nets provided over the beds, comfortable mattresses, fresh sheets and lanterns.

Possibility to take part in preparation of the medicine (depending upon the timing of cooking and a particular retreat)

Individual health consultations (if required) with our medicine team

Yoga and Reiki sessions 

Sharing circles before and after ceremonies

Flower/Plant baths and cleanses in our outdoor wooden hot tubs

Opportunity to deepen your knowledge of shamanic practice and the use of medicinal plants

Nature Immersions (plant identification walks, nature excurisons, forest meditation, river swims)

Locally grown vegetarian meals cooked with love (all meals included)

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies led by our Shipibo friend and teacher, Loyver Yui

Daily integration circles and personal accompaniment in approaching the integration process and developing tools for lifelong personal health and wellness practices for mind, body, and soul

A Variety of Ceremonial & Sacred Living Activities (Fire Ceremonies, Ofrendas, Coca Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, etc.)

Event Highlights

  • We also infuse the container with other plant spirits through incorporating other types of ceremonies into our structure, in between the first two ceremonies and the last two ceremonies we incorporate the following ceremonies, activities & tools:
  • Integration circles held the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony for group processing, reflection, guidance in interpreting visions, applying the messages of the medicine to life, and connecting the individual experience to the collective learning & healing process.
  • Wisdom circles held in the evening of non ayahuasca ceremony nights to come together and reflect on the days events. Some examples are divination circles, commUNITY connecting circles (heart shares - sometimes to include Mama Coca or Cacao).
  • Personal one-on-one accompaniment, done with one of our on-site medicine team
  • Art & expression therapy through painting, dreamcatcher building, and creative natural crafting
  • Morning Practices of light yoga to create body movement for connection & balance of Mind/Body/Soul
  • Moon Lodge (Women): may include...Yoni steams, sacred sexuality exploration of the feminine, tantra exploration, understanding our cycles (fertility awareness), sexual transformation & healing of the Self
  • Sun Temple (Men): may include... men's sharing circle, embodying conscious masculinity workshops, sacred sexuality and exploration of the masculine archetypes, community male/female harmonics, relating to the feminine.
  • Nature exploration: ethnobotanical walks, jungle excursions, wildlife viewing
  • Personal Therapy Sessions: Reiki, chinese meridian cupping, astrological counseling, Baños Floridas (personal healing time in our tree baths)
  • Additional ceremonial offerings: Coca ceremony, Cacao ceremony, ofrendas/despachos, Huancawi sacha (aka Yawar Panga) ceremony for special cases only
  • During the time of Dieta you will be given accompaniment and support by Loyver, and if necessary a translator to aid in the transmissions, and if ever you need additional support, aid, or guidance, the medicine team and staff are always available if things are becoming too strong and you get pushed past your limits. The limits are to be explored, but we are not without safeguards for those times when the challenges become overbearing or overwhelming. We are always here for our guests, as new members of our community and family.


Day 0
(the day before your retreat begins) - A meet and greet (5pm) with the group and retreat facilitators for an informal get together to ensure everyone is ready for departure next day.

Day 1
Please arrive the day before retreat begins
12pm Depart Puerto Maldonado
2pm Arrive to Novalis!
2pm Lunch *Comedor*
3-6pm Land Tour and Get Settled
6pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Opening Circle *Maloka*

Day 2
7-8am Morning Practice *Maloka*
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-4pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 3
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 4
7-8 Morning Practice *Maloka*
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 5
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5 pm Workshop
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 6
**Optional Huancavisacha Ceremony**
7-8am Morning Practice *Maloka*
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 7
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5 pm Art Immersion *Comedor*
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Closing Circle *Maloka*

Day 8
Final integration day

Day 9
Departure for city

Schedule for our 18 day Ayahuasca Retreat with 8 days of plant dieta:

Day 0- Day 4 is the same above

Day 5 - First day of the plant dieta

Day 6-12
Shamanic dieta in an isolated tambo (house)

Day 12
Last day of the dieta.
8pm Third Ayahuasca ceremony *Maloka*

Day 13-18 is same as above

Venue Highlights

Our Retreat Center is located on 2000 hectares of primary rainforest in a working Brazil Nut concession, along the Las Piedras River, of the Madre de Dios Region, near of Puerto Maldonado.

At our Center, we have the following accommodations:
-3 Treehouses (one tree sleeps 3 people, the other two treehouses sleep 2 persons each)
-Maloka (ceremonial temple, also serves as integration space, yoga space & circle gathering)
-Community Kitchen
-Medicine Kitchen (where we brew the medicines & heat water for the healing baths)
-Dining Room (also serves as one of the Art Therapy spaces)
-Tambos (isolated jungle huts for dieta participants)
-Bath House (for our flower and plant baths)
-Outdoor Shower & Sink (showering among the trees)
-Dry Toilets (multiple compost toilets located in convenient locations)
-Casa Grande (staff & service team housing)
-Workers House (for our residential workers)
-Fresh water springs, drinkable water that is consistently tested, provided pure, clean, healthy water for us all
-Extensive trails throughout the property, some that are easily navigated, and others better left for being guided on
-A small creek onsite that is ideal for a jungle creek dip
-Various herb gardens, permaculture plots, and fruit trees sharing their abundance with us all


Our treehouses are always one of the highlights for our guests, and rightfully so. They were designed by a group of specialists from Canada, and were built by hand and handheld machinery onsite by our staff. They are circular structures that can hold three people with plenty of personal space, they are equipped with very comfortable beds with bug nets and all necessary bedding, night stands and shelves for personal storage, and lanterns for lighting in the evenings.

During the dieta, participants stay in a traditional Tambo, which is a basic A frame hut with a thatched-leaf roof, a twin bed with bedding and a bug net, a stool and night stand, and candles. The rest is up to you! The idea is: open yourself up to the jungle and she will guide you in the transformation. We provide the bare necessities for your wellbeing and safety, making sure you are not at risk of harm, and we give you the opportunity to go deep into this shamanic journey through an approachable and feasible avenue of access.


  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Simple breakfast - usually consisting of oats, chia seeds, shredded coconut, dried fruit, and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) along with fresh fruit (banana, mandarin, apple, mango, papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, etc.) and eggs

Wholesome, nutritious, and cooked-with-love meals - often based on various combinations of rice, beans, quinoa, sweet potato, avocado, yuca, potato, squash, split peas, and lentils, with delicious locally grown veggies such as beets, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, peas, corn, celery, and various herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, oregano, etc)

We typically will serve only two meals on days of ceremony, as it is helpful to limit stomach contents when ingesting ayahuasca as it will increase nausea and likely distract you from deeper processes. That said, we often encourage people to discover their personal rhythms and practices, and many people suggest not being weak and lethargic during ceremonies due to low caloric intake. Accordingly, if you tend to have lower blood sugar and need more consistent meals we often recommend eating a banana a few hours before ceremony or something similarly readily digestible.

For Dieta participants, during the days in isolation in the tambo, you will receive your portion of food for the entire day first thing in the morning. This typically includes rice, yuca, potato, boiled plantain, and often a hard boiled egg. There is a small amount of flexibility in providing more personalized dieta food, but in most cases we stick to this simple and relatively traditional menu, as it is energetically and metabolically clean and nutritious enough to maintain basic physical and physiological necessities for undergoing this deeper transformational process, which should not be done without some sufficient, essential nutritional base.


Easy access from Puerto Maldonado, where there are multiple flights daily arriving from Lima and Cusco. From the airport you will go to La Semilla cafe in the plaza de armas, where our community has a superfoods cafe outpost run by our community member Cassandra and other friends of Novalis. From La Semilla we arrange transportation for you, and it is about a 2.5-3 hour journey total (45 min taxi ride, 45 min boat ride up the Rio Piedras, and a 3km hike into the land)

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

After having just completed my RYT 200 I have been inspired to further my yoga journey and my own personal journey inward. I have fallen in love with yoga and how it has changed my life and I just want to continue to explore so I can share this beautiful gift with as many as possible. Jessica

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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