11-day Shamanic and Tantric Yoga Retreat

Event Highlights

  • *Daily Tantra Yoga and Meditation practice
  • *Daily Tantric and Mindfulness Immersions: Balancing our Masculine and Feminine toward love and Sacred relating
  • 4 Master Plant Ceremonies: Ayahuasca, San Pedro/ Wachuma, Cacao and Rapé
  • 2 ancient Inca initiations (Great Initiation and Seven Goddess Initiation) by traditional Paqo healers from the indigenous Q’eros group
  • 1 Temazcal (sweatlodge) ceremony
  • 1 rejuvinating flower shower
  • 2 gentle hikes to magical local sites with breathtaking views (Inca ruins and Lake Kinsaccocha)
  • Music, heArt, fire, dance, and sharing circles
  • High vibe vegan or vegetarian meals
  • 10 fun-tastic and profoundly transformational days


The 10 day journey across the internal transformative universe will unfold as follows:

Day 1

• Arrival & Lunch
• Intro - Mindfulness, Tantra & Shamanism.
• Why and how we use these tools to integrate our masculine & feminine/ father and mother figures. How our view of the feminine & masculine are related to our mom & dad. The elements of the Andean Cosmovision and how they relate to the tantric Shiva & Shakti.
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 2

• Sun Salutations & Shamanic Sufi Meditation
• Breakfast
• Talk: Master Plant San Pedro - Shiva & the Sacred Masculine. Stereotypes, prejudices & conditionings. Why we choose to start with the masculine.
• Trust building dynamics
• Lunch
• Talk: The Dramatic Triangle. Energetic Dynamics.
• HeArt-Healing: Drawing our relationship with our father. The real and ideal. Emotion awareness. Walking in your father's shoes.
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 3 - Silence Day: Going Deep with the Masculine Master Plant San Pedro

• Gentle hike at the magical lake Kinsaccocha. San Pedro ceremony. Tantra Yoga & Rapé Meditation.
• Mindfulness in food: The Fruit Fest.
• Initiation into the Language of Grandfather Fire.
• Celebration with Music, Dinner & Meditation

Day 4

• Restorative Yoga Sequence, Prana (Energizing) Meditation
• Breakfast
• Sharing Circle: San Pedro Journey
• Cacao & Ecstatic Therapeutic Dance: The light, the shadow & self-compassion
• Lunch at Vegan Sacred Sushi & Rest
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 5

• Hip Opening Yoga Sequence & Osho Kundalini Meditation
• Breakfast
• Sexuality and our parents’ inheritance. Prejudices, stereotypes, conditionings.
• Daka-Dakini Ritual: Healing sexuality through breathwork
• Lunch
• Kirtan Jam: Releasing through sound
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 6 - Going deeper with Master Plant Mother Ayahuasca

• Balancing Yoga Sequence & Kin-hin: Walking Meditation
• Breakfast
• Guided visit to the powerful Pisaq Inca Ruins
• Picnic & Rest
• Talk: Mother Ayahuasca - Shakti & the Sacred Feminine
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 7

• Heart Opening Yoga Sequence & Loving Compassion Meditation
• Breakfast
• Talk: Mother
• HeArt-Healing: Embodying our relationship with our mother. The real and the ideal. Emotion Awareness. Walking in our mother's shoes.
• Light Lunch
• Body Consciousness Releasing Exercise & Chakra Cleanse
• Flower Bath & Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 8

• Mindfulness Yoga & Heart Chakra Meditation: Letting go of the past, attracting the future
• Breakfast
• Temazcal (traditional Sweatlodge)
• Lunch & Rest/ Community Kirtan (optional)
• Sharing Circle
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 9

• Hatha Yoga Flow & Mindfulness Meditation
• Breakfast
• Hatun Karpay – Receiving the Great Initiations by Paqo Healer from the indigenous Q’ero ethnic group and connecting with the masculine energies of the Apus/ Mountain Spirits
• Lunch
• Ñusta Karpay – Receiving the Seven Goddess Initiations by female Q’ero Master and connecting with the feminine energies of Pachamama/ Mother Earth
• Dinner & Silent Meditation

Day 10

• Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
• Breakfast
• Talk: Integration Tools
• Drama-Play: Enacting integration. Possible & plausible problem solving skills
• Lunch & Rest/ Free afternoon
• Sharing Circle
• Dinner & Meditation

Day 11

• Tantric Hatha Yoga & Meditation
• Breakfast & Final hugs

About This Event

Aloha beautiful souls  ★

We warmly invite you to join us in the enchanting Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru to live this unique 11-day journey where the ancient teachings of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism meet the modern approaches of Mindfulness. We will dedicate this time to integrating our Sacred Feminine and our Sacred Masculine within ourselves, open our hearts, and expand our consciousness.

Insightful activities to acknowledge your father’s and our mother’s energies and a solid daily tantra yoga and meditation practice will allow you to develop the appropriate attitudes to hold space for yourSelf, to follow your heart and to integrate your experience in your doing and being. With the help of the feminine master plant Ayahuasca and the masculine master plant San Pedro we will go really deep into our transformative journey of love, compassion, and Sacred relating.

Visiting ancient Inca sites, will allow you to feel the strength of the land of Peru as one of the most powerful energetic centres of the world and connect with the spirit of indigenous people in a very pure form.

The retreat will be in English, but we do also speak Spanish, Italian, German, French, and some Farsi and are happy to assist and stimulate our minds with the respective languages.

During the retreat, you are warmly invited to share your special talents with the group and take leadership on sharing/ facilitating sessions on music, dance, visual art, body work, etc. 

With love! ❤

Ariy, Daniy & Francesca

ayahuasca meditation mindflulness sacred feminine sacred masculine san pedro shamanism spiritual tantra yoga

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