Spring detox and rejuvenation. Ayurvedic retreat

Event Highlights

  • During the retreats are available different kind of treatments
  • Full Panchakarma
  • Consultation
  • Scientific Ayurvedic full body massage.
  • Classical Abhiangam massage
  • Marma massage
  • Udavartanan
  • Shirodhara
  • Pichu
  • Nadi Sweda
  • Kalary Marma therapy
  • Kizhi
  • Jambeera Pinda Sweda
  • Choorna Pinda sweda
  • Kati Basti
  • Uro Vasthi
  • Nashyam
  • Tarpana
  • Anjana
  • Netra Seka
  • Karna Poorana

About This Event

During the 7 or 14 days residential stay we will experience a deep cleansing of body, mind and soul.
The first day, each participant will undergo a broad detailed ayurvedic medical consultation to determine the personalized plan of care, adapted to individual constitution, doshic imbalance, tailored to individual needs and contextualized on his current peculiar moment of life.

According to each case, the treatment will be curative, if there is already a disease or a symptom, or work on the prevention and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

The health care plan will include daily authentic Ayurvedic physical treatments with medicated oils or powders (eg. Abhyangam, sirodhara, just, pinda sweda, Udvartana, Lepam, swedana), purification practices ((contact info blocked), virechana ..), teas and herbs (whose use is approved in Europe), Ayurvedic diet and yoga. Lectures on Ayurveda will be offered – concerning nutrition, lifestyle (eg. Dinacharya, daily practice of self-massage) – to raise awareness into everyone.

According to Ayurveda Health is defined by the Sanskrit term Swastha meaning “to be stable in one’s self,” a condition in which the body, sense organs, mind, intellect, ego, soul and the environment are in harmonious relationship; the three dosa (vata, pitta and kapha) are in equilibrium and we are free from toxins (in Sanskrit ama = undigested).

To recover our health and our vitality, we need to eradicate physical, mental or emotional toxins .
In the hectic lives we lead we often tend to accumulate toxins, potentially favoring the development of a disease: the more toxins are deeply embedded in the tissues, the more easily disease become chronic (i.e. autoimmune or degenerative diseases) and do not respond to conventional medical therapies.

The aim of the purification retreat – organized in spring, the most suitable period for purification practices – will be to restore balance after eliminating toxins, achieving a true “reset” of the organism, which will acquire new energy and capacity of healing.

The purification retreat will be based on principles of the ancient practice of panchakarma, proved effective in boosting the immune system, slow the cellular aging process, improve the effectiveness of herbs and medicines, regain positive attitude, even optimize the energy exchange at cellular levels.

A team of expert therapists will work and nursed everyone with love.
The type and duration of treatment and purification practices will be adapted to the patient’s needs: it suggested a two-week residential in order to obtain a significant, long-lasting benefit.

Who will benefit from the purification retreat?

The ayurvedic purification retreat is for everyone!
According to Ayurveda everyone needs periodic purification practices to recover and maintain energy and health.

In addition, the purification retreat will be particularly suitable and useful in autoimmune diseases, in neurological diseases, gastrointestinal disease (Crohn disease..), thyroid disorders, chronic and recurrent diseases, for infertility problems, as a preparation for a surgical procedure or after a highly toxic drug therapy (i.e. chemotherapy, immunosuppressants).


 The Ayurvedic Doctor  is a known Ayurvedic scholar involved in various facets of ancient Indian life sciences and scientific wisdoms such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, Vastu, Kalari vidya ( Kalarippayattu – the oriental martial art of Kerala) etc.

Born in Kerala , he graduated from Sri Jayendra Saraswati Ayurvedic College and has got a valuable training in Ayurveda and other allied subject with various scholar and Vaidyas such as Sri Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadhom Cheriya Narayanan Nambootiri, Sri Gangadharan Vaiduyar, Veera-Sri Sami Gurrukkal etc. in Panchakarma, Pedriatrics, Plant science, Kalari Marma Therapies.

In the course of his carrier he was contributed with numerous articles on various subjects to many national and international journals and magazines and wrote books as Arogya Raksha Kalpadruma (Ayurvedic Pedriatric care), Vaidya Jeevana, Ayurveda herbs and is the chief edithor of the Germen translation of the Ashtanga Hrudaya.

He’s married with Radhika M.( Veera-sri Sami Gurrukal’s daughter), a notable personality in the field of Kalarippayattu and a well recognized chiropractor and is presently working on Kalari Marma Therapies and Panchakarma specialities at the Hindustan Kalari Sangham clinic in Calicut.


Venue Highlights

Agricola Samadhi is much more than a farm, it is a journey in the journey, an existential, multi-sensorial, energizing and relaxing experience. It is at the same time a proposal and practice of a lifestyle in which the priority is re-finding itself, doing good, sharing with others, experimenting with the practices of yoga and other techniques the lost connection between the body, the mind and the Heart.
What is proposed and experimented at Agricola Samadhi is the energetic recharge and psychophysical wellbeing, through a path of knowledge, the rediscovery of the body and its potential and through a diet that purifies, lightens and strengthens.

Energy recharge and psychophysical wellness will be the most precious gifts that you will bring back home with your suitcases and new friendships that always arise during the stays.


ECO LIVING We fight for the safety of the Planet. We are the planet, if we hurt it, we hurt ourselves.
We promote eco-sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have installed a photovoltaic field for self-produced energy. No action, not even the smallest, (turn off the light, open or close a tap, buy or not a plastic bag at the supermarket) it is neutral, but it has an effect and this must be done consciously.
We privilege the purchase and the use of natural disposable and materials, whose origin and creation is traceable, respecting the worker and the environment. We have a zero impact target to minimize energy consumption and waste production (water, electricity, purchases …). We also recycle in a creative way all that we can, we differentiate waste. Organic waste becomes compost, compost fertilizer for our vegetable garden and orchard, strictly organic.
We support Greenpeace and all those local realities that have our same goals.
The structure was renovated in 2011 and it was designed in the name of eco-sustainable tourism, choosing to install the automatic turning off of lights at the exit of the room and using low-energy light bulbs to pursue an energy-saving policy. We invite our guests to a conscious and careful use of water and energy to avoid waste, we work in the separate collection of waste and we offer alternative solutions to private transport for pleasure visits, collaborating with local associations we share values and purposes with, such as Salento Slow Travel.


“Good” is a ROUND word. When a child says, “it’s GOOD,” he tells of a world untouched, pure, essential.
“You’re good,” means: “I can trust, I feel safe.” This is true for humans, but also for nourishment.
A child is master of the essential innate ideas. Adults need to relearn to feel, to savor the taste of food connected to the taste of life.
You Are Here, and on this table you receive the privilege of that ‘good’ that has the taste of childhood.
Close your eyes for a moment, while you perceive the food that from your mouth diffuses energy and pleasure in every part of you.
Organic, for what we produce, it is truth, not a definition of fashion: we cultivate without using herbicides or pesticides with an arduous daily work between the rows.
Grow for us means supporting and not interrupting the cycle of life.
This food walks only a few steps to get from the garden to our kitchen.
Yes, this food is Good, because it made with love, because it is good for your health and at the same time does not harm anyone; to get on your plate it does not exploit other creatures, did not generate suffering, and does not bring pain residues, but joy.
It is a harmonious food, whole, in harmony with creation, with Mother Earth.
This food is the present but also the future toward which to aim. The deep aspiration is that the philosophy of mindful eating, respecting all living beings will always expand more, generating virtuous circles.
Listen to this food, it talks emitting happy vibrations.
We do not choose the easy way out, we like the commitment.
We want a full life that tastes Good”.


You should check if there are companies operating direct flight to Bari or Brindisi, otherwise you need an interconnection on Rome or Milan.
The nearest airport is Brindisi, about 60 km from Zollino, from there you can find buses to Lecce and then trains from Lecce to Zollino, we are in about 300 mts from Zollino railway station.
Bari Airport is farer, about 200 kms from Zollino, there are trains from the airport to Bari Centrale railway station, then trains to Lecce and again trains to Zollino.
It depends on what time your flight arrives, we can also arrange a pick up service from the airport or the station.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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