Golden Wings Easter Retreat

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Be part of our powerful circle of light - be part of our Alchemists’ Salon for 1 day retreat or during 4 days!

Let’s light your soul energy that sleeps in your genes and make it shine! Remember from where you come from - become your own creator.

Going deep into the wild of yourself to remember where you come from and get this beautiful creative life force of trust flowing through you. Getting back your light powers asleep in your genes. Back in the times, we were all connected to Mother Earth and were acting in symbiosis with our environment. We were knowing how to communicate with the invisible world and act with respect in all our relationships. This knowledge we all have it in our memories. When we connect to this place, there is no fear, just the strength to act in accordance with our heart and flow with it. During this Retreat Camp, you will see your wings growing and glowing day by day, standing in your own creative power.

Golden Wings is a Retreat Camp, a temporary space in the form of a retreat in which you can choose to stay the whole time and take part to the whole program or just stay few days or one day or have a free day to connect with yourself, the place and the nature. You are your own creator and therefore know what is best suitable for you!  Every day, we will have a different workshop holder to teach and share knowledge with you. Coming from different backgrounds, their common ground is their capacity to awake your ancestral memory and inner true power.

The Retreat Camp is taking place in the beautiful nature close to Göttingen at the retreat center Huldersun Akademie. We Glow is happening during Eastern time when the nature starts to wake up from winter. It is a time of abundance and together we will create a fertile ground for creativity and transformation with Mother Earth supporting us.

Love like life Flows in the heart Feel the thrill And say nothing. Rumi

Event Highlights

  • Holy Friday 19.04.18
  • Healing in men and woman - Ute Hüsner
  • A millennium old war between men and women has left deep imprints in the global community and collective memory. We see it on many levels: in the personal relationships between men and women, in the dramas inside families, in wars, in abuse and violence, in humiliations, in the way we deal with our Mother Earth, in the way we use our fellow creatures - the animals - to annihilate old healing knowledge ....
  • The personal and collective wounds are obviously and subtly incorporated into our behaviors, our thinking, our emotions, our coexistence.
  • Healing in men and women, the awareness of the original feminine and masculine essence, is the key to transform our world into a sustainable, compassionate and livable world.
  • In this workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the injured souls of men and women. Together we will create a space in which we listen to ourselves and to the collective. We will meet our pain, our beauty behind the masks, the compensation mechanisms of the EGO and our longing for connection, love and deep contact
  • Saturday 20.04.18
  • Voice Wings - Workshop & The Healing Touch of Voice - Concert & Sound Ritual - Saskia Baumgart
  • A Workshop for The Healing Touch & Power of the Voice to open & reconnect to the source of sound and singing. A way to express your inner voice and unfold it with courage & beauty, in all it‘s aspects and uniqueness. A safe space to express and share your own inner truth on the wings of creativity and playful musicality. A deeper meditation on the spirit and healing power of sound.
  • Concert soundscapes & hypnotic vocal sculptures, that seem to have left the ocean to re-flow into it. What remains is an oceanic feeling ...
  • The shamanic-inspired singer & music therapist Sasperella aka Saskia Baumgart plays with the facets of her voice and various sound instruments, weaving magical atmospheres. Through this opening, transformation, harmonization & healing are possible. The touch of sound and song can open spiritual spaces of experience.
  • Saskia Baumgart / Sasperella
  • works as an artist and sound healer with music, singing and voice. Born in Berlin, she is trained in singing, music therapy and Somatic Movement Arts (dance - performance & movement) and in shamanic-spiritual work during various stays with indigenous people from the Amazon, Mongolia, North & South America. Concerts - as a soloist and in ensembles, like her band MAGIC of SOUND, rituals & workshops, interdisciplinary performances. Her special touch is to combine the fields of Music & Healing in a contemporary version of artistic & tranceformative consciousness work.
  • Eastern Sunday 21.04.18
  • Enjoy your heart - Irmela Neu
  • Our heart is the real center of our existence, a real miracle. It beats day and night, a lifelong powerful energy which we can feel, hear, smell and taste: tender, soft, sweet, fine, with his own magnetic field and intelligence. Let’s honor it, by giving our love, feel the sweet flow.
  • Therefore, we learn and dance a unity of twelve slow movements. To open and widen the connection with the Universe, to balance what we give and what we receive, to trust the messages we receive, to swing with life in a happy way, to be present now.
  • The movements are inspired from the philosophy of the martial arts - Quan Dao Kung Fu – what means: discover the universal source of being linked with all beings, with the Great Spirit. We activate the three centers of power: the vital one, our heart and our third eye. The harmony and flow of energy make us equilibrated using fully our vital, mental and spiritual capacity.
  • In this seminar, we experience the beauty of an open heart. The movements are tender; the sequences follow a structure backed by shaman traditions present in martial arts. No special fitness is needed. Finally, we will dance together expressing the language of our heart, of the desire to enjoy myself and the others, running into one another, celebrating the joy of life.
  • Eastern Monday 22.04.18
  • Aramaic meditation & concert - Maria Kaplan
  • All of us, regardless of our origin or belief - have our own individual access to spirituality - we only need to recognize it for ourselves.
  • Why a meditation with the Aramaic songs?
  • I consciously listen to the Aramaic chants - songs that may touch my heart, perhaps also trigger something in me, like memories of an early Christian time, a time of "connectedness and love" with everything.
  • From the Aramaic history one knows, that people who did not feel in harmony with themselves and their environment, went to places like monasteries or prayer houses to find inner peace. My songs may accompany you to these places. You can feel the love and abundance that open a way of clarity and harmony with your wishes for your life. Think of it as a gentle walk to yourself.
  • We will sing together Aramaic words and I will introduce you to an Aramaic ritual so that you know how to connect to the Source by yourself.
  • The mediation takes place mainly in the love, bring a mat, pillows and a blanket, so you feel completely comfortable. On Tuesday, Maria will offer individual healings.
  • Maria sings in her mother tongue Aramaic, which is known as the language of Jesus. She sings intuitively and the frequency of the Aramaic words together with her singing goes through your body to directly touch your soul. You enter the space of unity and you can feel the connection to unconditional love.
  • Aramaic culture is one of the oldest culture of the world. Maria transforms the ancient Aramaic into a fresh spiritual way.
  • Morning & evening circles
  • Clara Ouchène - Le Salon des Alchimistes
  • The circles will be the place to exchange vision. In the evening we will have concert, rituals, heart circles and ceremonies. Clara will share with you rituals in connexion with the spirits of nature following the ancestral wisdoms of the Arhuaco people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia, the heart of the world.
  • Clara is the organizer of the event and the founder of the non-for profit organization “Le Salon des Alchimistes”, whose purpose is to develop a network of light for global consciousness with the organization of spiritual retreats and travels.


The day starts at 11.00 to 12.00 the day after. It means that you arrive for the circle and the lunch and you leave with breakfast after the closing circle. On Tuesday, Maria Kaplan will be available to give individual healings.

08.00 breakfast
10.00 check in / check out
11.00 circle and opening/closing ceremony
12.30 lunch
14.00 workshop
19.00 dinner
20.30 circle

Venue Highlights


"When I first entered this place, it was almost as if I were entering the room of a powerful church. I quickly became very calm inside, a strange vibration was in the air and poured into my body. Despite the heat on this hot summer day in 1984, it was pleasantly cool. I knew immediately that our search for a Resthof was over here. It was like coming home - finding a place where searching stops!" Klaus Huessen

Again and again our guests, who come here to the Huldersun Academy, confirm these feelings. It is a special place, a place of power, a place of transformation. And not just since that day in 1984.


The price includes accommodation in a dormitory. It is also possible to book rooms single or double for an extra price. The rooms have shared bath and toilets with maximum 4 people.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Hot Tub
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free


I would like to prepare wonderful, nutritious food. Vegan, regional and mostly seasonal. From other retreats I have already gained
the experience that good, grounding food is incredibly important for spiritual work and is also a kind of base for it.
Depending on how we prepare our food (with which emotions, feelings, words), the vibrations and energies are transferred to it. In these days, the healing power of our food is often forgotten or underestimated. In the kitchen there are also basal healing and sacred work. With songs, prayers and gratitude I will prepare our food. To fill every meal with the best intentions to create a good basis for each unique workshop of the day.
I invite us to unite with the surrounding nature, to connect and look what Mother Earth has to share with us in these fertile, fruitful Easter days. Wild herbs, salads, edible flowers, tea. Let us go together on the search in nature and collect the forgotten treasures, like our ancestors.


Huldersun Akademie is located 20 minutes by train from Göttingen in the village named Einbeck. Göttingen is 2h30 by train from Berlin or 1h away from Hanover Airport. (contact info blocked)

Tags: ancestral concert energy work martial arts meditation singing sound healing

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