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One of a kind ayahuasca retreat with world renowned Peruvian Master Shaman Don Gino Chaka Runa in
North Spain 6,7,8 & 9 JUNE

If you want to deepen your path of self-knowledge, heal past wounds, experience connection with the source, find your purpose in life, or just try it for the first time, then we invite you to join us in this beautiful and life-changing retreat with Mother Ayahuasca and the option of Kambo. This unique retreat brings together the authentic medicine from the Amazon, the powerful work of Don Gino in these ceremonies and the integration as an important part of your process of evolution.

The retreat includes:

3 sacred medicine ceremonies lead by Master Shaman Don Gino Chaka Runa
3 nights accommodation in a peaceful and natural environment
light vegetarian meals (no salt no sugar, no meat nor spices) and drinks
Energy field cleansings and personal Arcana healing
Private interview with Master Shaman Don Gino Chaka Runa
Pre and post retreat indications for better use of this experience
Live icaros and medicine music
Group sharings for the integration of your process
Morning meditations, stretching and breathing techniques
Option for Kambo frog ceremony with additional cost
Option for meditative walks in nature.
A safe environment under the guidance of a highly experienced shaman and his assistants.

Early bird discounts until 5th of May.

It was the journey of a lifetime for me. The loveliest group I was ever part of - courageous, strong and flexible individuals, with an eye out for each other and focus on themselves. We were all spoiled to our heart’s content, every day: the setting was uplifting, the staff flawless, accommodation pittoresk, the sites inspirational, the food healthy and tasteful, the rites and rituals aesthetic and deeply impressive. The ceremonies for me were mostly extremely hard, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Not that I’m a sucker for hard work; I love it when life is easy, but this is about doing the Work, and working for the Mother, so I feel blessed to have been permitted to work as hard as I could and to contribute to other people’s processes when required. I cannot express my love and admiration for Gino Chaka Runa - just know that you are safe with him, that’s all you need to know. (His sense of humor and musicality are a bonus). If I could go back again, I would. Right now. Love to you all, give yourself this gift - you will not regret it. And when you get there, please remind me to the staff and blow a kiss to Grandfather Wind for me. --Ping Cleton

Event Highlights

  • Amazing and powerful healer from Peru, Don Gino Chaka Runa (from a family of Andean shamans and disciple from Don José Campos), with a genuine intention of healing you from the heart.
  • Medicine in this retreat is brewed in the Amazon jungle of Peru with the energy of love and singing. No mixture of plants but the Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis.
  • Powerful Icaros and medicine music from the power of the heart that will blow your mind and soul.
  • Integration of your process is a priority.
  • Amazing vegetarian food.
  • Additional meditation, breathing and yoga sessions to complement the integration process.


Arrival to the location is from 14:00 to 19:00. We settle in our rooms, take a shower if you like and meet with the shaman for your personal interview, we prepare ourselves for our ceremony around 21:00 we do aura cleansing to each of the participants, then we begin the ceremony aprox. 4-5 hours. People may arrive to the kitchen and dine. We go to sleep this night. Next day After waking up you can have a shower or a swim in the pool, around 8:00 we have 30 mins of Yoga then breathing sessions, then sound healing meditation, this day the people who want to join the Kambo Ceremony do not eat breakfast until the ceremony is over. After we have breakfast we have an integration sharing meeting and then you are free to walk in the trails, have a swim in the pool or read by the fire or on the outdoor terraces. Later we have luch and we prepare for the next ceremony. that is more less how the retreat goes for the next days. There are opportunities to talk to the shaman for a personal matter in the ceremonies. Guided meditative walks are optional for the ones who want to learn. Last day after our sharing we are free to go around 14:00.

Venue Highlights

Gorgeous rural house in the Pyrenees an hour up north from Girona.

Surrounded by mountain landscapes and submerged in nature.

Restored old cottage in the woods.

Natural pool

Several trails start from the location


shared rooms and shared bathrooms

There are diverse double to cuadruple rooms.

Toiletries must be brought with you.


  • Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic


The exact address will be provided to the registered participants. The location of the retreat is around 1 hour away from Girona. There is cheap public transport to the nearest town and there is a small fee for the transport from the nearest town to the retreat location.

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