Machu Picchu with Mohanji

  • Peru
  • Apr 11 - 17, 2019 (7 days)

About This Event

This pilgrimage is about:

Intense spiritual transformation: Your energies will be stabilized and grounded to the level of this incarnation and you become a balanced personality. 

Deep cleansing: You'll attend sacred ceremonies including Pachamama (ceremony to Mother Earth) and offer your deepest gratitude to the Divine.

Being taken out of comfort zone: You move into situations where you are spontaneous and that flexibility will lead you to open and resonating with all of the chakras.

Activating the loving Mother energies in you: You'll cope with situations with equanimity and compassion, and a distinct increase in awareness, accentuating your ability to be in the present moment will be noticed.

"If you are finely tuned in to yourself, you’ll absolutely see subtle changes in yourself lasting for days and weeks (so far) after the trip that I can only label as serious progress. No details can do justice, as some of these are so intensely personal that one has to experience it themselves. I’d highly recommend this trip to both the casual or an intense seeker, and experience the presence of a true Master that goes by the name of Mohanji in our times, who can guide you as long as you approach Him with a relatively empty ‘cup’." -  Aravindan

In Mohanji's words, Machu Picchu is an amazingly powerful spiritual hotspot where "you come, freshen yourself up, overhaul yourself with that energy, and then go back". Machu Picchu represents Shakti which has three distinct aspects – Iccha shakti (power of will), Gyaan shakti (power of knowledge) and Kriya shakti (power of action). If there is an imbalance in these three shaktis, your life is incomplete. By going to Machu Picchu, you are balancing your Shakti aspect. The current times that we are going through, where everything is chaotic, is shaking people up. Hence, this time is very good for a pilgrimage like Machu Picchu since it is totally opposite of de-stabilization.

"The biggest transformation I got to experience was the huge reduction of the critical noise in my head! I then began to realise that I was more accepting of myself, more than ever before! After the trip, it was possible for me to just witness some of my traits and characteristics which I disliked as something which exist. I witnessed that aspect within me and found I was not giving energy to the thoughts and emotions that fleeted along with it. I just let it be and this gave me a lot of peace. I later realised that this is what people mean by acceptance! This realisation opened doors to more acceptance of myself, others and life, more surrender and faith. I am so thankful to Mohanji for this beautiful trip. I have come back feeling more complete than ever before. The love and peace and acceptance have till date stayed with me!" - Tina Arya, Michigan, USA

Event Highlights

  • Experiencing power centre in the presence of a spiritual Master.
  • Intense spiritual transformation.
  • Deep cleansing.
  • Being taken out of the comfort zone.
  • Activate the loving Mother energies in you.
  • Visit power places like Sacred Valley, Naupa Huaca, Huaypo lake, The ancient town of Ollantaytambo

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian

Tags: machu picchu meditation peru spirituality yoga

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