2019 Spiritual Mastery Retreat with Spiritual Master Free Spirit

  • Portugal
  • Sep 1 - 28, 2019 (28 days)

About This Event

Spiritual Master Free Spirit runs Summer / Autumn Retreats with his students in private secluded locations in Portugal and is forming a small community of individuals aligned with his awareness, teachings, understanding and wisdom.

These events for students of Spiritual Master Free Spirit are suited to students of his work, to spend time with him in the person and receive deeper teachings from him. 

Retreats include outdoor activities, mountain hiking, waterfalls, excursions to places of strong energy as well as inner work, meditation and deeper instruction.

Students are required to be abstinent from alcohol and tobacco for at least 1 year before a retreat. 

Substances of any kind are not permitted in his retreats at any time, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and psychedelics.

The food is strictly vegan, predominantly organic and raw, however cooked vegan food can be provided.

Students are expected to wear predominantly white clothes (with some lenience - light grey/beige) for outdoor activities. Students must be familiar with his teachings to some extent before attending a retreat, interested students will be asked to attend a preliminary Skype interview to determine whether the retreat is suitable for them.

Retreats are exclusive - 'sanctum style' - either 1 person (or a couple attending together) per available slot.

2019 Spiritual Mastery Retreat with Spiritual Master Free Spirit.

September 1st-28th 2019

'One considered to be a Spiritual Master, a free spirit, no longer bound by rules. As the swan has an earthly abode but can soar free in the sky, a Spiritual Master dwells in the world but is not influenced by, or confined to it' - From a Life Surrendered to God.

Event Highlights

  • 28 days of Intensive Spiritual Mastery Training with the Spiritual Master
  • Teachings in Awareness and other Advanced-Level Spiritual Understanding.
  • Excursions to places of natural beauty - waterfalls, mountains, wild peaks, forests.
  • Raw food, organic super-foods, juices, smoothies
  • Dietary Detoxification Mentoring
  • Meditation


The retreats will include daily meditations, outdoor activities (weather permitting) as well as ample time with the Spiritual Master for,discussion, deeper exploration of the spiritual path and to review the teachings given by him over the years leading to the retreat.

Venue Highlights

Spiritual Master Free Spirit offers private retreats in the summer / early autumn season in Portugal, not far away from big waterfalls, mountains and other areas of natural beauty. Outdoor activities, weather permitting, are a large part of the retreat.

Swimming in amazing swimming holes in the National Parks and hiking in areas of outstanding natural beauty are part of the retreat.

It is an opportunity to engage in deeper retreat with the Spiritual Master and integrate the teachings learnt over the many years.


Retreatants have access to a private room during their stay, towels and laundry service is inclusive as well as all meals and transportation.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit's retreats are strictly NO SMOKING (tobacco and marijuana are forbidden).

Wi-fi is available but internet surfing during retreats is discouraged.

Comfortable meditation areas with ambient music, candles, heating for chilly evenings (rare) and a predominantly white interior design.


Meals are strictly vegan only, predominantly raw and organic, with the availability of a Greenstar juicer and a powerful Vitamix blender for the making of juices, raw pate, nut butters and similar.

Cooked vegan food is also possible for those wishing it using locally sourced seasonal vegetables and health food store staples.

Allergies must be communicated well in advance, along with any pre-existing medical conditions.

Meat, dairy and alcohol are absolutely forbidden in Spiritual Master Free Spirit's retreats.

Coffee is allowed.

Herbal teas are also available as well as wheatgrass/spirulina drinks and other detoxification remedies.

Pure natural drinking water provided.


Retreatants will be collected from the airport or train station at no extra cost.

Those arriving by car will be given full directions upon confirmation of booking.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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I want to deepen my meditation. Jackie

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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