Traditional Yoga: The Full View Relative to Us

  • Dorje Denma Ling Shambhala Meditation Retreat Centre Dorje Denma Ling Shambhala Meditation Retreat Centre
  • 2280 Balmoral Rd, Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0
  • Sep 27 - 30, 2019 (4 days)
  • Lodge: Single Occupancy Room - $100 per Night - CAD $575.00 Lodge: Double Occupancy - $55 per Night - CAD $440.00 Lodge: Couple Room - $55 Each per Night - CAD $440.00 New Cabin-Style Tent: Single Occupancy - $60 per Night - CAD $455.00 Lodge: Triple

About This Event

The typical public perception of Yoga has shifted significantly in recent years, such that we can say there is a great difference between the approach of “traditional yoga” as compared to “modern yoga.” The starting point of most classes, books, articles, websites and blogs on Yoga are so different from traditional Yoga of the ancient sages.

To the ancients, Yoga is a complete system, of which the postures are a small, though quite useful part. The word “Yoga” referred to the whole, not merely one part, which is the postures, or Asanas. The entire purpose of Yoga is spiritual in nature, according to the ancient sages.

This “All-Levels Retreat” will explore the full view of Traditional Indian Yoga as outlined by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – basically a “Coles Notes” of the previous 10,000 years of the yogic path. All eight limbs of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga will be explored.

The sequence for human spiritual development according to Traditional Yoga is: physical practice, followed by pranayama (breathing techniques), leading to the main event of meditation. This is how Yoga and Dharma began, and we will return to this. If you do not currently practice this way, then doing this retreat will offer significant Yogic progress on the meditation cushion.

We will present the material in a highly relatable way — making these Indo-Tibetan teachings culturally relative to us here in the West. We will use mostly western references and language that we can all understand.

This retreat will benefit both Yoga and Dharma practitioners alike, since we return to the origin of some Dharma practices that came from the Indian Sages and Realized Masters. You will start to see that Yoga and Dharma mesh together perfectly.

A key element to this retreat is spontaneity. We will:

Practice physical yoga

Explore the spontaneity of live music in Savasana (relaxation pose)

Practice Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Practice Shamatha Vipasana Meditation

Explore the 5th limb of Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) *

Have discussions on the Yoga Sutras, the full view of Yoga and Dharma, the natures at play, and how to make this all culturally relative to us.

* In particular Pratyahara is the most potent form of healing that a human can experience — something you always knew existed — release from the subatomic level (kalapas) outward. It is also necessary for any absorptive state of meditation.

Tuition: $275 plus accommodations.


Friday: Please arrive for registration between 3 and 6 pm. Dinner is at 6:30, followed by an introductory session at 7:30

Saturday: 9:00 am to 5 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am to 5 pm

Monday: 9:00 am to 4 pm


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My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

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