Be Woman Circle Facilitator Course dedicated to Sarasvati Devi- Education on the Sacred Feminine

  • Varberg, Svezia
  • Aug 9 - 17, 2019 (9 days)


During this course you will learn how to guide women's circles. Women’s circles are powerful and healing. When women come together, magic happens, nourishment takes place, and healing is happening. Listening to each other's stories, sharing each other's joys, and moments of difficulties empower women and create a sacred bond. You will learn how to set up a sacred space for women to come together, to heal, grow, and come to find ourselves.

You will share the importance of having an altar, the foundations, the basics, and the key ingredients to successfully hold a circle for women. The same tools can also be applied for circles for men and women. Yet primarily, you will be focusing on the sacred feminine by starting with yourselves. It is important to commit to one's own emotional, spiritual, and cognitive growth in order to be equipped and support others in their journey.

Women have come together for eons to pray for their families and the world’s well being. In the woman’s heart, the whole world is contained, worthy to discover and cherish. The light of knowledge clears up the darkness of ignorance and removes all pain and suffering. It is the light that represents Sarasvati, she who is knowledgeable.

Every day there will be classes on the sacred feminine, sacred cycles, sacred sexuality, morning rituals and practices, mantras, sacred chants and songs, guided meditations, yoga, and dance. As well as pelvic floor health, introduction to yoni egg practices, stress and hormonal/fertility problems, sharings around pregnancy, and sexuality after having given birth. As well as the important aspects of the art of listening and communication.

You will also dive into the teachings of Vedanta, which reveal the nature of being whole and complete here and now. Through this, you will discover love and compassion.

This course will be looking into:
Womanhood: Women through history, female archetypes, women role model, and woman of today
Archetype Sarasvati Sanskrit names of Sarasvati Devi
Woman’s psychology, jungian psychology, and inner child meditation
Vedanta: Know yourself, the vision of the veda
The Devi ‘sacred feminine’ and Deva ‘sacred masculine’ according to vedic tradition
The value of values, the commitment to emotional, spiritual, and cognitive growth
Tools for emotional management, processing of pain, and the language of validation
Basics and foundation of sharing circles, navarati structure dedicated to durga, laksmi, and sarasvati
Creating sacred space and the need for altar
How to start, hold, and end a circle
The art of listening and the healing presence
Understanding the sacred order, a story of stories
Invocations and guided meditations
Learning prayers and mantras that one can share in circles with other women
Five step puja - vedic ritual
Discovering love as myself
Sacred arts: Vocal exercises, singing, chanting, and expressing
Sacred cycles, pelvic healthcare, yoni egg introduction, and sacred feminine yoga practice
Natural fertility awareness and body literacy according to Jusstice method
Core erotic blueprint
Intimacy and consent
Yoni mapping
Teaching practicum/access to mentorship or access to share your circles or hold a Be Woman online circles

About This Event

Be Woman Project have put this women’s circle facilitator training together to create a safe space to be, to heal, and to learn. You will get all the tools and confidence to embody the sacred feminine, as well as an inspiration for others in the spirit of woman and sisterhood.

In this course we will get to know the meaning of Devi, the sacred feminine, according to the Vedic Tradition & Vision. Devi is she who is self shining, love, and has all power and knowledge. She is trustworthy, non judgmental and compassionate towards all beings. It is said that there is only Devi, all that is here, is sacred.

In reality there is only one non dual being that appears as many forms, names and functions. Sarasvati, is the painter, the painting & the painted. What a beautiful contemplation. As it appears, we women appear as many forms and shapes, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and traditions. In this module we overcome those dividing factors and we discover that we have so much in common.

We are a conscious being that wants love, wants nourishment, wants freedom from rivalry, jealousy, competition, the sense of unworthiness. We want to be free from pain and as long as we focus on the differences we will be in pain. The solution is to focus on the truth, that you and I are from one and the same source, love. That means you and I are in reality one and the same being. A being that is in its essence loving and caring, filled with jewels and magic. We discover that the source of love, security and happiness we seek in life, is myself and that I have all the ingredients that are required in order to live a fulfilling and content life.

“A great value to me is to let the voice be heard, to listen and be listened to. Offer our braveness. Take time, let our heart feel other women’s heart. Feel the pain, feel the love, just feel. Sisterhood for me; is that we relate and share. Opposite from comparison, and competitions, instead showing each other all the love we are capable of. Be a woman made me recognise the big gift and what healing it gives to listen and to be listened to." AnnaStina Yoga Teacher and participants to Be Woman Sarasvati Training 2019

What's Included

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 3 Ayurvedic meals daily
  • Educational material
  • Daily morning and afternoon classes
  • Support and guidance during the course and after

What's Not Included

Local Transport to the venue
Ayurvedic Treatments and any other treatment

Venue Highlights

During this retreat, you will be staying at Yoga Mangalam. It is a retreat center situated in Tvååker. The course farm is idyllically situated just south of Varberg, in the middle of the fantastic Åkulla beech forests, which is one of Sweden’s foremost beech forests considering the wealth of unusual and endangered species there.

The course center is adapted for a group of up to 25 people. The main building has a large new kitchen and dining room. The call rooms yoga hall is 60 square meters for 25 people and a full 3.5 meters high in ceilings, as well as a wonderfully crackling wood stove.


There are several bedrooms in the main building, a two-person room, as well as a beautiful quadruple room with windows to meadows and beech forest. There is a well-liked attic room space for eight people where you can fall asleep to a starry sky a clear night. There are several showers and toilet options available.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic


During this retreat, you will be treated with delicious Ayurvedic food that will support your balance during the training. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be prepared according to the needs of the season by sweet Merete, the Ayurvedic specialist, and the cook.


Nearest airports to Tvååker:

Halmstad Airport (29.0 miles / 46.7 kilometers)
Göteborg Landvetter Airport (43.2 miles / 69.5 kilometers)
Ängelholm–Helsingborg Airport (54.3 miles / 87.4 kilometers)
Säve airport (54.4 miles / 87.6 kilometers)

All information on how to get to the venue will be described in details and shared on the info-pack/welcoming letter

erotic blueprint facilitation of women circles mantra chanting vedanta vegan friendly vegetarian friendly womanhood and sacred feminine womb yoga yin yoga

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