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1 day retreat incl. overnight stay - €195 (sold out)

Event Highlights

  • 1x Ayahuasca
  • 1x Transformational Healing Breathwork ceremony
  • Including Rapé, Sananga, Crystal singing bowls, Crystal Tuning Forks
  • Max 7-8 people


1x Ayahuasca
1x Transformational Healing Breathwork ceremony

Including Rapé, Sananga, Crystal singing bowls, Crystal Tuning Forks

Max 7-8 people

About This Event

Who am I? Do you know the answer for yourself?
We humans are incredibly complex beings. How we feel is determined not only by our spirit but also by our body and our social environment.
The moment we feel happy, experience peace and quiet and live with satisfaction, our bodies will function better, there will be less physical tension, we will be better able to resist disease.
If we feel stressed, worry a lot, worry and have low self-esteem, then this bodily manifests itself in more stress (headache, muscle tension, cramping), physical pain, reduced resistance and increased risk of illness.
Optimal health can only be created by the combination between a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy social environment.
Ayahuasca fully recognizes the connection between body, mind and environment. Ayahuasca is a fantastic therapeutic medicine, which can have enormous positive effects on your life.
Every human being has a self-healing capacity, emotionally, mentally and physically. The self-healing ability can be addressed to heal our old wounds, traumas, disappointments and negative patterns.
Ayahuasca is the key to your soul. It brings you into contact with spiritual experiences. This gives you life lessons, visions, telepathic contact with living or deceased souls, clairvoyance and life lessons about yourself.
The complete surrender to the experience itself is what makes healing possible. The only thing you have to do during the trip is to allow what is happening. Often unheard parts from our past that we have always suppressed. By completely surrendering to ayahuasca is what really heals us, that is what gives us true power, vitality from within. Going through the pain is the only way to actually heal.
Inner-journey helps you to find your soul again, with ayahuasca and other therapeutic methods. It is a powerful method to let go, to heal and to become who you really are.
We use it to get to know ourselves (re) knowing ourselves, to see our obstacles that prevent us from living free and turning the obstacles into powerful usable energy to express ourselves in our purest form.
A good method to recognize hidden obstacles are often chronic physical problems. They can be an expression of an underlying emotional problem. Healing the underlying problem can help relieve physical symptoms.
With inner-journey we are able to remove even the most stubborn obstacles. Fears, traumas, anger, addictions or, for example, relationship problems can be fantastically transformed into 'allies' that no longer cost us energy but give power, wisdom and energy.
Even violent traumatic experiences can be processed. After a traumatic experience, you may be regularly overcome by emotions, fears, bad sleep and you can hardly talk about what has happened. Together with our guidance you can process the event and find peace.
Because tell me honestly ... Does everyone deserve that?
To be able to completely surrender to the process, a reliable, safe and warm setting is very important. This is guaranteed in our ceremonies! Very experienced and qualified Ayahuasquere, professional, expert and loving guidance with a solid background is guaranteed with us!
Small setting of up to 7 people.
Location: Amsterdam - Hoorn
The rate for this ceremony is 195 euros, including accommodation and light meals that fit the Ayahuasca diet.
Start Saterday 14:00 hour
End Sunday 14:00 hour

Private, duo sessions or a ceremony at your own location with your own group can be made by appointment.
Inner-journey looks forward to guiding you on an unforgettable Inner journey.
Sandra Lagerweij

Sometimes you just have to dare a free fall to find out that you can fly !!

Venue Highlights

We would like to offer you a loving, warm, but also safe and professional setting in which you can experience your Ayahuasca journey.

Are you ready to make an inner journey with ayahuasca?

Do you have the idea of ​​being trapped in your life, do you suffer from complaints like depression, chronic fatigue or have you experienced things in your life that have not yet been properly processed and are still troubling you?

Ayahuasca can give you insights about the cause and help you solve your problems.

Attending an Ayahuasca ceremony gives everyone a unique experience. It offers a look into your soul and shows who you really are and can be. It enables you to make contact with your subconscious, a deep connection with your true self. Ayahuasca has a strong healing effect for both body and mind.

Inner-Journey offers professional guidance at o.a Kambo or Ayahuasca ceremonies for personal development, spiritual growth, emotional and physical healing. An inner journey can help you to make contact with your inner wisdom in order to get to the heart of a problem. For example, physical complaints, addiction problems, depression, anxiety, grief processing and post-traumatic stress disorder.

An inner journey can give you insight into spiritual development, awareness, personal growth, healing of traumas and life issues, through which you come into contact with yourself again.

This process is suitable for you if you are really ready to take leadership over your life. If you are willing to invest in yourself and live and create from your own authentic core and strength. Are you willing to take responsibility and do you have the courage to look yourself straight in the eye? Then we are happy to work with you!

Ayahuasca is a remedy for the soul that can support you enormously in your life. It is a 100% natural shamanic tea of medicinal plants that is highly purifying on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level.

By drinking Ayahuasca an inner journey can be made where insights can be obtained in the subconscious and the soul. Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples for healing and personal transformation. This shamanic form of therapy goes much deeper than we know here in our Western culture.

Our beautiful location is located 10 minutes from Amsterdam and offers individual, duo and group ceremonies.

To be able to completely surrender to the process, a reliable, safe and warm setting is very important. This is guaranteed in our ceremonies! Very experienced and qualified Ayahuasquere, professional, expert and loving guidance with a solid background is guaranteed with us!

After registration, you will receive information about Ayahuasca, the diet and the list of contra-medications.

Even after the Ayahasca we remain in contact. Sometimes in Ayahuasca ceremony some difficult pieces may have passed or you notice in the days after the ceremony that you would like to discuss some things. You are not alone here, we are happy to help you with the processing and integration of your experiences in the ceremony.


Our Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in a calm, confidence-inspiring environment. 10 minutes from Amsterdam. You will be surrounded and supported by our experienced, loving and supportive (st) ers. If you want to know more about us as a team, please read the "who are we" section on our website. During the ceremony we also have Kaya, our boxer, so if you are allergic or otherwise, let us know. Then we take that into account.


Meals within the ayahuasca diet


We can pick you up from Haarlem train station (10 minutes from Amsterdam)

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

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  • Boy   March 19, 2019

      Unbelievable what a weekend!

    I felt connected to my deepest self again; I received the answers I had given at the start of the weekend; I am strengthened in the process that I am going; I now know more clearly than ever what my path / path is; My soul feels (again) connected to my body, and so on. It was intense and besides crying, a lot of laughter was given. An experience that tastes more to me! Thanks to Sandra, Marco, Kaya who share an incredible amount of knowledge about herbs, rape, sananga, moxa, kratom, micro-dosage, so that you can continue to heal your body and soul at home. And finally, what heavenly sounds during the journey through sound-healing and singing. My whole body reacted as if I left my body and could fly. So grateful for these lovely people, who sincerely do their job with love. Can't wait for my next experience. Boy

  • Demi Dijkman   March 19, 2019


    I still look back on my fierce, but especially pleasant, journey with inner journey on a daily basis. A lot has become clear to me. Many things that I spoke during the therapeutic sessions were now provided with visual material. And that makes it even clearer and more tangible for me. I was amazed how easily I already left on the Mao inhibitor. I have also experienced that I am not only composed of body, mind and emotion. But also from energy. What was still a lot of energy disruption, what wanted out of it. The air is so extreme. I feel pounds lighter. That clean-up has also caused me to look differently at the piece of food at the moment. There too came a lot of awareness. There was also an enormous pain that I had not expected at all. I have been more concerned with stuffing than with food. And it's so old. I don't feel empty at all now, but I am very happy for many moments. So let me stop filling up! I now no longer experience any doubts about my parents either. Also want to know the piece and need to know. I understand them more and more quickly and can then say hello with more and more mildness and gentleness. That gives me more peace. Ayahuasca is a magical thing that brings you to the core, your essence, so beautiful! Even if you lie on a mattress for more than 7 to 9 hours, it is hard work. But what it yields, it is well worth it. I feel reborn. ???? Love and see you soon Demi

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