Awaken to ALL Possibilities Package

  • Love All 5D Love All 5D
  • Laguna Beach, CA, USA
  • Ongoing package (5 days)

Event Highlights

  • 1 Conscious Call (Soul Check in calls with Mikko & Biji):
  • 2 private sessions with Mikko & Biji:
  • 1 Soul Immersion:
  • ▫️Opening Grounding Ceremony
  • ▫️5D Activated Space
  • ▫️Early morning energy practice
  • ▫️Conscious Vegan Meals
  • ▫️Discover and clear the Seed of the issue/trauma
  • ▫️Clear blocks & resistances with various daily group and private energy healing modalities
  • ▫️Integration
  • ▫️Closing Completion Ceremony


What is included:

1 Preliminary Consultation Call with Mikko and Biji:
Receive Unconditional Love and guidance from the Shamans who will be guiding your experience. The intention of this call is to refine your intentions, and ensure that you are in alignment with the deep Soul work that is to come. Learn more about the energy, the facilitators, next steps, how to prepare and what to expect.

1 Conscious Call with Mikko and Biji:
Duration: 1 to 2 hours per call
The intention is for you to feel comfortable, and confident walking into this package experience. You will experience an intro to the way we read, move, transmute, give and receive energy. You will practice some of the modalities we use to open the heart and align our energy bodies for effortless conscious communication. You will receive a clear understanding about the energy you will be working with, the experience you are walking into. You will feel seen as a Divine Soul Being. Share your story, what is coming up for you to heal, where you are struggling, and your aspirations, as he clears your energy. Receive consciousness around where you’re at on your path, and inspirations that come through for your Soul. Receive Unconditional Love & Soul Support. You are not alone!

2 Private Sessions with Mikko & Biji:
Duration: 2-4+ hours per session
Receive Soul Guided Energy Healing, support, and Conscious Love.
We allow the Energy to guide the duration of the Healing Sessions. This is not years of weekly talk therapy. This is transformative Conscious Energy Work and Training. The effects are immediate and permanent. Transformation on ALL levels of your BEING: Mind, Body and Soul.

1 Soul Immersion:
Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights.
What’s included:
▫️Opening Grounding Ceremony to settle your energy into the space to allow for authenticity.
▫️5D Activated Space holding the specific intention to clear all negative energy that comes up.
▫️Early morning energy practice to set intentions and design each day of transformative healing.
▫️Conscious Vegan Meals Activated with intention and pure heart energy to create healing food.
▫️Discover the Seed issue/trauma causing the negative energies in your life.
▫️Clear blocks, resistances (the seeds) with various daily group and private energy healing modalities.
▫️Integration of every energy experienced, so as to allow you to bring this new energy into life.
▫️Closing Completion Ceremony to celebrate, appreciate, and honor the energy that was moved.

In all of the energy work we offer, each experience is unique and rarely do you experience the same thing twice. With this approach, there will always be new, exciting adventures around every corner. Allow yourself to go with the flow and trust in the unknown. Experience magic and miracles on a daily basis. Book now and Rise in Love with your Soul.

About This Event

Awaken To All Possibilities Package

This package is designed for the Soul who is newly awakened, or who has been on their path for some time, and is now ready to take the heart leap into the unknown. Experience the Divine through Soul work that is deeper than simple meditation, yoga, prayer, etc. Are you ready to follow your heart with EVERY step? Are you ready to Let go and Rise in Love? 

Take the heart leap with your Soul Collective, experience the Soul Adventure of a lifetime. Simply reserving your package is your first Soul test. Are you able to trust enough to walk into the unknown purely following Soul Guidance? Each part of the package is completely unique, guided specifically by your Soul’s intention. With this opportunity, you expand by following your heart into the unknown. When we trust, we can receive and flow the energy through this inspired work. Trust your Heart Guidance.

The Intention for this Package offer is to Awaken to Soul Freedom and experience the Infinite Energy of Pure Source Love.  Immerse your Soul in an integrative, step by step experience that begins with virtual work (in person private sessions optional).  Break through energetic blocks in your life. Expand your heart to love all parts of yourself. 

With each experience; from your Conscious Call, to the Healing Sessions, you will grow progressively more comfortable with this Energy. Show up for yourself to release lifetimes of trauma, karma and density to build your inner strength and connection to Source. Receive deeper healing and open up to profound transformation; experiencing synchronicities, magic and miracles!

From this place of innerstanding, excitement and readiness, you will Dive Deep into a 5 Day, 4 Night Shamanic Healing Retreat. Immerse your Soul in unconditional Love. 

Contact us for further information, booking inquiries, or with any questions. We are always here to provide Soul Support.
"Going to an Avaala immersion was the best thing I have ever done. It's also the only thing I ever done for my higher self. I felt like we really connected and got closer. I was surprised what came up for me. I used to unconsciously wear masks to appease my environment. I used to keep my truth to myself and bury it deep so I'd forget about it. I used to give off bad energy unconsciously to my family. Behind my smile and constant laughing, I had undertones of unhappiness and I couldn't figure out why. The energy and hurt I didn't realize I was holding onto that was keeping me back is now released. The anger I let go of in one particular session would have taken me years of therapy and would have cost thousands of dollars. I really feel beyond blessed to have had that time with Mikko, Biji and Montevo. They really are magic. ALL AMAZING! Avaala is my home. I hope to return very soon. It's just the tip! Energy doesn't lie and this energy work is real. You will also get out of it what YOU put in! As above so below. Its just the beginning! Love all. -Soon-Ja"

Venue Highlights

When we follow the Soul we do so by disregarding the average human mind programming. We step into the unknown with trust and excitement. Each Avaala Soul Immersion is held in a different space in the Southern California Area, within 1 hour of Laguna Beach. The location will be released on the date of your departure. The general location and the nearest airport will be released upon booking. Prepare to step into the unknown, following your heart energy into the exact environment your soul is calling in to support deep energetic transformation. Each space will be warm, comfortable, fun and beautiful.

Contact us to book your complimentary Consultation Call, so that we can check in to see if we are energetically aligned to host your retreat. from there, we will provide you with further details regarding specific dates, location, accommodations, etc.


Bedrooms and Bathrooms will be varying, between individual rooms and shared rooms with 2+ guests, please state your preference upon booking, and additional fees will be added accordingly


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Activated Conscious Vegan meals, snacks and Alkaline drinks. To promote detoxification, lightness of being, and energetic transmutation.

Receive meals and snacks throughout the day that are Consciously curated, prepared, and served to provide your entire system with the living, high vibrational frequency your body needs for regeneration, integration, and energetic expansion. Through mantras, pure love energy, gratitude, and the intention to create the most healthful, supportive vegan fare possible, you will receive delicious, new and exciting dishes daily to fulfill your Soul's desires.


Each Avaala Soul Immersion is held in a different space in the beautiful Southern California Area, within 1 hour of Laguna. The location will be released on the date of your departure. The general location and the nearest airport will be released upon booking. Prepare to step into the unknown, following your heart energy into the exact environment your soul is calling in to support deep energetic transformation. Each space will be warm, comfortable, fun and beautiful.

avaala energy awakening breathwork complete soul freedom conscious communication conscious manifestation consciousness creativity emotional trauma energy work healing modalities heart activation laguna beach meditation regeneration shaman shamanic work soul healing soul immersion soul retreat spiritual

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