8 day Sacred Medicine Wheel & Leadership Program, Poland, July 2019

Event Highlights

  • > Two Traditional Fire Ceremonies with the Grandfather and Grandmother - to encounter your personal relation with the Sacred Fire and sacred spirits of life, through a collective dynamic with traditional rituals of the Americas.
  • > Sacred Chanting workshops - to learn the songs of our primary traditions, to sustain your connection in ceremony and to learn how to call the sacred spirits of life and their medicine for the world and oneself.
  • > Classes and Workshops - Introduction to the Sacred Medicine Wheel and its methodology to come to be guided by life through the dynamic of the circle, shamanism as a mystic path of leadership formation, community structures and dynamics (collective decision making, conflict resolution etc), Philosophy of the Reality of Being, Community Leadership and more..
  • > Personal and project accompanying: one to one and group mentoring to help integrate the lessons of medicine and sustaining to develop your life goals
  • > 3 vegetarian meals per day
  • > Camping on beautiful rural community land in Poland
  • > The unique opportunity to work directly with our community elder and head medicine man (with 40 years of experience with sacred medicine and community), and his formed team of medicine facilitators. They will be sharing their knowledge and experience of shamanism, philosophy and tradition, living in circle consciousness and building alternative communities and projects through structured classes and workshops.


Qi Gong (optional)


Chanting in circle - learning the songs of the tradition together in preparation for the fire ceremony


Lunch and rest

Class or workshop

Rest or activity


Circle meeting/ rest or ceremony

About This Event

Our ceremonial community offers a unique approach to encountering the shamanic path: one which is not directly centered on self-healing, but more centered on the utility of shamanism to awaken consciousness of our true identity and service bring a better world. We work with the universal structural archetype of the Sacred Wheel, which has been transmitted to us through the traditions we have been authorized to work with (traditions of India and the Americas). 

During these 8 days in Poland, we will be particularly centered on uniting like-minded people who are motivated to bring change in the world through building communities and social projects with the aim to awaken consciousness and live in harmony with Mother Nature. We will share over 40 years of collective experience in community building, living and leadership, and how shamanic wisdom and practices can help in our common mission to serve the current ecological movement taking place in the world now. 

In addition to 2 traditional ceremonies, the program is accompanied by classes and workshops to help each one clarify their vision of life, purify intentions, learn to be an integral member in a collective dynamic and integrate the lessons and medicine from ceremony in a deep and tangible way, and finally start to formulate a practical direction to go forward. 

We warn that our programs are not for the faint hearted - they challenge preexisting beliefs and patterns, inherited from the sick collective of humanity and which can be blocking our potentiality to grow. You will be introduced to the vision of our ancestors and esoteric philosophy which provides a new base of living life in harmony with ourselves, others and Nature. Therefore, we encourage participants to come with an open mind and heart to fully appreciate the wonders that this deep medicine process can bring you to. 

Once enrolled, we advise each one to start the purification process to prepare well for the ceremony: lacto-vegetarian or vegan diet, abstain from alcohol, drugs and even marijuana. 

''Forming artisans of change, guided by ancestral and indigenous wisdom.''

Venue Highlights

The venue is in an enchanting rural region of Poland. Exact details of how to reach the venue are revealed on enrollment.


Camping accommodation - please bring your own camping equipment. We have only a few tents to lend in case some need to borrow one.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Dairy Free


The menu for this program is vegan. Our diet, based on Ayurveda principles, supports ceremony requirements. We will send out specifics of the diet to start from the time of enrollment.


Information disclosed on contact. (contact info blocked)

community building community led educational leadership plant medicine tradition

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