Holigral Authentic Self Retreat

Event Highlights

  • Our Ark Angle apparatus, the most important innovation in psychology since Freud will be available for in depth healing processes for all the delegates.


9.00 am breakfast and then, each person works individually on their prefered personal space whilst supervised and facilitated according one´s need and focus of work.

Each person sets their own pace at work and is free to take time off enjoying the ppol or company. Facilitators support each person experience and emergence by engaging through Clean Language questions and allowing for your system´s signals to point the next course of action.

We have no fixed agenda as the work is free and independent within the bounds of specific exercises in which arts, movement, physical space interact and allow for deepening in the mindscapes of your own personal reality.

About This Event

“What is the Matrix?”
The matrix is the cumulative effect of hundreds of layers of little trances created by life’s experiences, and ancestral conditioning, to result in a normalised self that swims with the social experience of the collective trance, that is itself the emergent consequence of gazillions of personal trances passed like emotional viruses from person to person. The effect of all these layers is to dissociate a person from nature, from other people, from even themselves, developing an ever larger mind. It is the collective delusion of civilisation.
“What is the Real World?”
The real world is nature, experienced with no mind, where there are no thoughts, and where telepathic communication is clear and direct, how animals interact, how even plants know each other, it is everything the natural way, with the world around giving signals constantly telling one the situation and what is required, even if that “what” is “nothing” at a moment in time. It has the side-effect of inner-peace. It is the awakened reality of nature.
“How does one leave the matrix and enter the real world?”
One has to undo all the projective layers of the trances acquired during this life, from conception onwards. There are temporary shortcuts, but to sustainably remain in the real world, one has to do this “work”, and one has to then maintain the beingness by constantly undoing the clutter of emotional energies being radiated by people who are still inside the matrix. One can do this through decades of meditative practices, by living in communities such as Hari Krishna, or one can use the new, more efficient methods developed over the last 20 years. This is what we offer.

I hit my mid-life crisis about 8 years. I look back and I wonder who that person was. I knew I had to make changes if I was going to survive and lead a successful life. I searched the self help section of each book store in search of the answer. I was first told about the Steven Saunders work by someone I met on the party island Ibiza. This guy, who has now become a great friend told me about Holigral and my only regret is not making the choice to attend the 7 day retreat sooner. Wow, what an experience! I no longer need to search for the meaning of life. I have clarity on my life purpose, I am in charge of my emotions and I have eliminated the self limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I now know what I have to do to achieve the life I dream of and I know I will succeed. The joy and happiness I experienced during those 7 days has stayed with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My life has change dramatically. My relationships are stronger, I get up in the morning knowing I will achieve what I set out to do and I have a completely new perspective on life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about taking the ride of their life. This is not for wimps… but the rewards are the rewards of the gods. Eugene McGarrell, Sydney, NSW, Australia One of the things I asked for in Menorca was more work with my languages (and a better income!), and in the past few weeks I've had a huge amount of technical translations for german biogas companies that needed to be translated into English, which has fitted the bill perfectly! Helena Ellis, Plymouth UK I'm not sure there is any way to adequately describe the end result of a 7 day Holigral retreat but I will try. Every participant comes with their own set of life experiences, goals, and issues. However, one thing is certain, you will never be the same. The results, insights, and benefits are permanent. Holigral - holistic & integral - of these two the holistic part is what is hard to articulate. The results of the work are profound but often so subtle in the integration that it can take a while to notice what you're doing differently because you didn't have to exert any effort in the change, you just suddenly realize you're having a different experience of life, you are acting differently, others act differently towards you. Some people fall away without you having done or said anything, some relationship dynamics change for the better without any conscious effort, there is a peace "which passeth understanding" that simply eliminates a huge amount of drama from your life. There are physical effects as well, less aches and pains as the former emotional toll ceases to exist. There is more laughter. I also experienced "the arkangle" or the" time machine" as I like to call it. It will take you on a trip to emotional freedom that cannot be experienced otherwise nor can I explain how it does what it does ~ let's just say I highly recommend you try it. My retreat was in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The location was beautiful and restful, the people involved, both facilitators and participants, far sighted, supportive, and eager for change. It is the perfect environment for an overhaul of one's life. The end results for me are many ~ insight into "why I do what I do" and that knowledge ending numerous repetitive and negative life cycle loops permanently and effortlessly, removal of addiction to caffeine with no symptoms of withdrawal, the end of a 2 year stretch of chronic neck pain, the sudden end of a long term issue at work of immense annoyance and energy drain, improved communication (once the measurements are gone you aren't drawn into other people's story unless you want to be), and a focused life path from a "clean" perspective. My deepest appreciation to Steven Saunders and Jorge Carillo for their dedication to their work and ongoing support of retreat graduates. The retreat is not the end of a journey, it is the beginning. Mary Oliver, Victim Services Coordinator / Law Enforcement I attended a weekend retreat and later on a 6-day retreat facilitated by Steve Saunders and Jorge Carrillo. I am impressed by my findings during the retreat and the results of powerful process. I now can see myself in a more honest and realistic manner. I can see clearly where I am and where I come from and self-acceptance is the obvious result. I now know how I created multiple sclerosis and fibroids in my body. I feel more sensitive towards myself, the people around me and my environment. I feel alive and I feel zest for life again. I have a feeling of inner peace and mental chatter has decreased drastically. I know what I have to do and do it without too much ado or rationalization. I feel I understand people and their behavior even if I don’t agree with them. I feel more empathy. Coffee and sugar cravings have diminished significantly. Shopping sprees have come to a grinding halt. I feel like working. I can observe my own thoughts and its origin more clearly. I focus on solutions instead of on the problem itself. I flow with the now instead of thinking of the past. This retreat has been one of the best time and money investments because I am still seeing new results on a daily basis and in different situations. More than a method to change myself, this has been a process to reintegrate my dissociated zones, to heal past injuries, to reframe definitory moments and to recognize myself within my personal context and even above my own circumstance. Thank you, Steven & Jorge for this set of invaluable tools. Yolanda Bello, translator & interpreter

What's Included

  • 1 month distance follow up
  • Manuals with tools and techniques

What's Not Included

Should you be interested in sightseeing or extended visit, we can help you to enjoy a very mexican trip: food, pyramids, music and great company.

Venue Highlights

We are located in the heart of Tepoztlán, a mystic valley which mountains inspire the inner journey of self discovery.


Rooms are individual with all amenities for your comfort and enjoyment.


  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • Kevin Luckham   July 15, 2019

      The magic of Holigral and more...!

    I have been very fortunate in my life to have crossed my path back in 2010 with Jorge Carrillo, Pam Saunders and Josie Saunders. When I first met the team, I discovered that Holigral means Holistic Integration and it’s exactly what it is and i also discovered a whole lot more which I just can’t explain here in words as the “words just don’t do it justice...” ...it’s totally an experiential adventure into the truth of self and the world around. When I arrived to them, I was broken. I knew on some level that mentally, emotionally and spiritually my life was just full of heartaches, bad choices in women, bad choices in business partners and I just kept putting my faith and trust in all of the wrong things and financially money seemed to leave faster than it came in not matter what business project I did or self help book I tried. I can honestly say I read and tried many different things from the good and not soo good to try and find answers from Yoga to One2one psychotherapy; nothing worked. The pain continued and seemed to grow daily. The only escape was to go out drinking and partying but I realized I just couldn’t outrun it. It was always present inside me and very very destructive. In 2010 I went onto a 7 day retreat in Tepotzlan, Mexico and began an inward ...”Alice in wonderland” experience and from there I just kept emerging new parts of me from a simple but incredibly effective method of Holigral. The facilitators were very patient and just allowed me to go down the rabbit hole and this was the magic part. The consequences of my self discovery were beautifully magical and would happen over the next 3-9years whereas my life just kept getting better and better. Money returned. Projects flowed. Life just got easier and easier and peace of mind and peace of heart became ever more present. Today I use my heart in running my business, my teams and family projects followed in conjunction with my mind and thought. Before Holigral it was all mind. Now it’s all heart!... In 2017 I went on a 3 day Moon Retreat Workshop and it was amazing the magical discoveries that emerged while not using my eyes and also to be so at peace with the “Dark” The Dark and the natural moonlight is just as important as the Sun. It sounds so simple now but I have lived always “blinded by light” and the sun and forgot to let the darkness in to create unity and balance. I also did some artwork by drawing people using remote viewing techniques... I didn’t even know that was even possible!,, The colors too of plants and nature were different hues of greens in the moonlight. This gave me a new look on color... For this and so much more I am eternally grateful to them and everything that they are trying to do for humankind and nature as we urgently need a change and a wake up call!!! Love and gratitude, Kevin Please feel free to contact me if you want to meet or have a coffee as I have no problem in sharing my experience before and after Holigral. Just contact this website or one of the Holigral team.

  • Yolanda Aaliyah   July 14, 2015

      Self-awareness on steroids

    I have attended several retreats led by Jorge Carrillo and Steve Saunders. I am impressed by and grateful for the effectiveness of the Holigral method to address deeply-rooted trauma and existential pain. I find the method human, non-intrusive and enlightening (for the lack of a better term). Although I still have some retreats to attend to understand my own mental and emotional structures, I feel very happy about the new level of self-awareness and inner peace I have obtained after this inner work. I believe there is no better investment than the one we make in our own selves. Thank you, Jorge and Steve. - Yolanda Bello, Mexico City

  • Joanna Sullivan   May 10, 2015


    My friend had spoken to me about the method of Holigral as a way of achieving what an expert person who meditates might achieve in a lifetime. He said Holigral could do this in significantly less time, while fully conscious and without drugs. After attending workshops I understand how this is possible. Expert facilitators lead you through a process of self expression intertwined with sets of questions requiring answers. Through the self expression, patterns arise that are identified by the facilitator. What ever it is that underlies the patterns, is addressed and "deconstructed" through questions from the facilitator and answers from the subject. The questions are posed in a way that eventually makes thoughts loose their structure and sense. At the end of the process, there is a literal relief felt mentally and physically. It is as if the facilitator engages the subconscious mind by asking it to speak of that which affects it but is not obvious to the conscious mind. When the issue expressed in a pattern is brought into consciousness and is "deconstructed"; you feel as if a burden has been lifted from you. By the end of a workshop you get to understand what it means when people say "just be". It is as if you have gone back to a moment in childhood when there were no responsibilities or demands and you just exist. The mind empties and all of a sudden you understand what it is like to be in the cliche of the "Now"and fully present. It is almost like magic taking place before you and inside you. It is not a walk in the park. No effort no gain, but it is toooooootally worth it. The internal dialogue inside completely vanishes. Holigral to me now is a method of achieving an altered state of mind and being; while fully conscious and without narcotics.

  • Dalia Oliva   May 05, 2015

      Holigral Retreat

    I was profoundly surprised with the elegance and ease in which the method allows a personal journey of self discovery and healing through self applied exercises using patterns of questions and the information that emerged from several creative activities or just anything that might happen during the same processes. My personal experience of the retreat was of deep transformation in matter of days from which I´ve released my self of any stressful responses to everyday challenges and doings. My inner dialogue reduced to it´s minimal expression giving way to a deep and powerful intuitive connection with myself and others to the point that its amazing the ease and clarity in which I can now see and understand -even anticipate- situations and reactions in people or contextual phenomena. My performance has improved beyond belive and my health is vibrant and energetic. After years of meditation and practicing several healing modalities, I see in the Holigral Method a radical approach to human development and healing. After a couple of years of my experience, the results have been permanent and integral; they have brought a new understanding on the unconscious ways life emerges at every level, an adventure worth living beyod belief and certainly, the best set of skills for this complex modern age.

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