Shipibo Ceremonies and Traditional Plant Dietas

  • Pucallpa, Peru
  • Mar 25 - Apr 4, 2020 (11 days)

About This Event

Together with my Shipibo Maestros I offer Ayahuasca Retreats and Masterplant Dietas. I feel very honored to share healing space and to give you the oportunity to work with this well known and trustworthy Shipibo Healers from the Mahua Linage together. 

Our retreats are in a simple surrounding and lodging, in the ceremonies you will have the option to go deep in a save set and setting. The Shipibo Healers where I work with togeher are very well collected. I´m dieting with them since a few years and I trust in their work fully.

Sending love from the Amazon,


Event Highlights

  • Working with a trustworthy, strong and well know Shipibo Healer, who started to learn and work with the plants in a age of elven years.
  • His experience is arround sixty years, more experience is almost not possilble.
  • Gilberto knows many plants and can offer specific Plant Dietas, depending on your needs.
  • trustworthy Shipibo Shamans
  • traditional Shipibo Healing Art or I like to call it Technology
  • Maestro Gilberto: many different Masterplant Dietas possible
  • Group & Individual Sharings / natural flow depending on individual and group needs
  • Integration clase on the last day
  • trainned Integration Coach
  • experienced Facilitator
  • english - german - spanish speaking
  • Preparation & Integration online
  • Maestro Gilberto has more than fifty years pure Dieta experience. He´s very strong with many Masterplant Dietas.


In the beginning there will be a talk about Ayahuasca and the Masterplant Dieta. Every other night is a ceremony. You will have five ceremonies during the retreat. During the day everyone has time to integrate the experience of the ceremony. I recommend to spend frequently time in silence and by yourself. Especially when you do a Masterplant Dieta it´s about connecting to self and to the Spirit of the Plants.
Depending on needs and wishes I´m always there for sharings. It goes in a organic flow when and how often we want to do group sharings or individual sharings. I love to give my best to be present and offer my support in a flexible way, depending where you are, I will offer different kind of Integration / Inquiry activities during the retreat, as well on the last day an Integration clase.

What's Included

  • 10 nights
  • 5 ceremonies
  • meals
  • and more :-)
  • see above!

What's Not Included

health incurance

Venue Highlights

A Highlight is that you have the opportunity to work with a strong trustworthy Shipibo Healer, who started when he was 11 years to do Masterplant Dietas.
The opportunity to heal and learn in the Shipibo Tradition is a huge gift

The group will be max. 10 people!!

Everything will happen in an organic flow!! The facilitation will be very individual, the facilitator is 24h around.


Everyone has a simple private room. There are some bungalows and some rooms.

Some rooms have a private bathroom, some share a bathroom.

There is a nice Malokka where we have the ceremonies.

The lake is just next the retreat place.


  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free


The family cooks local food, regarding the Diet for Ayahuasca and the Masterplant.

There will be the option for two meals every day.

Depending if you are doing a Ayahuasca Retreat or a Masterplant Dieta, there will be some restrictions about the food. If you decide to do a Masterplant Dieta, there will be Fasting times.

As well there is a Pre- Dieta, and a Post- Dieta. Please read about it on my website!


The retreat is close to Pucallpa, next to the the lake of Yarinacocha. In Pucallpa is the next airport.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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