Tantric Yoga and Sexual Empowerment One-on-one Retreat for Women

  • Sooke, BC, Canada
  • Ongoing

Event Highlights

  • All packages include a Therapeutic Massage for Deep Relaxation and Overall Wellbeing.
  • The one and a half hour Therapeutic massage session may be booked separately, independent of an overnight stay.
  • $100
  • Experience the Healing Power of Touch to:
  • ~ Enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • ~ Promote deep relaxation
  • ~ Reduce stress and anxiety
  • ~ Improve sleep
  • ~ Awaken your senses and restore your natural vibrancy
  • Note: The Therapeutic Massage may be substituted with other items on the menu a la carte below, on Day 2 and successive days of the retreat.
  • Package One- RECLINE & RELAX
  • $180
  • Recline, relax and enjoy a spectacular view over the Whiffin Spit located 5-minute-walk from the retreat.
  • Take a walk on the Whiffin Spit Beach. A leisurely 30-minute walk takes you to the point where you can enjoy the scenery and watch the mesmerizing breakwater. Wooden benches situated along the path offer the perfect opportunity to sit back and take in the natural beauty of the Vancouver Island south-west coastline. - Swim Guide.
  • For nature lovers, other local attractions are also available.
  • The basic package includes:
  • • Aromatherapy Soak
  • • One-and-half hour Therapeutic Massage
  • • Cozy bedroom with queen size bed & shared bathroom
  • • Full Kitchen access
  • • Wifi
  • • Seasonal Gardening experience
  • • Walk by the ocean
  • • Free parking
  • • Transportation from and back to Sooke village.
  • Not included: Food, TV.
  • $265
  • This package includes the same as Package 1 plus one additional session per day. Count $85 per hour for additional sessions.
  • Let’s create your own personalized retreat. What are you seeking?
  • “What you seek is seeking you,” said the great mystic Rumi.
  • This option is an a-la-carte menu based on the few questions I ask you to answer through this platform following which I will answer any questions or concerns you may have and make some recommendations. You may then book one or as many sessions per day and as many days as you desire. It is up to you. It depends on what you want to accomplish, what you are ready to give yourself and of course, your budget. I encourage you to define your intention and to envision your perfect retreat.
  • Do you need support for a particular life’s transition, take time to grieve, or do some personal growth and emotional healing? Or else do you desire an introduction to meditation, breathing & movement ( Core Ecstatic Movement tm). Are you ready to honor and reward yourself with a special celebration, a personally designed ritual or a healing session? Would you like to take your intimacy, into-me-I-see, to the next level with the Tantric Feminine Treasures? This one-on-one retreat is a perfect setting for it all.
  • In addition to either of the above options, this package is designed based on your specific needs and desires and may include some of the following:
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Chakra Healing Work
  • Core Ecstatic Movement tm combining breath work & movement
  • Ritual & Ceremony
  • Tantric Holistic Counseling including Qi Gong (Chi Kong)’s Feminine Treasures, a self-massage series for energy stimulation and cultivation.
  • $350
  • This package includes the same as Package 1 plus two additional sessions per day. Count $85 per hour for additional sessions.
  • Let the wild and wise woman, ageless-sex-babe emerge!
  • An Exceptional Woman’s Private Retreat designed to challenge the prevalent myths surrounding menopause. A sacred space to:
  • • Relax, Nurture yourself and Rejuvenate
  • • Awaken your Shakti or Sacred Erotic Power
  • • Cultivate a strong current of Life Force as the Best Anti-Aging and Anti-Stress Secret
  • • Reframe Menopausal Transition and Unleash its Creativity
  • • Heal your Body and your Heart
  • • Increase and Intensify your Orgasms
  • • Regulate your Menstrual cycle while Preventing or
  • Alleviating PMS and Menopausal Symptoms
  • • Maintain your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • • Celebrate Women’s Sexual Empowerment
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, menopause was known as Second Spring, acknowledging a renewal of energy, creativity, and deeper wisdom. In many traditional cultures, women do not experience the “secondary” menopausal symptoms which eighty percent of us in our Western culture endure. What is their secret? How can we avail ourselves of it? Or better yet how do we find our own secrets of rejuvenation, longevity, sexual satisfaction and feminine wisdom?
  • Since menopause occurs at the median age of fifty-two, there are still thirty to forty years ahead of us which may potentially become our most fulfilling and sexually satisfying years. Science has irrefutably demonstrated that our thoughts affect every cell and hormonal secretion within our body, therefore our perception of being menopausal has a crucial effect upon our sexual functioning.
  • Tantric Yoga teaches how to circulate kundalini (sacred sexual energy) throughout our chakras (energy centers) employing techniques of breath, movement, meditation, visualization, and sound. Tantric Yoga aims at the union of the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine) within us. Kundalini is our life force which seeks to be released in a healthy and balanced way. When it is not, imbalances cause blockages and dysfunctions in our body and mind. Unresolved issues centered in our first and second chakras often manifest as PMS, menstrual cramps, pelvic floor disorders which may include difficulty in experiencing full sexual cycles or orgasms, along with secondary menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and depression. Blockages in these chakras often mean rejection of our feminine self. Understanding the beliefs which are at the cause of these female imbalances will help transform them, allowing us to re-establish health and harmony in our lives.


Once you have selected your special package we can determine the time of the day for your therapeutic massage as well as schedule additional sessions. As for the rest of the day, it is up to you to enjoy this natural sanctuary as you feel so inclined.

When you stay here as my guest you also share my living room with a spectacular view over the water. You may recline and relax and let yourself soak in this most serene atmosphere. Read a book, write in your journal, go for a walk on the Whiffin Spit nearby or casually prepare your meal in the fully equipped kitchen. During the warm seasons, you may take your coffee outside and sit on "the throne", watching the boats and perhaps, if you are lucky, spot an eagle. They make a nest nearby each year.

About This Event

Greetings! My name is Maryse Coté. 

I have worked in the healing arts internationally for over 35 years, teaching breathwork and Tantra workshops, creating women’s sacred sexuality rituals and holding healing retreats for groups, individuals and couples. I love to share in sacred spaces in the spirit of love and transformation. As I am completing my book Be the Heroine of your own Myth, Leaving Sexuality from the inside out, I  needed to put my group retreats on the back burner for a while longer.  I also long realized that group work is not for everyone especially at times when more particular attention is needed.  This one-on-one personalized retreat is my latest inspiration for a unique retreat which caters to a woman's specific needs at any time throughout her healing journey. I am also happy to work with couples of any sexual orientation.  

 Are you looking for peace and quiet, a place to get away from it all? A special time to relax, rejuvenate and be nurtured? Come and embrace the healing properties of old trees, surrounding gardens shared by our deer residents, sea lions, raccoons, and soaring bald eagles and take a walk in this serene Oceanfront Nature Sanctuary. 

Perhaps you feel the need to heal your heart, find emotional and spiritual support through an important life transition, enhance your skills in the arts of love, or simply treat yourself for your birthday to a nature getaway and a well-deserved therapeutic massage? 

Would you like to take your intimacy, into-me-I-see, to the next level?  As you can see this retreat offers numerous possibilities. You choose. This unique one-on-one retreat might be exactly what you have been looking for. 

"My time spent doing a private retreat with Maryse was so incredibly valuable. Not only was she a pleasure to spend time with, but this was just what I needed in my own journey of self-discovery. I believe everyone could benefit from Maryse's wisdom, teachings, and tender care." Sharon, Seattle

Venue Highlights

Sooke village offers restaurants and exclusive coffee shops including the Vienna Bakery which offers a selection of organic bread and European pastries. It's open for breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Saturday. You may also find casual ethnic cuisine including a Japanese and a Mexican restaurant. For those who prefer fine dining, Sooke Harbor House is a 5-minute walk from the retreat. The Copper Room with its inviting fireplace also offers casual dining and makes it a perfect place to treat yourself on a rainy day.

Sea Park recreational center offers an indoor pool, sauna, and hot tub.

The Sooke Fine Arts Show from July -August 2019 provides the opportunity for the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands to showcase and sell their work. Celebrating its 33rd anniversary in 2019, it is Vancouver Island’s longest-running juried fine art show, and the region’s premier summer arts event. The 2019 show takes place July 26- August .


One of the things that guests appreciate the most about sleeping here is how quiet it is. The room with the queen-size bed is very cozy.
Couples may enjoy the other cozy room with the king-size bed. You may control the temperature in the room for your comfort. A hot water bottle is included in the room to warm up your bed during the winter. No AC is needed as it is always cooler by the water. Windows may be open for fresh air. Drinking water is available at all times as well as home gardens.

You may bring your own food and cook light meals for yourself during your stay. There are two food stores in Sooke where you may purchase what you need. Make a note that the choice of organic fresh produces is limited. Saturday farmers market from May to October offers a variety of locally grown organic produces. Guests share my kitchen. Space in the fridge and on a shelf are available. Preference is that no meat be cooked on the premises. Fish is okay. However, you may bring previously cooked meat.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Organic



Sooke is located about 1-hour-drive from Victoria depending on the time of day. Rush hour traffic begins around 3pm.

The nearest airports are:
Victoria, BC (YWH-Victoria Inner Harbour) - 38km / 23.6 mi
Victoria, BC (YYJ-Victoria Intl.) - 60 km / 37.25 mi
Port Angeles, WA (CLM-William R. Fairchild Intl.) - 83 km / 51.5 mi
The preferred airport for this retreat is Victoria, BC (YYJ-Victoria Intl.).
Car rental is available from the airports.
Coming from the mainland
By car: Ferries leave Twassasen every hour. If you want to be sure you can travel on the sailing of your choice, BC Ferries recommend customers to make a booking in advance of travel. Fare standard vehicle: $57.50 -One Way.

By foot:
BC Transit Local buses from Victoria and BC Ferries to Sooke are available throughout the day. Purchase a day pass from the bus driver for Cnd$5. Make sure you have the exact change. This day pass also gives you one-day unlimited access to any destinations throughout Greater Victoria public transit circuit.

If you come to Vancouver Island from downtown Vancouver or Vancouver international airport to Victoria and want to travel in comfort, I recommend coaches services. Make sure to book ahead of time especially during high season and weekends.
Pedestrians may take a ferry from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Swartz Bay Terminal without reservation. Fare: -$17.20 One Way.
Buses run from Swartz Bay Terminal to Sooke with one stop in Langford at all times during the day. Purchase a day pass from the bus driver for Cnd$5. Make sure you have the exact change. This day pass also gives you one-day unlimited access to any destinations throughout Greater Victoria public transit circuit.
Taxi from the airport to Sooke costs around $110 depending on the time of day and around $70 from downtown Victoria.

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