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Polishing the Mirror of the Heart

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Ideal for: All levels including beginners

Love is the merchandise

which the world demands.

If you store it in your heart

every soul will become your customer.

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

When it comes to love we are all customers. Like a moth to a flame, we are irresistibly attracted to that merchandise because somewhere deep inside of us we know it’s worth. There is an art to entering our true heart and there is a price: the slow surrender of our limited self to the unlimited.

At first, for most of us, this giving over feels like an incomprehensible loss. Yet, just like the moth, something draws us to this firelight, this merging we call love. Understandably, such a prospect may fill us with apprehension and uncertainty. Yet, as we orient our practice (our life) toward the heart, we discover bravery. Bravery is so real and palpable that we willingly turn: turn toward our vulnerability, turn toward the ways we have been less than true in our relationships and to our deepest ideals and values. All of this comprises what the Sufi’s call the accumulated “rust” on the heart. Sobering and healing, when used well, such insights into our vulnerabilities become a gateway into the depth, wholeness, and luminosity of our humanity.

So, dear friends, take heart, this is our lineage – the path of love human beings across all contemplative traditions have walked for eons. In the good company of one another, this weekend retreat is an invitation to explore what it’s like to enter and understand, sooth, relax and polish the mirror of the heart. We’ll take our time to feel our way into this many-chambered domain of our humanness. Through meditation practices from the Sufi and Buddhist traditions, poetry and story, silence and stillness, music and movement, and structured and spontaneous moments of conversation, dialogue, and inquiry we’ll learn to lean into the feeling of love, linger in love, and, so being, open into the fullness we actually are.

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  • Charles Longo   November 12, 2018

      Harvest Dinner Dueling Pianos.

    As always Holy Family/ Copper Beach ALWAYS exceeds my expectations. Do yourself a favor, ATTEND a RETREAT, you will be hooked.

  • Kevin Ryan   November 12, 2018

      Harvest Celebration 2018

    As always, a delightful evening!. Thoughts: 1. May want to publish an agenda in future. Not wise to be fashionably late. Reports were that the event was in full swing at 6:30 PM and 6:45 arrival felt like we were catching up. 2. Would be wise to provide the wifi information so everyone could connect for the text fundraiser. Verizon worked but several people near me said that they could not connect using ATT. The wifi would allow everyone to connect See you next year!!

  • Marilyn Vatteroni   November 11, 2018

      A Great Night Out

    I had a wonderful experience on Saturday night. The food was great, the company wonderful & the dueling pianos fabulous.

  • Louise Cornetta   September 17, 2018

      A Magical Place

    The Copper Beech Institute offers a wide variety of courses, meditations, workshops and is housed on a beautiful peace of property. I enjoy the Wednesday Candlelight Meditation as a group or 30-40 of us meet to share this mindful experience and are led by the incredible Miranda who always gives a talk that seems to hit home. This place is filled with such love and kindness. Go check it out!

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