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9-day Psychedelic Art & Magic Truffles Retreat with Jake Kobrin + Yoga & Meditation in a beautifully located center

Event Highlights

  • One pre-retreat preparation call (Skype or in-person)
  • Online preparation guide
  • Comfortable accommodations in nature
  • 6 Microdose/minidose ceremonies
  • 2 full truffles journeys
  • Daily psychedelic art creation
  • Magic truffles journey
  • breathwork
  • Medicine songs
  • Rapé ceremonies
  • Vegan food
  • cacao elixirs
  • Nature walks
  • Airport pickup/drop-off
  • Online integration guide
  • One integration session (Skype or in-person)


Thursday, July 11th

5:45PM: We pick you up at train station Meppel
6PM: Arrival
7PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Opening circle

Friday, July 12th

8AM: Microdose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: Brunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
11AM: Art workshop/demonstration
4PM: Dinner
6PM: Sharing circle
7:30PM: Breathwork / art work

Saturday, July 13th

8AM: Big dose truffles/cacao ceremony
2:30PM: Ceremony closes / art time
3PM: Lunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
4PM: Art/free time
6:30PM: Sharing circle / share art
7:30PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Art time

Sunday, July 14th

8AM: minidose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: brunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
11AM: art workshop/demonstration
4PM: dinner
6PM: sharing circle
7:30PM: breathwork

Monday, July 15th

8AM: Minidose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: Brunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
11AM: Art workshop
4PM: Dinner
6PM: Sharing circle
7:30PM: Breathwork

Tuesday, July 16th

8AM: Minidose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: Brunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
11AM: Art workshop
4PM: Dinner
6PM: Sharing circle
7:30PM: Breathwork

Wednesday, July 17th

8AM: Big dose truffles/cacao ceremony
2:30PM: Ceremony closes / art time
3PM: Lunch + medicinal mushroom elixirs
4PM: Art/free time
6:30PM: Sharing circle / share art
7:30PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Art time

Thursday, July 18th

8AM: Microdose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: Brunch
11AM: Art workshop
4PM: Dinner
6PM: Sharing circle / art exhibition
9PM: Dance party

Friday. July 19th

8AM: Minidose/cacao ceremony + dance/yoga + meditation
10AM: Breakfast
12PM: Closing circle
3PM: Departure/ Drop off at Meppel Station.

About This Event

Apply for this retreat here: (contact info blocked)11/

Join Jake Kobrin, an internationally recognized artist, whose work has taken him across the globe, for this unique week-long truffles retreat that will transform you.

Immerse yourself in this psilocybin retreat week filled with daily psychedelic art creation, singing and breathwork. A beautiful opportunity to Connect to yourself and to like-minded, open-hearted people and to indulge your body, mind and soul. This retreat also includes two full magic truffles ceremonies, six microdose ceremonies, rapé ceremonies, nature walks, and delicious vegetarian food. Perfect for those searching for (more) creativity and freedom in their body mind and soul.

Before the event we will give you a pre-retreat preparation call (skype or in-person) so we can get to know each other. Also, we will send you an online preparation guide which summarizes the things you need to bring and instructions on how you can prepare your mind and body to get the most out of the experience.

We will pick you up at Meppel station and drive together to Meeuwenveen retreat center. After arriving, we start off with a lovely Vegan dinner. In the evening we will have our first sharing circle to get to know each other better and to share our wishes and expectations for the weekend.

During the retreat we will start our days with a nutritious breakfast and some yoga and/or meditation. You can also explore the nature which surrounds the complex. The magic truffles journey will take place on the 3rd and 7th day of this retreat. Beforehand, we will set our intentions and share them with the group. We spend the entire psilocybin journey together as a group. Everyone has the opportunity to actively shape this experience. If needed, you can choose to take a break in between if you feel like it. After the magic truffles group ceremony you will be served a delicious homemade dinner.

The other days are reserved for the art workshops as well as integrating the psilocybin experience. This is of high priority because psychedelic experiences are often highly profound and transformative. For this reason, we spend these days sharing and discussing what we experienced. We take time to rest our bodies and minds and enjoy the delicious food. There will be many art workshops, yoga sessions, meditation and also free time. In short, it will be a full weekend of creativity, connecting to others, relaxing and finding yourself.

After you return home you have the option to participate in an online integration circle. It is not uncommon that integration takes more than a few days and we want to make sure that you have people with whom you can share your process. We also provide a private integration-session via Skype or in person.

Apply for this retreat here: (contact info blocked)11/

"This retreat provided me with the opportunity to reflect and reinvent my life as well as meet wonderful beings dedicated to turning tables around and make the everyday sacred. I did not expect so much to happen in so little time. Definitely a high point of my existence." - Anne Florence, Netherlands

Venue Highlights

This experience will take place at the retreat center Meeuwenveen which is beautifully located in nature. The Gift of nature adds extra value to the quality of your stay. This location is perfect for new experiences, reflection and relaxation.


13 rooms with 32 beds for 37 people
A main room of 10 ×10 m. and a dining room of 4.5 × 8 m. (140m2 total)
A large kitchen of 30m2
35 participants can be accommodated in; 1 single, 3 doubles, 4 triples and 4 quadruples
There are 7 toilets
5 showers
A communal shower for 4 persons
A garden and terraces of approximately 400m2


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free


We provide delicious vegetarian food which is made by our private cook. There will be multiple options for breakfast for example freshly pressed juice, smoothies, raw cacao, bread, croissants, fruit and vegetable, hummus, spread, guacamole, scrambled eggs, fruit salad etc. For lunch and dinner there will be one vegan meal with multiple side dishes and salads. Our meals are all vegetarian, nutritious and prepared with love.

magic mushrooms meditation microdosing psychedelic truffles retreat yoga

  Write a review - tell others about your experience.

  • Mike Atkins   October 16, 2019


    It is hard to describe this phenomenal experience adequately. In trying, I would use the word grateful over and over, but it is not enough. The people you will find here will grant you such peace, such serenity. Both the space-holders and the other participants will become like close friends in the shortest space of time imaginable. And then you journey. And the journey is so profound. I am writing this the morning following my return from one of their 4 day retreats so I cannot comment on any lasting effects and I am still trying to make sense of some of the things I experienced and saw, which I understand will take time. Especially if you intend on experiencing one of their retreats for healing, I encourage and advise you to attend. When it comes time to leave, you will be sad, maybe even painfully sad, as I was. But you will come to understand that is what defines an experience that wields a power as great as Truffles Therapy does. It is such a necessary beauty.

  • Chris Skibinski   October 15, 2019

      Awesome experience!!

    Chi and Leti, as well as the entire Truffles Therapy team, ran an excellent retreat. The atmosphere, food, space sitters, logistics and accommodations were fantastic. The love and caring for each of the participants was evident and clearly observable. Overall, a great experience and I recommend it 10/10 times....and I plan on attending future retreats.

  • Davitt Meenaghan   September 10, 2019


    A truly magical experience that I know never forgot. The team where very professional and always felt like I was in good hands throughout the week. The space holders where very well experienced and offered so much support. Would recommend this to anyone and all. So many great connections and have friends for life. One Love

  • Nick Peters   September 08, 2019

      Beautiful and Transformative Experience!

    I attended a 5-night retreat with one micro dose and two medium/high dose ceremonies. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Truffles Therapy! *The whole week was very well planned, structured, and executed, start to finish. There was always a nice balance between structured activities (meals, yoga, breathwork, integration discussion, etc.) and free time. I never felt too rushed or too bored. Truffles Therapy made themselves available ahead of time to help me prepare, and continue to make themselves available afterwards to help me integrate the experience. *The team of space holders made me feel so incredibly safe and comfortable during my psychedelic journeys, which is paramount during such a powerful experience. No request was ever too big, and no problem too small. Each space holder was always willing to be there for me to help heal in any way possible. *The accommodation in nature was breathtaking. Nature walks through the forest helped to put me into a peaceful mindset before and after my journeys *Truffles Therapy did an excellent job focusing on integration during the retreat, as we spent a lot of much needed time discussing our psychedelic experiences in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one. *The vegan food was so tasty! (this, coming from a lifetime omnivore, who couldn't imagine going a week without meat) If you're interested in an above-board, legal, safe psychedelic experience, Truffles Therapy is a great option and I would recommend them 10 times out of 10!

  • Steve Atkins   September 08, 2019


    After the Truffles Therapy retreat I wouldnt go to anybody else for a psychedelic healing experience. Chi & Leti and their team put so much love and compassion into what they do and have created an experience that is profoundly mind altering. Psychedelics are very powerful on their own, but I came to realise that the trip itself is only a part of the healing process, having the opportunity to experience community and learn from like minded people in a peaceful setting is priceless. I was hesitant to have my first psychedelic experience in a group setting at first, but now I cant imagine any other way. I became so close to the rest of the group over the week and feel like I have made friends I aim to keep for life. The love that all of the Truffles Therapy team put into their work is so tangible and I left the retreat having reconnected with myself and others and feeling a profound sense of peace and optimism. The whole week was put together in a way that facilitated the safest environment to rekindle my social confidence, release deep fear and depression and understand a healthy model of masculinity. I can not express in words my complete gratitude to these people.

  • Charles O   August 14, 2019

      Most pure and sweet hosts!

    I'm still in awe of the retreat experience. Everyone was so sweet and patient with me. You can clearly see that Leti and Chi have the purest intentions to help everyone, which made me feel super comfortable and safe. Truffles Therapy feels like family already!

  • Fernando Parra   July 24, 2019

      Dramatic changes for the better

    I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder with mixed anxiety and have an acute form of PTSD. In the beginning I have tried every home remedy and prescribed medications from my psychiatrist, all of which resulted in little or worse results. I was on the verge of loosing hope because I really tried my best to tolerate myself. In my worst moments, I have tried to commit suicide to solve my problems, I have tried to abuse substances to numb the pain. Eventually I woke up one day in the psychiatric hospital and decided for myself that enough was enough. I NEEDED and WANTED to feel like myself again. This retreat was my last battle to end the war of the traumas that controlled me. My first few days there were intense, not because of the environment change but because I was coming down from heavy medication. I was not able to sleep or eat and I started my descent back into yet another episode of darkness. I felt really bad because the spaceholders and especially Chi were concerned with how I was doing mentally. After a few days I found some strength to rise up out of my bed and be present with everyone in the ceremonies and in nature. My first journey was a breeze, I had the support from every spaceholder and felt guided in some way to healing. Something about the atmosphere and the mantras put me in a deep sleep. I felt my body render as motionless as if I were knocked out but my mind was still awake; this resulted in my experience with two visions. I was able to see my future if i went down different paths, suicide or prosperity. My outlook on life was completely shaken up as if i had this groundbreaking awakening moment. My mood did a complete flip to the positive and the people around me commented on how my energy was different, it was much happier. As the the retreat progressed, my mood kept on improving. I am not one to enjoy time spent in nature but there was this feeling I had that kept calling me to the forest, especially the bench located underneath the grapevines. My intentions for the retreat were to continue to explore my art and participate in the painting workshops but I was not called to it. Instead I was lead to the kitchen were I resided in for quite some time, the space there felt really comforting. Being apart of the community and giving back just really resonated inside of me for some reason. As a group we grew into this one big happy family, we definitely found comfort in each other to help rise up from darkness. When I came back home my mom instantly could see that I've changed. She could not express how grateful she was for the immense amount of work and care that the team put into my recovery. She says, "Worth every penny, you cannot put a price on my children's happiness". Thank you so much, I cannot express how much gratitude I have in words.

  • Job Jutten   July 24, 2019

      Safe, loving and full of integrity

    Truffles Therapy is actively making change in peoples lives by providing the safest possible container for inner exploration. I was asked to co-facilitate one of their retreats and could clearly see how Chi and Leti have a true dedication to this work, and to the integrity it takes to pioneer in this field.

  • Carlos Flores   June 02, 2019

      Thank you so much.

    We live our lives working so hard or maybe not working that hard for things that in the end it might not be really important. This retreat comes into my experience just in a moment of loosing trust, of aisolating myself from the world and creating my own without even noticing. What Leti and Chi are doing here is not only an individual healing, but a worldwide healing, allowing the teachings of the mushroom to give you the lesson you need in what it looks like a huge shot of love more than a retreat. I feel all this love that I received came from somewhere else in the past and is my dutty and responability to share what I got with my surroundings, trusting that one day it may return, not to me, but to wherever this love came from. Thank you.

  • Isabelle Van Bolhuis   May 19, 2019


    I got send this by a friend and i am just so lucky how that was sent to me and that i got in. I was a bit sceptic at first as i am a very brain based person. I get it now, the message they are trying to spread (with success). My friends and family see and hear the difference in me, my talking has become more thought out, with pauses and with more real listening to the words they say. Every single person I met over there had a beautiful soul and made some real connections. I finally realize again what the beauty of life is, thank you

  • Shir   April 17, 2019

      Beautiful journey of Love

    I feel so blessed to have participated in this magical truffle retreat. The team is full of love and compassion and though I was worried, I felt safe and supported through every step of the way – before, during and after the retreat. The magical power of the truffles through the endless love, guide and support of Chi, Leti and Polina helped me heal hidden parts in myself and plant new seeds of transformation. I enjoyed the beautiful place we were staying at and spending time in nature. The vegen food was delicious and noticed to have been prepared with lots of love and attention. I also loved meditation, Yin Yoga, vision boarding and other activities we have participated. I recommend this very much to whom is interested in psychedelics and learning about themselves and the beyond.

  • Nathalie Tates   February 05, 2019

      Beautiful retreat space with deep ceremony, fantastic support and sauna:)

    It truly was a healing retreat. It came at a time where I was really overworked. And the nature surrounding, the lovely supportive crew, the delicious meals, the yoga classes with live music really got me on my feet again. The ceremony was held by somebody with the right intentions and energy. Something that I find very important. The journeys that I underwent where very different from each other, but had there own deep, deep teachings with them. I was supported every time I needed it during the ceremony. I am very grateful for having experienced this.

  • Daya Aureliano Moonchild   January 30, 2019

      Amazing Healing Journey

    The retreat was held in an amazing mansion in the north of Holland. The kitchen immediately felt like the heart of what seemed to be an instant family of loving spiritual warriors. The team installed a good balance in group cohesion and personal processes. Chi and Leti are very concerned with the well being of all participants. On Friday night we had the first ceremony in a beautiful hall with open fire. Jesse was guiding this ritual together with Polina. Jesse is passionate about the medicine and follows strong inner guidance in holding the space. He invited us to sing a song over and over again and the group came in this trancelike state during the serving of the medicine. Polina brought her calmness and loving presence into the field. I had a soft and group-oriented experience this night. I remember going out for some air and seeing the most bright sky of stars I had ever seen in my life. This was such an amazing gift. I danced and rested till we all were ready to eat at the feast, Frank prepared for us. On Saturday the team decided on having some calm activities with Yoga and sound healing by Lovely. For myself, I decided to take some time for myself and go walk in the amazing nature nearby. The ceremony on Saturday night was something completely different for me. Jesse insisted me to stay with my own process and not be distracted by what was happening in the group. Not much later I was sucked into a very dark place inside myself where I felt there was no way out. I was so desperate and lost and fell into a deep sleep, fighting my demons. I woke up a few hours later in the group singing and dancing with Lovely. It felt like I went to hell and back and survived. This was the healing to feel my strength in making a return from a place from the greatest despair I could imagine. I am thankful for the presence of both the team and all participants in joining and supporting me in this healing process.

  • Lucas Happe   January 29, 2019


    Felt a profound connection with myself. Helped me in the process of getting my life "back in track", feeling more oriented and motivated. Totally recommended for those who are seeking for expanding their consciousness.

  • Lucas Happe   January 29, 2019

      Incredible!!! Caring, safe

    Felt a profound connection with myself. Helped me in the process of getting my life "back in track", feeling more oriented and motivated. Totally recommended for those who are seeking for expanding their consciousness.

  • Mariko Spotts   January 29, 2019

      Once is not enough! Cannot wait for the next retreat :)

    What a wonderful experience! Cannot stress enough how amazing the vegetarian food, people, and location was. The food was all prepared by their chef. Every meal was made with fresh ingredients. They definitely know how to make you feel comfortable. Over the course of three days we all got to know one another and started off the retreat by saying our intentions. During our journeys the Leti and Chi were attentive to our every needs. They were checking on everyone to make sure they were at their optimal comfort level. I couldn't have imagined my first journey with truffles to have gone any more perfect. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. Looking forward to my next journey with Truffles Therapy <3

  • yuan c   January 29, 2019

      Great Feelings and discovered enlightened life

    This is really a wonderful retreat, highly recommended for whom what to discover a real yourself. To walk out of darkness into the light, this is it... Experience multi-layer universe for yourself.

  • Becky Wicks   January 23, 2019

      Highly recommended, fun, safe and soul-expanding

    I have been on several retreats with Truffles Therapy now and I can vouch for the fact that you're in for something really special. If you're looking for an affordable psilocybin retreat with magic truffles in Amsterdam, let Chi and Let be your guides. I've written extensively about these experiences already, here: And also here:

  • Hermen Van de Waal   January 23, 2019

      A life altering journey

    Heartwarming, mindblowing and profound transcedental experiences in a very comfortable safe space guided by caring compassioned skilled staff. A life altering journey

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