New Year's 10-Day Wellness Detox Retreat Hawaii

Event Highlights

  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET: Elimination of allergens, addictive substances and stimulants: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, meat, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, negative thinking.
  • NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING: We will flood your body with nutrients using a 100% Organic non GMO plant-based raw food diet with four freshly pressed vegetable juices daily.
  • THERAPEUTIC & SCIENTIFIC DETOXIFICATION: Nutritional support for Phase I, II and III of detoxification is ensured through a nutrient dense diet, intravenous nutrients and detox support supplements.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Movement to stimulate lymphatic fluid and promote sweating: yoga, walking, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • REGENERATIVE SLEEP: We will live in tune with the natural rhythm of the day and rise with sunrise and start winding down with sunset and get to bed by 9PM for a good night of restorative sleep.
  • SUPPORTING THE ORGANS OF ELIMINATION: Detoxification will fail without elimination. We support the organs of elimination with infrared sauna, niacin, exercise, dry skin brushing, full body scrub & wrap, colon hydrotherapy, drinking purified water and detox tea.
  • MENTAL-EMOTIONAL DETOX: You will be guided to let go of resentments, anger, past traumas and behaviors and belief systems that are holding you back. You will also create a long term vision for yourself.
  • PURIFYING THE BODY ACTIVATES THE SPIRIT: Detoxification stimulates spiritual growth, making us lighter and more connected to our higher self. Daily activities to nurture spirituality include walking meditation, sitting meditation, awareness and mindfulness training.
  • INSPIRING & NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: Stepping away from your routine and regular environment brings inspiration. Find yourself detached from mundane daily chores. Hawaii is the perfect environment to get back to health: pure air, fresh organic local food, sunshine, secluded beaches, quiet nurturing waters, fantastic snorkeling, scenic hiking trails and beautiful sunsets.



Upon rising Self-Guided
On empty stomach upon rising: lemon water
Morning ritual (optional): journaling, meditation, prayer, setting intentions for the day, focusing on gratitude, breathing exercises

7:30am-9:30am Morning Walk with Kai
Early morning walk: Painted Church Rd, Painted Church

10:00am Juice or Smoothie
Serving: Carrot, orange, lemon, ginger, turmeric juice or Mint Tea

10:00am Nutrient IV with Sue
Myers Cocktail

11:00am Brunch
Delicious raw, organic, detox brunch

12:15pm Juice
Serving: freshly pressed green juice

1:00pm – 5:00pm Colonics / Scrubs & Wraps / Additional IV
Check the white board for your appointment time

1:00pm – 5:00pm Self-guided Activities & Scheduled Treatment Appointments
When you’re not in your appointment, use the time for: dry skin brushing, sauna, hot tub, pool, journaling

5:00pm Juice
Serving: freshly pressed juice

5:30pm Dinner
Delicious raw, organic, detox dinner
Detox tea in the foyer

6:30pm – 8:00pm Circle 2
Our brain, our selves. The Habit Forming Self.
Sharing our stories

8:00pm Juice
Serving: freshly pressed juice

About This Event

Detox Your Body, Renew Your Spirit & Create a Clear Vision for 2020

Achieve a deep cellular detox with radical elimination of toxins without depriving yourself of food.

Imagine... A New You in 2020

Leaving you cleansed, energized, motivated, living on purpose, intentionally, with your heart and spirit aligned creating the health and life you desire. 

We’ve designed a 10 day wellness detox that addresses mind, body and spirit. Our therapeutic cleansing protocol enhances natural detoxification at the cellular and organ level, addresses toxic emotions, patterns of behavior and thinking that no longer serve you and opens up the path for accessing your higher self and spirit. Our aim is to purify your physical body, declutter your mind and move your center from head to heart.

I've come back refreshed and with a new understanding of myself. I lost weight, but never felt hungry, my mind and body are refreshed and I have a new attitude and understanding about myself. The food was so remarkable I've decided to modify my diet and have already changed my food shopping habits. It will be worth spending more time on preparing and planning meals just to keep the new healthy, calm, de-stressed self." – Ian, Jan 2019

What's Included

  • Detox Kit (loofah, natural sun cream, lip balm, toothpaste)
  • 4 Freshly Pressed Juices & 2 Raw Organic Meals Per Day
  • Morning Sunrise Guided Walk (Every Other Day)
  • Morning Group Yoga (Every Other Day)
  • Daily Sunset Meditation
  • Daily Infrared Sauna
  • 7 Special Educational Evening Circles
  • 3 Colonics (colon hydrotherapy)
  • 1 Massage
  • 1 Scrub & Wrap
  • IV Nutrient Infusions: 1x Glutathione Push, 1x Myers Cocktail, 1x Detox IV
  • 2 Excursions
  • Room with ensuite bathroom (private or shared if you bring a friend or partner to share with, we have five rooms to choose from)

What's Not Included

- Airfare
- Airport pick-up and drop off (it can be requested, but Uber or Lyft often costs the same).

Venue Highlights

Find yourself in the heart of historic Kealakekua Bay, near to secluded beaches, exceptional snorkeling, ancient hiking trails and dolphins in the bay. This 10-day wellness detox retreat combines a gentle detox with raw food and juices, infrared sauna, yoga, walks, detox treatments like our signature scrub & wrap, massage, colonics and evening educational classes designed to help you transform your life. Not only do you leave this retreat cleansed, rejuvenated and weighing less on the scale, you'll also have a new outlook on life and have a clear direction for your future.

Rest and reset your nervous system and reconnect with yourself. You deserve this!


The retreat venue sits on a large 1.4 acre hilltop lot that offers stunning, panoramic ocean and coastline views. The inn consists of two homes; a spacious mid-century modern designed home and a separate Hawaiian Ohana cottage. The 4,400 sq. ft. main residence houses three guest accommodation rooms: The Moana, Mahina and Makani. The 1000 sq. ft. Ohana cottage located in the garden behind the main house contains two more guest accommodation options: The Ula’Ala & Lani Suites. All five guest rooms include modern amenities and comforts including: private bathrooms, luxurious memory foam mattresses, kitchenettes, air conditioners, flat screen TV’s with BlueRay players, and Wi-Fi.

The style of the house is simple, clean, and reminiscent of romantic old Hawai’iana.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of this inn is its beautiful, round, toxin-free swimming pool facing the ocean with views of the entire Kealakekua, Ke’ei, Napo’opo’o area. Lounge poolside in comfortable deck chairs or find a shady area under the covered lanai to read a book. A hot tub is situated right next to the pool to relax you even further. The sunsets and moon sets are incredible to view from the pool, hot tub and pool side patio.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Tour Assistance
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free



We will provide your body with a high nutrient raw food diet consisting of organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Specifically you will have four freshly pressed green and/or carrot-beet juices per day and three raw detox meals.

Juices have highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals and are very absorbable. The powerful alkalizing effect of green juice help with neutralizing the acidification that happens when stored toxins, dead cells and waste products are released during the detoxification process. Since the liver is the body’s filtration system, it works extra hard during a detox. By introducing some cabbage and beets into some of the daily juices, we support liver function as these vegetables thin the bile, allowing it to flow more freely through the liver and into the small intestine. Bile is part of the body’s detoxification system and helps to mobilize toxins out of the body.

Raw, organic fruits and vegetables have the fiber to bind toxins and hormone metabolites for excretion plus the required nutrients to support the liver detoxification pathways. Seeds are a source of essential fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory to our system, promote good cell communication and mental health. Nuts contain saturated fats which are necessary in all cell membranes and in making hormones.

Antioxidants and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables will help to protect cells from damage by free radicals created by the process of detoxification itself.Rest assured, you will not feel deprived on this cleanse!



You will need to make your own way to the Luana Inn, South Kona where your retreat is hosted. It is 24.2 miles from the airport to the Luana Inn and takes about 45 minutes without traffic. To find directions, the exact address is: 82-5856 Lower Nāpo’opo’o Rd, Captain Cook, HI 96704.


From the Kona Airport (KOA), turn right onto the Queen Kaahumanu Hwy (Hwy 19). Follow the Highway, and it will transition into the Mamalahoa Hwy (Hwy 11). Follow the Hwy south for approximately 20 miles. You will pass through Kailua Kona and head uphill into South Kona. As you approach Napo’opo’o Road, you will see a small sign for Kealakekua Bay on your right and a Shell gas station on your left.

You will come to a four-way intersection with a stoplight. Go straight onto Napo'opo'o Road. Please ignore the addresses at the top portion
of the road (and your GPS). The addresses are indexed to their north-south location, and since the road goes south and then north again, they overlap.

Luana Inn is on the lower part of Napo’opo’o Road, approximately 3.5 miles down from the top. Follow the road until you reach a stop sign.

Take a right and continue down Napo’opo’o, past the big coffee mill on the right (Kona Pacific Farmer’s Co-op). Approximately ¼ mile past the coffee mill, you will see a large white stucco fence with our sign. There is a parking lot on the top and to the right. There’s almost always someone in the kitchen, who will Luana Inn 82-5856 Lower Napo’opo’o Rd.

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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