Nature is Medicine – Cancer Wellness

  • Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary
  • Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
  • Sep 27 - Oct 4, 2019 (8 days)
  • $2,611.00 - Guesthouse room single $2,334.00 - Guesthouse room (Early booking) $3,483.00 - Classic Casita single $3,138.00 - Classic Casita single (Early booking) $2,683.00 - Classic Casita double (per person) $2,403.00 - Classic Casita double (per p

About This Event

We are not doctors. We offer a nonclinical integrative approach with your clinical treatment, to cancer and your wellbeing. Samasati, a natural oasis for healing and transformation, provides nature as medicine. The focus is on Mind | Body | Spirit | Mission balance for the integral being. Forest bathing enhances immune function (human natural killer activity) and expression of anti-cancer proteins. Max’s loss of family and friends, and experiencing suffering from cancer, has impassioned him to advocacy for cancer prevention, wellness and healing.


Rainforest Therapy

Nature Is Medicine – Cancer Wellness Transformation

Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean

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Women | Men | All Adult Ages Welcome | No Children

Diagnosed with Cancer, Stages 1 to 4. Cancer Remission Stages 1 or 2

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Rainforest Transformation

Who We Are

We are not doctors. We offer a nonclinical integrative approach with your clinical treatment, to cancer and your wellbeing. Samasati a natural oasis for healing and transformation, nature is medicine.

The focus is on Mind | Body | Spirit balance for the integral being.

Clear your mind and spirit, through nature’s natural decompression chamber. Feel the stress and anxiety melt away, be present for deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Rest, let go and be, rest your mind and body that your spirit and peace are present and aware.

Breathe clear and clean air, take deep breaths and release anxiety. Know, understand and control the life-giving breath.

Rejuvenate, your passion, as you awaken, connect and transform. Be your inspiration.

Transform, take back what is lost, control your mind; body and spirit will follow.

Rainforest Therapy is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost your immunity and promote healing.

10 Reasons Why Nature is the Best Medicine

1.The Closer to Nature, the Healthier You’ll Be

2.Nature Changes Your Brain – For the Better

3.Sunny Skies Give You Vitamin D…

4…And a Good Night’s Sleep

5.The Outdoors Can Help You Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

6.Nature has Astounding Healing Properties

7.Being Outside is Good for Your Mental Health

8.More Outdoor Activity Makes for a Fitter, Healthier You

9.Nature Heightens the Senses and Memory

10. Happiness – Pure and Simple

Now, how astounding is that?

Let’s face it, being in nature just makes people happier in general. The great outdoors changes brain chemistry in a positive way, improves mood, decreases stress, provides opportunities for fun, and is simply downright beautiful.

All this ends up making for a happier and, thus, healthier you.

-Earth Porm | March 30, 2019

Forest bathing enhances human natural killer activity and expression of anti-cancer proteins.


In order to explore the effect of forest bathing on human immune function, we investigated natural killer (NK) activity; the number of NK cells, and perforin, granzymes and granulysin-expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) during a visit to forest fields. Twelve healthy male subjects, age 37-55 years, were selected with informed consent from three large companies in Tokyo, Japan.

The subjects experienced a three-day/two-night trip in three different forest fields. On the first day, subjects walked for two hours in the afternoon in a forest field; and on the second day, they walked for two hours in the morning and afternoon, respectively, in two different forest fields. Blood was sampled on the second and third days, and NK activity; proportions of NK, T cells, granulysin, perforin, and granzymes A/B-expressing cells in PBL were measured. Similar measurements were made before the trip on a normal working day as the control.

Almost all of the subjects (11/12) showed higher NK activity after the trip (about 50 percent increased) compared with before. There are significant differences both before and after the trip and between days 1 and 2 in NK activity. The forest bathing trip also significantly increased the numbers of NK, perforin, granulysin, and granzymes A/B-expressing cells. Taken together, these findings indicate that a forest bathing trip can increase NK activity, and that this effect at least partially mediated by increasing the number of NK cells and by the induction of intracellular anti-cancer proteins.

-Department of Hygiene and Public Health, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo. (contact info blocked)

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Nature Therapy: A State-of-the-Art Review

(contact info blocked)PMC5580555/

School of Nursing and Health Professions, University of San Francisco, 2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94901, USA

A before and after comparison of the effects of forest walking on the sleep of a community-based sample of people with sleep complaints

(contact info blocked)PMC3216244/

-Emi Morita,1 Makoto Imai,2 Masako Okawa,3 Tomiyasu Miyaura,4 and Soichiro Miyazaki3


Retreat Includes:




Yoga & Meditation

Therapeutic Massage

Caribbean Night | Local Caribbean Cuisine | Salsa & Merengue Music

National Park | Water Falls | Chocolate Factory Tour

Optional Tours, Activities & Spa Services Available Upon Request

Alcohol is not served, but made available upon request

Optional Self-care Spa Services  – (contact info blocked)

Round-trip travel from San Jose (SJO Airport or Hotel) – Private ground shuttle included, or Air shuttle optional.

Daily Workshops:


Stress Management

Natural Health and Healing

Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health

Aging and Health

Experience an astonishing transformation, as you adventure through natures healing place. We Promise a lasting experience. It’s all about You!

Consult your physician for nature, out of doors based activities.

Physical limitations questionnaire will be provided.

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