Bolivia: Authentic & Original San Pedro (Wachuma) Solstice Long Dance and Pilgrimage to Island of the Sun

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Welcome to the Original San Pedro Long Dance, Inspired by Spirit and kept in Sacredness, Respect and Beauty for the last 20 years by the Sacha Runa Community in Bolivia, and shared with many people from all over the world who have experienced its Mystery, its Magic, its Healing, its Profound Connection with Spirit and its Transformative and Liberating Potential, not just for the Dancers and Their Families, but for the Benefit of All Beings. (contact info blocked)

The Long Dance ceremony is brought to us by Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael) Native American Medicine man, Visionary, Mystic and author from the Souther Ute and Picuri Pueblo Native Nations. The San Pedro Long Dance Ceremony is a variation created by Miguel A. Kavlin, Bolivian Shaman and apprentice to Beautiful Painted Arrow, who named him the caretaker and chief of the Bolivian Sun-moon Dance and S.P. Long Dance which has been danced for eighteen years now. Presently it is carried by only  authorized Sacha Runa Shamans, who have received the Blessing, Empowerement of Spirit and the Authorization of the Lineage Holder,to perform it with true love, surrender and devotion, in Honor, Truth and Beauty.

Before the dance all dancers paint a banner where they materialize their intention for the dance: What it is they want to leave behind in their lives, what they want to call into their lives and what their wishes are for others and the world at large. Prayer ties of tobacco are made with strong intention and hung around the dance arbor along with the prayer banners, as offerings to the six directions, so that the dance will be wreathed in prayer. After the dance these tobacco ties are placed in the central ceremonial fire as an offering to the Great Mystery, releasing the prayers of the dance to the world.

Traditionally we dance all night around a fire within a circlular enclosure; half the night in one direction (clockwise) , the other in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise), working the spirals of energy to first go deep within where matter implodes and we are purified of that which we wish to leave behind in our lives, and then when we change to the upward spiral, we send forth prayers and blessings to the universe and also receive them, as our wishes for the future are potentiated and realized through the energy we set in motion through our dance steps.

The earth we take out from the fire pit in the middle is placed in front of the entrance on the eastern side of the circle enclosure, and becomes the earth altar, where we place offerings, flowers, cornmeal and candles, and where dancers can go pray anytime during the dance.

We dance from sun down to sunrise mostly without stopping. Dancers many times will enter into deep healing processes and may feel the need to rest but are asked to continue dancing if not for them selves for all sentient beings. Dancers often spend time in reflection and prayer at the fire and at the Earth alter giving offerings in deep communion with spirit. Each dancer is welcome to play instruments or sing while they move around the fire in one or another direction.

Before the San Pedro Long Dance Ceremony we prepare a burnt-offering ceremony in the Andean tradition, to propitiate the Great Spirit, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the four directions, All Enlightened Beings, The Mountain Guardians (Achachilas), Spirits of Sacred Places (Huacas), Ancestors (awichas), Mother earth and local guardians in order to obtain their permission and help in conducting the dance.

Around the fire we place a six pointed star, and in each point of the star we place offerings of food, flowers and spirits for the beings in each of the six worlds: the world of the Gods, demi-Gods, Humans, animals, hungry ghosts and demons, that they too may derive benefit from our efforts, and their suffering be eased. That is, we dance and work through our obstacles, obscurations and confusions in order to benefit ourselves and all of being ness.

In the center is the fire where all is one and all pollution and contamination is consumed and transformed, and wherefrom blessings ensue to guide us towards the integration of our manifold dislocated and uncoordinated energies into the one heart. When they want or need dancers kneel in front of the fire to pray and offer cedar or cornmeal or coca leaves. 

In the San Pedro Long Dance Ceremony participants in the dance consume an amount of the sacred cactus Achuma and enter the healing and cleansing process which it brings along. An incredible amount of work is done in one night, where with every step we set energy in motion and are able to transcend obstacles carried within, sometimes for entire lifetimes. 

Some of the participants enter into past life experiences in order to free themselves from their negative charge in the present. One dramatic example is of two women, who during one dance both entered into a state of great suffering and wailing, breathing very fast. This lasted for a long time until they where able to relax and rest in peace. As they told us afterwards, they where seeing a life where they where both burnt unjustly at the stake, accused of witchcraft. Subsequently they entered a state where they saw themselves dying and giving birth simultaneously. It was a rebirthing experience that freed them from the past and allowed them a free start in this life. Another woman completely lost her sense of self into a seeming chaos, only to find herself back in full consciousness, only this time in onneness with the Great Spirit, feeling the perfection of it all and herself in harmony with all of creation.

No matter how intense the process during the ceremony is, by the time we come around to finishing the ceremony, everybody is safely brought back to themselves, only free of some of their burdens, full of insight and blessings, and ready to enter back into their lives with renewed energy, vision and insight.

To help in this work the shaman blesses each dancer with the sacred smoke at key places in their bodies, helping to expell anr remaining negativities attached to the dancers, blessings the energy pathways of the body, and closing the chakras so that dancers can safely reenter the world.

We finally close with a burnt offering ceremony giving thanks to all the beings who participated with us in the dance and helped us to send out and bring in the blessings so that all of beingness may be blessed by the efforts of the participants and our lives be beautiful and honorable from here on!

After the dance a sweat lodge ceremony is often times honored making sure that all who have come to the dance are clean, purified, and newly born into their transformed selves. After the sweat a feast is had in celebration and nurturance of the newly formed dancers, strengthening body and community for the work that is to come integrating the power of the dance in to each others lives until next years dance. Dancers are blessed and carry their blessings out into the world. 

For more info on the San Pedro Long Dance and other rituals and Sacred Journeys conducted by Sacharuna Community simply email (contact info blocked)

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Venue Highlights

Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” is ideal fora retreat.. Its location near the city of La Paz, the exceptional beauty of its landscape, exquisite design of its infrastructure, the tranquility and silence of its surroundings and the powerful energies of the land make any occasion a special one.
Our buildings are finely designed and elaborated using local materials, with the goal of making them comfortable, elegant and fitting for a wonderful visit.
One of the basic concepts behind our structures is energy efficiency and conservation. The buildings made of clay in the La’kauta fashion passively store solar power, which in turn is used to heat our rooms and spaces at night.
The Palca Canyon, "el Valle de Las Ánimas" and the Laguna de Las Ánimas, are considered natural monuments by the department of La Paz and therefore there is an effort to protect their geological formations, flora, and fauna.
Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” is an experience you won’t want to miss. The beauty, magic and mysticism of our place will ensure you have a peaceful, comfortable and life transforming stay.


We have double cabins with private solarium terrace with views of the Andes, also Cuádruple rooms .
All adobe dome-shaped exquisitely and uniquely designed and comfortable.


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


45 minutes from downtown la Paz, just far enough to be quite and peaceful, yet close enough for all the modern conveniences.
Nestled between sacred mountains and the Valley and Lagoon of the Souls, this is a unique spot that aymarás every year come to offer burn-offerings to propitiate good health, happiness and well being.
The map tells you how to get there.

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