Ayahuasca/dieta Retreat with Maestra Manuela Mahua

About This Event

What is a dieta ?
A "dieta" is an ancient body of practices that allows individuals to heal and to learn from plant spirits. During a dieta, participants heal not only physical issues, but also emotional and spiritual blockages. In order to receive healing and teachings from the plants, it is necessary to build a relationship with the spirits of the plants. To learn well and go deep into the healing process, we live by certain rules and abstain from some activities and foods. These restrictions are meant to cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual body, which allows us to develop a proper relationship with the plants. In a sense, the more strict the retreat is, the more purified our bodies become, and the easier it is for the plant spirits to heal us and teach us.
The main restrictions will be to abstain from salt, sugar, fruit, spices, oil, red meat, pork, alcohol, drugs and sexual activities during the 10 day dieta. Depending on the individual, there may also be a “post-dieta” (determined by the Maestra) during which you won't be allowed to have sex, alcohol, drugs and pork.
This dieta will be 10 days long, which is a typical length for an introductory dieta in the Shipibo tradition. There will be 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, each person will drink the tea of a master plant 2 times. The master plant that you connect with (by drinking the tea) will be determined by the Maestra to be most appropriate for your particular needs.
If you have a certain illness that you want to work on during this dieta, please let us know as our Maestra could prepare a specific master plant tea for you. Many people have cured themselves of cancers, rheumatism, arthritis, food addictions, drug addictions and other ailments, dieting specific plants along with Ayahuasca.
- The cost for the dieta will be 1150eu
- A non refundable deposit is needed to secure your place.
The dieta includes:
- Pick up/ drop off from meeting point.
- Accommodation and food at a local retreat centre.
- 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies
- Master plant remedies
Part of the earnings of these retreats will go to a project to purchase land for Maestra Manuela and her family. This will allow her to work from her own centre.
The Maestra:
Maestra Manuela comes from a long-standing and well-respected family lineage of Shipibo healers in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon.
She is 70 years old with nearly 50 years of experience working with the medicine. She began drinking Ayahuasca with her father at age 13.
Even today she heals and teaches, both Shipibo and foreigners, and she continues to undertake diets to learn more and gain more healing power.
She has a vast knowledge and understanding of the natural pharmacy.
Manuela is an incredibly generous and positive force, and in each ceremony she always makes sure to work on each participant individually in ceremony through singing her incredible variety of healing songs (called ikaros).
The facilitator:
The facilitator will be Jurriën van der Waals from the Netherlands.
He has been working with the medicine for about 14 year in various traditions and with different healers.
He worked for one the most well known centers in Iquitos. This is where he met the first Shipibo Maestro who took him to his village to do a 1 month diet in isolation.
After living and working close with him, deep in the jungle, he didn’t want to be part of the big Ayahuasca tourist scene anymore. He realised that dieta and working close to a Maestro , were really the way to work with the medicine and to receive deep teachings and healing.
So from that moment on, instead of ceremonies with huge groups in some expensive and fancy centre run by western people, he decided to work only with natives and to train in the traditional way.
The following years Jurriën went back to the same village to do a 3 month dieta in isolation and after he revisited some of the Maestras he worked with in the center and started to work intensely with Maestra Manuela Mahua, her uncles and a Maestro who has been trained in her family lineage.
Seeing how special her lineage is and resonating with the way she was teaching him he decided to dedicate himself to the tradition of the Mahua lineage.
They have been working together for about 10years now.

Venue Highlights

The center is located on a lake called Yarina Cocha. You can go for swims or watch the beautiful sunset.


The accommodation are simple diet huts called "tambo's".


  • Ceremony Space


The meals will be diet friendly, selected by the Maestra.
It will consist of rice, veggies, fish, plantains.

If you require any special foods please let us know in advance.

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  • Georgios Kargellis   January 01, 2016

      The healing power of unconditional Love, in a woman. She is FANTASTIC!

    My journey gave me the opportunity to meet and work with this amazing lady, and i feel so lucky! I met and work with her, among other members of her family, (so many powerful shamans!) we had some ceremonies, and, when ever it was time to work with her, the feeling of love and the temperature in my heart was higher! Pure light and visible patterns of blessing energy where surrounding us ach time, there are not words to describe. Her vibe is at the same time otherworldly and "at home" ! She have a unique way to reach deep in the soul, to find dark and abandoned "illness" and to help you get rid of it, so amazingly easy! When not in a ceremony, this lovely lady is love in a human body, i strongly believe she heals 24/7, just by being in touch with you or sharing food, she is one of the most precious creatures i ever met in this life! Highly recommend her to anyone who is called by Love!

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