Stopping the World - A mindfulness retreat

Event Highlights

  • Through your 8 day retreat you will experience:
  • - A silent retreat (2 days in the jungle in silent)
  • - A tamascal (an indigenous practice)
  • - Connection with nature, yourself and others
  • - Liberative activities
  • - Tools which you may bring back home


Example of a day during Stopping the World:

A guided mindfulness meditation to focus the mind and build healthy habits.

Morning Movement
Yoga, hike, natural exercise or capoeira.

Sea Swim
Refresh and rejuvenate with a dip in the ocean

A delicious nutritious breakfast to start the day right.

Morning Workshop
Listening to your inner voice, working with the subconscious mind, connection workshop.

A healthy and varied lunch to enjoy all together with extra time to nap or relax.

Afternoon Activity
Art, music, dance, creativity, relaxation and psychology workshops.

Free Time
Time for yourself to relax, process and reflect.

A time to regroup as a family and share a tasty meal lovingly prepared by our kitchen team. Sometimes we have a music circle or a Brazilian dance party!

Night Routine
Journalling quiet time, summarizing the day, getting ready for a good night’s sleep.

About This Event

The main focus of the program is to create the physical and psychological space for you to experience a deep calm and tranquillity, as well as learning the necessary knowledge and tools to create a life of balance and extreme well-being. We focus on the three core pillars of our physical being; sleep, nutrition and exercise, in combination with mindfulness and stress management strategies to get you feeling mentally and physically healthy and energised.

During the program, we aim to deepen your understanding and practice

of mindfulness in various spheres of life including your relationships,

communication, eating habits, emotions and thoughts. We will challenge you

to increase your consciousness of the reality of your inner and outer world

by asking, how aware are you? What didn’t you notice before? So that you

can be more effective in being the person that makes you shine and doing the

things that really excite you.

​​The experience blew our minds to the moon. We learned at Rosemary that you have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations of what you can achieve except the limitations of your own mind. Thank you, we love you from the deepest part of our hearts! - ​​Nikie AND Didier Duplas

Venue Highlights


Our home is set in 72,000m² of wild nature which provides the ideal environment for you to challenge your body and mind. We have a natural playground at our disposal, including a river flowing from Barra to the local town, the ocean waves to surf and splash in, the saltwater lake to swim, the forest to explore and the mountain to conquer. There are many amazing hikes and walks to do in the area; one to the lighthouse overlooking Barra da Lagoa, another to an astro-archaeological site, another to nudist beach and many others. You can choose to escape to whatever landscape you feel and reimmerse yourself into the wonders of the natural world.

Get ready to climb trees, run through the forest, hike up mountains and splash with the fishes.


This is not a surf camp, spiritual sanctuary, self-help centre, wellness retreat, hippy community, etc. This is an experience based in the wilderness to enable to self-empowerment.

Living Space
The open communal area has a modern kitchen for you to enjoy and a wooden deck for shared family meals. Climb up high to our library deck or hang out in the fishing net, enriching your mind with books from philosophy to comics and everything in between. Explore to our hidden attic quiet room to meditate, read or enjoy a well-earned nap. Home will provide you with an amazing shared living space perfect for building a sense of community and the opportunity to form new and lasting friendships.

Weekly Activities
Each week we create a different schedule that includes all the daily activities. The type of activities depend on which members of the family we have currently at Rosemary. We have everything you could imagine in one place: parties, yoga, surfing, studying, topical talks, discussions, fasting, gardening, detoxing, meditating, surviving, sailing, moving, eco-building, dancing, cooking, WORKING, hiking, free diving, self-sustainability teaching, public speaking , self-expression, painting, singing, acting, book reading, goal setting, poetry… YOU NAME IT… WE'VE GOT IT (or we’ll just make it happen)! Not only this, but we also have weekly empowerment session where we will discuss, teach and learn about topics such as social fears, personal barriers, goal setting, personal identity and finding purpose. We also encourage you to go on a fishing trip with the local fishermen to experience real culture and help the community.

Facilities and Opportunities
Rosemary is not just a really cool house. Although we do have wifi free to use, you might be distracted with our two yoga decks overlooking the sea and Barra, which can be used for many activities or just to sit and admire the view, yoga mats, hanging hoops and our surfboards if you fancy yourself as a rad surfer dude. We live within the perfect balance of nature and urban life. There are plenty of activities in the surrounding area, such as sand boarding, clubbing, kayaking, live music, to do at a low coast. The International Airport, Bus Station and City Centre are all less than an hour from our door.


Our deluxe shared mixed dorms come with a bathroom and lockers. Every bed has its own plug, light and curtain for privacy. They have been built with reclaimed wood that we collected, so each has it's own unique character. We provide towels and sheets and of course, we have lovely hot showers. We also have a range of accommodation to use at your will, including jungle hammocks and areas for wild camping.


We provide breakfast, lunch and diner everyday, which is usually a buffet-style vegetarian selection. On an average day we have fresh fruits, such as watermelon, apple, banana and papaya, raisin and coconut oats, egg frittata, fruit compote and a healthy treat of some sort. Lunch and diner are equally as tasty and healthy, but changes from day to day. Every Tuesday and Friday we get together; participants, team and guests, to eat a family meal. This is a shared dinner to strengthen bonds and form new ones around some filling food.



Rosemary Dream is based in Barra Da Lagoa. The cheapest way is to arrive is by bus. From the central bus station (Terminal Centro), it will take you 1-2 hours depending on the day. When you arrive at Centro, you need to exit and head right to the local bus station (Terminal Urbano). Here you will need to get either the 320 or the 330 to TILAG (Terminal de Integração da Lagoa da Conceição) and then the 360 to Barra Da Lagoa. At the final stop you will see a big blue bridge which you need to cross and then follow the path right for 100 metres until you’re at Rosemary Dream.


It is around 50 Reis to get an uber from the Terminal Centro to Barra da Lagoa so if you don’t mind spending that little bit extra, jump in!


If you took a flight to Florianopolis, you can either get a ticket for a minibus to a nearby bus station and get a bus from there to Terminal Centro, Floripa inside the airport before you exit, or alternatively you can take a taxi there too.

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