SOUL PILGRIMAGE: Mayan and Aztec civilizations

  • Cancun, Aeropuerto, Temixco, Morelos, Mexico
  • Aug 21 - Sep 4, 2019 (15 days)

Event Highlights

  • Feedback from a similar trip with Papa Victor, Ieva, and Roland:
  • I am not afraid to say that the summer trip to Peru and Bolivia in 2018 organized by Ieva and Rolandas was the journey of my life. Although the trip was quite expensive compared to my income at that time, but when I saw description of this trip I was determined to go no matter what. And this trip proved what I knew long ago – the best investment is to invest in myself. What can I say about this trip? Great people, I keep in touch with them until today, well-organized tours with local guides, non-touristic objects, including Tiwanaku archaeological site in Bolivia, which is extremely difficult to reach by tourists. A separate word deserves our travel guide, local shaman papa Victor, who is fully in line with the description "be more than you look"; traveling with him you will not only learn the incredible history of the land, which is not described in any books, but also you will experience the ancient Andean shaman's healing tradition. Meeting papa Victor will bring reconciliation with relatives and ancestors, rediscover beauty of nature and learn to look with surprise and gratitude in every moment. The experience of this journey became source of inspiration in all areas of my life. -Indrė, 38 years old
  • Last summer I traveled with Ieva, Rolandas, Papa Victor, Christopher and Dianita to Peru and Bolivia. I can’t find any words to express what I experienced. I can only say that I experienced the best university of my life, from which the benefits cannot be measured by any external measures or definitions. I was learning in every moment, every step and every breath. I learned how to see, not just watch, how to hear, not just listen. I transformed many blocks that didn’t let me to love myself, God, family, that didn’t let me have limitless abundance and life of my dreams. And the guides are amazing! They have God’s gift to help people, their hearts are wide open, they work with inexhaustible patience and strong inner desire to help others find themselves. Papa Victor helped me to experience another dimension of vision and sensation of wonderful nature and historical monuments. I honestly recommend this type of trip with Ieva and Rolandas because after such experiences you will never be the same. -Lina, 34 m.



Day 01: 22.08.19 – Welcome in Cancun (Mexico)
• Flight to Cancun International Airport, transfer to the hotel.
• One night in Cancun

Day 02: 23.08.19
• Introduction
• Two-hours trip to the archaeological center – Ek Balam
• Swimming, refreshing and cleansing at Cenote Saamal waters - great start of the transformational journey

Day 03: 24.08.19 – Day in Ek Balam
• 1st ceremony with Cosmic Medicine Wachuma (San Pedrito)
• Breakfast
• Visiting Ek Balam temple along with pyramid and initiation room. It’s called White Temple of Wisdom (SAK-XOK-NAH). The great Jaguar prophets created the city of Ek Balam from the stars to teach us the mystical mysteries of the universe. Climbing the Great Palace, you will see the seven Jaguar Maya teachers and will receive unique spiritual teaching from them.
• Dinner

Day 04: 25.08.19
• 2nd ceremony with Cosmic Medicine Wachuma (San Pedrito)
• An hour journey to holy Balankanche cave for special ceremony near the underground lake and Tree of Knowladge, which has been formed over the millennia by slow-sloping limestone that connects all three levels of reality (body, mind, soul). This place is protected by Aluxes—Earth Mayan spirit. The cosmic energy of heaven was grounded here. In ancient times, initiates came here to overcome their fear and test their determination.
• Dinner
• Optional sound and light show at the site (extra cost).

Day 05: 26.08.19
• 3rd ceremony with Cosmic Medicine Wachuma (San Pedrito)
• Breakfast
• Trip to Chichen Itza – the famous city of Mayan temples which was the political, economic and religious center. The spirit and wisdom of the city of Chichen Itza came from Itzamna, the teacher of Atlantis who constructed the University of Cosmic Maya in the temples and pyramids; it’s where science, art, philosophy and religion formed one unit of thought, word and action. This university was known throughout Central America, where priests, astronomers, mathematicians, scribes, artists, doctors, teachers and wise men studied. Chichen Itza has more than 2,000 temples and pyramids (each of them - stone library), two magnificent cenotes and well known KuKuulKaan pyramid.
• We'll spend the whole day here.
• Dinner

Day 06: 27.08.19
• Breakfast
• Bus ride to Mayapan Ceremony Center. According to the history and folklore, Mayapan was the place where the wisdom and teachings of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Maypan merged and eventually became the city of the Mayan Shield of Maya. Kukulkan spent his last year passing on Mayan knowledge of space, constellations, solar system, equinoxes and solstice. Kukulkan pyramid is dedicated to the Sun and the Solar logos. Every year, on the 21st of December, as the sun sets, light and shadows on the northern stairs form a figure that appears as the descent of the Serpent to the Earth. KuKuulKaan symbolizes our own inner energy called Kundalini, and the Serpent of Light that appears on Dec 21 resembles a small sun in the Northern Hemisphere, which will be reborn on the March 21, the Spring Equinox. We will have a ceremony in this holy place and Papa Victor will give us guided tour so we can appreciate more the magnificence of Mayapan.
• Free time for independent exploration
• Dinner
• Returning to the hotel, night at Maypane

Day 07: 8.08.19
• A trip to Uxmal, also known as the City of the Merciful Moon or the University of Cosmic Femininity. The name Uxmal originated from Oxmal, meaning "built three times" (inside the main pyramid there are two more older structures). Here in Uxmal, women were taught five gifts of spirit: love, femininity, maternity, beauty and charity. Uxmal is a cosmic university where priestesses, vestals, astronomers, artists, scribes, midwives and healers received knowledge from the Master Teachers leading them to become “Ix Kukuulkaan” or “Women of the Cosmic Knowledge”. This cosmic university is also the ceremony center dedicated to the Eternal Femininity where all knowledge was passed to many future generations. This place has one of the most beautiful temples and pyramids in Mesoamerica: The Quadrangle of the Nuns, the Governor's Palace and the Pyramid of the Dwarf of Uxmal.
• Papa Victor, Diana, Christoph, Ievita and Rolandas will lead us into meditation and guide us on a tour of the site, illuminating origins for us with wisdom teachings and stories.
• Night in Uxmul

Day 08: 29.08.19
• Breakfast
• Trip to Bacalar
• Time to relax and share your experience with the team
• Night in Bacalare

Day 09: 30.08.19 – One day in Bacalar
• 5th ceremony with Cosmic Medicine Wachuma (San Pedrito)
• Whole day in Bacalare
• Dinner

Day 10: 31.08.19
• Time to relax and share your experience
• One day in Bacalar

Day 11: 01.09.19
• Breakfast
• Trip to Chemuyil

Day 12: 02.09.19
• Breakfast
• Trip to Coba. Coba is an ancient Mayan city with the largest network of engraved stones that document the Mesoamerican classical ceremonial life and important events.
• Visiting impressive pyramids: Castillo, Nohoch Mul, The Nohoch Mul.
• Night in Coba

About This Event

We invite you to join us on soul pilgrimage to Mexico with respected Peruvian shaman Papa Victor, Christoph Erbel and Diana Dancourt. It is self-healing journey where step by step, breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat with our Father/Mother Earth and Sacred Plant of San Pedro (Wachuma) we will connect deeply with our hearts. With the help of sacred plants, shaman and his team, we will work with our three bodies – physical, mental and spiritual and together we will connect with the wisdom of ancient civilization of Mayan and Aztec.

IMPORTANT: This is not a tourist trip. Drinking alcohol is not allowed while traveling. We will kindly ask you to be active and involved in the program, openly share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Tours during the trip will be experienced from the spiritual perspective in order to expand the awareness of the participants and allow them to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around.


What's Included

  • • 13 Hotel accommodations in triple and quadruple rooms
  • • Airport transfers
  • • All ground transportation by public bus
  • • All private guided excursions, admission fees included
  • • Spiritual instructor Papà Victor Estrada (from the 1st to the 13th day)
  • • 5 Ceremonies with the Sacred Medicine San Pedrito
  • • Translation and assistance: Diana Dancourt, Christoph Erbel, Ieva Žigonė, Rolandas Žigonis
  • • 24 / 7 Concierge Live Assistance

What's Not Included

• Flights; meals; passport and visa fees; travel insurance; personal expenses

connecting with ancient civilizations deep healing plant medicine

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