7 days Colombian Shamanic journey in Peru

Event Highlights

  • 3 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • 1 chichaja ceremony
  • Tobaco clense
  • Learning more about the plant chichaja and participate in brewing it.
  • Daily yoga (Not obligatory)
  • Possibilties to learn Colombian medicine music


09.00 Breakfast served
11.30-12.30 Light yoga (Not obligatory)
13.00-14.00 Light lunch and juice
18.00 Ceremony

During the days where there is not a ceremony we will also serve dinner

About This Event

About This Event

We have received a unique opportunity to host a retreat with our Colombian Shaman Taita Salvador Juajibioy , his wife and 3 daughters.

During this week we will be invited to take part on a journey with the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca .

And we all will also take part brewing a medicine called Chichaja , where we have the honor to learn more about this sacred and magical plant.

Salvador is a highly skilled and humble man from the Kametsa tribe in Colombia, he has dedicated his life to Mother Earth and serving those who are in search for healing or those who want to learn more about plant medicine.

During the 7 days retreat it will be :

1 tobacco cleanse

3 ayahuasca ceremonies

daily yoga (Not obligatory)

1 chichaja ceremony where we will brew it together.

3 flower bath

We are hosting this retreat at The Garden of Peace, Ayahuasca & Master Plant Healing Center Peru

We are holding a healing space for those who want to dive into the world of plants.

Here at the Garden of Peace /Plantas Sagrado we live and work with love, where we receive our guest and guide them during and after the healing process. We are honored to share and receive what this path of healing will bring to your life.We are a couple that has decided to dedicate our lives to service healing and the well being: physical, mental and spiritual. We have the honor to work with Taita Salvador Juagibioy and his family that are so humble and do the healing work with pure light.

We know that healing is a living labor and is unique just like each guest. For this reason, we have chosen to work with a very experienced and skilled shaman, which cares for the whole: body, mind and spirit.

So if your new to the plant medicine or have tried it before, we welcome you with open arms and love.

We have chosen to have our retreats in the jungle , where you are able to disconnect from the "city life"

That means we do not have any wifi /or signal on the property, we bath in the river and live in small huts

.We eat organic local grown food and enjoy the simple life, so we can connect back to our roots.

By exploring the medicine in our safe environment; you are receiving powerful tools that gives us the opportunity to connect with our self.

The sacred medicine invite you to use those tools and to give us strength to make the changes we need to live in peace, well being and to stay strong and healthy.

There is 2 options for this retreat;

7 days shaminc journey that cost 1222 usd

15-21 july

22-28 july

Everything is included in the price:

Pick up and drop of in Tarapoto

All meals

All ceremonies and other activites

What's Included

  • transport from and to the airport : Tarapoto Airport
  • All meals included (breakfast,lunch dinner and fruit)
  • All ceremonies and activities

What's Not Included

Airfare is not included

Venue Highlights

The healing start with a 3 hours hike to reach our location in the high jungle in Putomayo.


The ceremony place , inside the maloka .
Here you will always have a fire burning , the kamentsa tribe always have a fire during ceremonies.


We served food that are suitable with the plants .


Nearest airport in Colombia is Pasto
Nearest airport in Peru is Iquitos

ayahuasca chicha chichaja kamentsa peru shaman tarapoto tobaccocleanse yage

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  • Marcus Benfield   June 15, 2019


    I embarked on an amazing journey with this humble, kind and experienced spiritual leader. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to be part of something so life changing... :)))))))

  • Eva Maria Pilar Patiño   June 13, 2019


    My impression is that Salvador is very kind, mild and genuine. I really got the feeling that he truly cares about all the participants of the ceremony. He is very easy to talk to, open, willing to lisson, willing to help and to share knowledge. Good hearted.

  • Alfons skogh   June 12, 2019


    I hade the honor of sitting in ceremony with Salvador when he visited Norway. The energy he brought to ceremony was out of this world, and in just 3 ceremonies I was able to let go of my addictions. Highly recommended!! Much love!

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