Detox week

Event Highlights

  • 6 yoga classes
  • 1 massage
  • Walking in a beautiful area
  • Kayaking through the Mondego valley
  • Free Tea and water
  • Full board with Juices or salads
  • Coaching
  • Liver purification
  • Kindney purification


In general the day starts at 8 o'clock with your weight and the measurement of your blood pressure, followed by breakfast at 9 o'clock. For those for whom an intestinal flush is planned, the day starts at 7 a.m.
then there is the massage on day 2 or 3. massages can be reserved the following days. After lunch at 1:00 pm the liver cleansing follows. kidney cleansing on days 6 and 7. There is a yoga class at 5.30 pm, with dinner at 7 pm. After dinner the day is discussed together. How do you feel, what do you encounter, what may the management give extra attention to, followed by going through the next day. The 4th day will be the walking day and day 6 the kayaking day. We end the week on day 7 with a small party.

About This Event

We experience health, vitality and well-being when our life energy can flow freely. An ideal situation that is constantly under pressure in our everyday life. There are many reasons why we physically, emotionally and mentally stagnate or even block.

Dietary habits, less exercise, stress from work, family, relationships and unwanted changes play a role in this. The effect? We get tired, experience headaches, joint and muscle complaints, bowel complaints and eventually cardiovascular diseases, unrestrained emotions or burnout symptoms. Body and mind are connected, so as far as we are concerned, a period of fasting involves more than just detoxing your body ...

A detox week is particularly suitable to stop the dormant "pollution" of your body and mind. It removes toxins from your body and causes an increase in energy so that you are better able to cope with the challenges in your life. And when you feel strong, you are also better able to tackle the dormant emotional and mental blockages and make room for new experiences and an authentic expression.

Via Ayurveda, a gift from mother nature

What's Included

  • including:
  • 7 overnights at Casa do Rio
  • Full board, from day 3 through juices or salads
  • 6 yoga/meditation classes
  • Free tea and water
  • Walking
  • Kayaking
  • A list with recommandations to start-up this week at home
  • liver cleansing
  • kindney cleansing

What's Not Included

Transfer Airport-Secarias vice-versa
All other not mentioned things

Venue Highlights

This beautiful guesthouse is located in the heart of Portugal.
3 apartments
1 hotel room
all equipped with toilet and shower facilities
many terraces for sunbathing or just looking for shade
located on a river beach, so opportunities for swimming in pure water.


There are 2 2-person apartments, each with two XL beds (80 x 220).
A modern bathroom with shower and toilet. Bathrobes, towels, a hair dryer and cosmetics are provided.
There is a kitchenette with fridge, electric stove, oven, coffee maker and all kitchen supplies.
There is a cozy sitting area with a wood stove, a radio with a USB connection. A (shared) veranda with garden furniture.

A 4-person apartment. This spacious apartment has a loft with two XL beds (80 x 220). On the ground floor there are two more XL beds (80x220)
A traditional Portuguese bathroom with shower and toilet. Bathrobes, towels, a hair dryer and cosmetics are provided.
There is a kitchenette with fridge, electric stove, combi microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and all kitchen utensils.
There is a spacious, cozy sitting area, a dining table, wood-burning stove, an audio / CD player with USB connection, flat screen TV and DVD player.
A private terrace with garden furniture.
And a hotel room with a luxurious bathroom with shower and toilet. Bathrobes, towels, a hair dryer and cosmetics are provided.
Beautiful view over the river Alva and the garden.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Choose your own juices
 Following a detox cure often means drinking juice that you do not like. Of course you cannot argue about taste, but we are going to minimize the chance that this will happen. With us you will have the opportunity to choose your own juices. In addition, we ensure that you can read on site which juices suit you from an Ayurvedic perspective.

 The mildfasting cure
The mild-fast cure does not differ much in design and program from the juice-fast cure . There are many reasons why it is advisable not to follow a juice fast cure . One is that people cannot afford to drink exclusively. The circumstances underlying this are actually irrelevant. Whoever opts for a milder form of fasting, gives the body the chance not to panic and to detoxify. Mild fasting, where rice, fruit and vegetables are eaten, is an excellent way to purify the body from its excess waste. Ayurveda advises some types of people not to follow a strict juice diet. This is strongly discouraged for people with a dominant Vata constitution.


Portugal has 2 airports. In Lisbon and Porto. The closest is Porto. From here it is almost a 2-hour drive to your destination. There are several car rental companies at the airport, with myself having very good experiences with Centauro car rental.
There is a shuttle -Coimbra Airport Shuttle- from both airports to the Coimbra region. On their website you can make your reservation and they will bring you right for the entrance of Casa do Rio.
But I can imagine that it would be a shame to rent a car, this week offers you possibilities for personal trips, but this does not really give a relaxed feeling what the intention is. Another option is to take the Metro from the airport to Porto Campanha. From there take the train to Coimbra B. There you will be met by one of the employees for further transport to Secarias. Reimbursement for this is € 25 euros vice versa

cleansing coaching detoxification juices portugal rejuvenation salads walking weightlosing yoga

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