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Authentic Shipibo retreat in the Amazon jungle: 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies + 1 San Pedro Ceremony + 1 Cacao Ceremony + Plant medicines ++

Event Highlights

  • Ayahuasca ceremony in the jungle
  • San Pedro ceremonies
  • Sacred plant medicines (aside from Ayahuasca)
  • Private attention and constant contact with Curandera Lucia


On ceremony days, you'll have plenty of time to relax and meditate or take part in some of the activities we offer.

At around 6-7pm, you'll be given a plant bath in preparation for the ceremony.

At 9pm, we will meet in the Maloka.

By 10pm, those who are drinking will have had their drink.

Curanderos will remain in the Maloka with guests, until late in the night when guests chose to sleep in the maloka or return to their dorms.

About This Event

Retreat schedule:

Day 1: Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestro Leonardo & Maestra Lucia

Day 2: One-to-one discussion with Lucia regarding treatment plan

Day 3: Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestra Lucia

Day 4: One-to-one discussion with Lucia, relax, and learn about plants (collection, preparation, medicinal properties)

Day 5: San Pedro Ceremony

Day 6: Ayahuasca Jungle Ceremony with Maestro Leonardo & Maestra Lucia

Day 7: Cacao Ceremony

Day 8: Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestro Leonardo & Maestra Lucia

Day 9: One-to-one discussion with Lucia, relax

Day 10: Ayahuasca Ceremony with Maestra Lucia

Day 11: One-to-one chat with Lucia, relax, activites

Day 12: Closing - final discussion with Lucia, Sauna, and BIG hugs goodbye.

Here at Mai Niti, our focus is healing rather than simply offering Ayahuasca experiences. We work with a range of traditional sacred plant medicines tailored specifically to the requirements of each individual guest.

The Maestros may prescribe powerful plant medicines prior to the use of Ayahusca, which could in turn affect the amount of ceremonies you attend.

Those with previous Ayahuasca experience and non-specific issues are likely to drink Ayahusca at all 4 ceremonies - for those who are concerned about this process, please get in touch, often we can provide clarity prior to your arrival.

Guests who would prefer to adhere to a Nobel Silence can be provided with the space and privacy required to do so.

Ceremonies are often complimented by the presence of Leonardo’s son, Maestro Mishako.

After each ceremony, guests are welcome to join the sharing circle - where you’re invited to share anything that may be in your heart or on your mind. This is a powerful opportunity to accelerate the process in which you integrate the lessons and guidance received from the medicine.

All guests are also invited to create their own Shipibo artisanal handcrafts, guided by Lucia.

If you’d like to take part in any of the following, please let us know in advance:

Ceremonial clothing

Personal Icaro ceremonial tapestry from Lucia

Visit to a Shipibo crafts centre

Boat tour of the river

Tour into the jungle

By the way!

We also hold magical camping retreats, deep in the Amazon jungle. Get in touch if interested.

And those who can't make it on specific dates are invited to join us whenever they would like - just get in touch.

"Listening to why they do what they do, I've never felt hearts as pure as theirs feel. I have had hundreds of ceremonies, and last night i sat with them and it was truly, the most powerful ceremony, i've ever had" Trinity De Guzman

What's Included

  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • San Pedro Ceremonies
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided.
  • Transport from airport / coach station to the centre.
  • Sacred plant medicines as well as Ayahuasca and San Pedro.
  • Lessons on Shipibo artisanal hand craft
  • Wireless / Wi-fi internet connections

What's Not Included

Whilst fruit will frequently be included in meals, guests may like to bring a surplus.

Venue Highlights

The curanderos and their family will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a truly trans-formative healing experience, and that you find what you are seeking. Living with them on their land is a truly eye opening experience in which you will not only have the opportunity to heal and grow, but to experience life in symbiosis with nature, the way the Shipibo do.

Explore the local village and lakes
Live side by side with a Shipibo family of healers
24-7 support from maestros


There are 6 private dorms available, and a shared unit that houses 3 guests.


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space


Our wonderful Peruvian cook prepares Ayahuasca-friendly vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner.

From time to time, eggs and fish are used in dishes. If you're vegan or gluten free, rest assured that you won't go hungry! We'll prepare something that suits your dietary requirements.

Some examples of meals we prepare are:
Arroz Chaufa, Omlettes, Chapo, Tacacho, Salads, Felafels, Porridge

Some ingredients we use frequently are:
Rice, Lentils, Quinoa, Platanos / Plantain, Beans, Potatoes, Oats, Tomatoes


We are located in the Shipibo community of San Francisco which is one hour north of Pucallpa, Peru.

We will collect you from Pucallpa and drop you off at the centre in San Francisco

We'll happily provide simple directions for those who arrive mid-retreat or outside of the suggested arrival window.

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • William L   January 23, 2020

      Amezing place!

    Anyone looking to expand their conciousnes, self transformation, or searching for clarity mai niti is the place to be. The energy is high and nothing but positive vibes. Ive made connections and bonds that I will never forget and always cheerish. One thing to mention is that ayauasca is tough work but you will thank yourself in the end a million times over for the benefits gained. I admire and appreciate the work leonardo and lucila do they really create a good space and guide you threw your journey in ceramony. The staff is great and do a good job of helping you out and feel at home. The food is also great for an ayauasca diet esther is a very good cook. Just remember to trust the process and stay the course. Becoming the best version of yourself is what it's all about.

  • Emmanuel Osahon   November 22, 2019

      Incredible experience

    Words can’t do justice to my experience at Mai Niti. From the first day I arrived at the center, I knew I was exactly where I was suppose to be. Soo much love it was unbelievable. Whatever your needs are it will be met. The people are amazing and the Shaman Is very powerful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!!

  • Krisztina Krakti   November 18, 2019

      Incredible Journey!

    My husband and I spent 1 week here and we enjoyed every single moments of it. Such a lovely family and we learned so much in such a short time. We both see the world differently now, and there is definitely something changed inside of us. For example I stopped worrying about things and I feel so much calmness & peace inside of me that I can’t really express it. Unbelievable, and it’s such a gift for someone who was always stressed out about everything. I hope we will be able to go back and learn more about life & reality We love you all! ❤️

  • Kevin Rain   November 16, 2019

      Life changing experience

    an ayabuasca center trully wanting to help you heal and expand! you'll instantly feel at home and loved by this beautiful heart centered team. both Leonardo and Lucilla are amazing shaman that will guide you to your truth. my heart and self belief trully expanded under there guidance. so much love and gratitude to them, I look forward to returning

  • Emily Adams   November 16, 2019

      Life changing experience with the medicine

    My experience at the center was life changing. I wish I could have stayed longer and plan to come back. I can’t even describe my experience but I can say that if you trust the medicine it will heal you, and Lucilla and Leonardo are key in this as well. Because of this short 5 day experience I have started a new path in my life and see the world completely differently, I could never thank them enough for sharing their knowledge and skills with me. It has been weeks since my stay and I still feel like a changed person. Fear, pain, pathology, illness and trauma, that was buried so deep inside me was pulled out, I am so grateful for all the preparation I did and highly recommend anyone coming take it seriously, the more you prepare the more rewarding your experience will be. I did an Iching reading before my first ceremony and it lead me to a specific meditation about centering myself and letting go of the past and present distractions, it also lead me to ask for help from the helping spirits which seemed like the exact guidance I needed in retrospect since I did not know what to expect during the ceremony. I followed the meditation and worked to cut the ties to my ego, past trauma, and negative thoughts, at the first ceremony I could feel those things being pulled out of me and I know they came out because I had prepared myself and my body did not fight it, it was amazing how Lucilla and Leonordo helped me through the process and there ability to control energy and heal is mind-blowing. After the ceremony I not only felt the mental changes I could also feel and even see them physically. They changed my constitution, it is miraculous. A darkness inside my heart I did not know was there is now gone and I feel lighter than a feather. I am forever grateful and cannot wait to see what is next on my journey now that I see the potential I have to heal.

  • McKenzie Freeman   November 13, 2019

      Place of Love and true healing

    Wow, so much love for everyone at Mai Niti ❤️. It was such an incredible experience spending a month with Lucilla and her amazing family. They treated me with so much love while I going through my journey. The plant medicine gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined it could. Things I didn’t know could happen, unfolded right there in front of me and changed so much about my beliefs. It was humbling to see how little I understood and am sure I still don’t understand about reality. Truly life changing experiences all around. I can’t wait to spend more time with this amazing family again in the future to continue on the path of healing and personal growth.

  • Amanda de Soussa   November 13, 2019

      Beautiful place of sacred transformative healing powers

    Mai Niti holds a beautiful healing space to experience Ayahuasca and all of her sacred transformative healing powers. Everyone in the center makes the process so pleasant and enjoyable. Lucilla and Leonardo are incredibly compassionate, understanding and respectful healers that know exactly what each person needs in order to help them get the most out of there experience here. My journey here has been one of the most challenging, raw and life changing I've had thus far. This entire environment the location, the people, the healers and the plant medicine all brought everything together beautifully. All I can say is Thank you for this amazing ride because now I feel ready to move forward with a fresh new perspective. Thank you Thank you thank you!

  • sharna rose marris   November 03, 2019

      The perfect introduction to plant healing and ayahuasca

    Mai Niti was the perfect introduction to plant healing and ayahuasca. The whole environment was incredibly nurturing and authentic. Everything was done with the utmost respect and understanding for the process, with so many years of tradition and training behind the maestras.. Lucy is with you every step of the way and goes above and beyond to ensure you're healing as totally and well as possible. The whole experience was a beautiful one and I am so glad I chose to do it here.

  • sharna rose marris   November 02, 2019

      The perfect introduction to plant healing and ayahuasca

    Mai Niti was the perfect introduction to plant healing and ayahuasca. The whole environment was incredibly nurturing and authentic. Everything was done with the utmost respect and understanding for the process, with so many years of tradition and training behind the maestras.. Lucy is with you every step of the way and goes above and beyond to ensure you're healing as totally and well as possible. The whole experience was a beautiful one and I am so glad I chose to do it here.

  • Holly Clark   October 24, 2019

      Thank you so much Mai Niti

    Mai Niti offers such a beautiful space for healing and transformation. it's everything the website says and so much more. It's beautifully simple, giving us a chance to reconnect with the land. Lucila is an incredible, capable and deeply compassionate healer who can see what each person needs and works unconditionally to help each person. my journied with Ayahuasca were some of the most incredible of my entire life and I'm deeply grateful for both Luci and her father as well as all the beautiful staff for being with me on this journey. I'm looking forward to returning for 6 months in isolation with the plants & will take all I have met here in my heart.

  • Adam Duffy   October 20, 2019

      Authentic experience, experienced shaman

    The real deal. If you want a safe experience go with these guys. I felt relaxed and with people that I trusted from the get go.

  • Ronin   October 17, 2019

      Life Changing Experience!

    The aya ceremonies woke me up from the deep dream i was having. It shaked my fake believes and connected me back to my core. The camp is pretty simple, with a common kitchen, bathroom and showers. Food delicious and healthy, i like a lot the way they make the rice. The shamans(Lucy and her father) are thriving on helping others. They are very knowledgeable about the medicine plants. Would love to see them again one day!

  • YJ   October 17, 2019


    Had a chance to live with this beautiful family earlier this year and every single day was a joy to be around them. highly recommend Maestra Lucy and Maestro Leonardo. Just being around them has changed so much about my life. I love especially love Lucy’s energy as well as her infectious laughter. They Truly care about you and will help with whatever is troubling you, including the things you don’t know might be troubling you. Their work has allowed me to go further in my journey of expelling the issues that were weighing me down, and allow love into my heart. But stop reading other People’s experiences. Go in with no expectations and a pure intention. Worry not, your search is over :) much love and light to anyone reading this.

  • Melcita   August 12, 2019

      Amazing place!

    I had the chance to live in the village for a while and I know this familly well. This new healing center is an amazing place to learn deeply about yourself. Leonardo and Lucila really care on your personal needs and can really established an individual treatment for you. I did several ayahuasca diets in my life, and for sure that last one, sharing their incredible energy, really changed my vision of life.

  • Karolina Dusza   August 04, 2019

      Beautiful experience

    It was a life changing experience! I loved the fact that there was a lady shaman. Lucila had this amazing ability to read you and know what is best for you in terms of healing. I felt safe and could completely surrender myself. Lucila was trained by her father who has over 70 years of experience with ayahuasca. They both lead the ceremonies and create an amazing space for your healing. You get so much more than just ayahuasca, there is san pedro, cacao ceremony, plant baths, saunas. It's a beautiful place that I'd recommend anyone who's interested in taking on this fascinating journey.

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