Ayahuasca and yoga retreat in Portugal with Peruvian Shaman

Event Highlights

  • 6 days stay at the villa,
  • 3 ceremonies with Ayahuasca with Peruvian Curandero
  • 1 Kambo Ceremony,
  • Rapé sessions
  • Daily Yoga
  • Sananga ceremony
  • Personal consultations
  • Educational Program (3 lectures/discussions about shamanism with the Curandero)


Day 1:

11 am-11 pm Check in
3 pm Lunch
7 pm Dinner
8 pm Group discussion about schedule and program

Day 2:

10 am Breakfast
11:30 pm -1 pm Discussion of the future experience, explanations from owners and the Shaman
1 pm-3 pm Free time
3 pm Lunch
5 pm-7:30 pm Private talk(s) with the shaman
7:30 pm Yoga & meditation, 60 min**
9:30 pm 1st ceremony

Day 3:

8:30-11am Kambo ceremony
12 am Breakfast
12:30 - 1:30 pm Integration circle (share experiences)
3 pm Lunch
4:30 pm 1st special educational course "Icaros" 60-90min
7:30 pm Yoga & meditation, 60min
8:45 pm Dinner

Day 4

10 am Breakfast
10:30 - 3 pm Free time
3 pm Lunch
4 pm 2nd special educational course "Dieting with Master-Plants" 60-90 min
7:30 pm Yoga & meditation 60 min
9:30 pm 2nd ceremony

Day 5:

10 am Breakfast
11 am - 12 PM Integration circle
3 pm Lunch
4 pm 3rd special educational course "Spirits and Mystical beings" 60-90 min
7:30 pm Yoga & meditation, 60 min
9:30 pm 3rd ceremony

Day 6:

10 am Breakfast
11 am Integration circle (share experiences) & group photo
Check out by 2 pm

About This Event

We stand for traditional approach to ceremonies held only by Peruvian Curanderos from the little village in Loreto region.

We stand for the traditional approach to sacred ceremonies so in our retreats we always invite Peruvian shamans who we know for a long time and absolutely sure that he passed necessary training in the way of dieting with a master-plants and isolation for a long period of time in Amazonian jungles.
That`s why in our retreat you have an opportunity to spend 6-12 days in personal communication with the keeper of the ancient plant usage tradition in the healing purpose. 

You will experience not only the benefits of Ayahuasca ceremonies but also the magical boosting power detoxicating Kambo session, and traditional Rape insufflate.


Our main purpose is to provide a unique condition where you will be able to explore your true self and readvise your past, present, and future, using technics under the guidance of Peruvian shamans.
For the deep physical healing, we always strongly recommend visiting the trusted Peruvian camp and passe long-term diets with the plants-teachers in isolation and close connection with the spirits of Medicine.
In our retreat, you will be able to pass traditional ceremonies for helping you to solve any mental blocks, painful memories or/and boost your life with the fantastic powerful energy of Peruvian plants. Definitely, revision of your way of thinking and feeling will allow you to avoid disease and accumulate lots of energy for achieving your life-goals and a new step in a way of thinking, living and loving. That`s our main purpose.


You are going to spend an unforgettable week in constant, personal contact with Curanderos and the keepers of the ancient tradition of Amazonian shamanism on beautiful and comfortable villa located in sunny Portugal.
At your disposal will be a swimming pool, a huge sandy beach, daily yoga, dieting menu with and of course ceremonies with Madre Medicine.
We believe that, in order to get in touch and get to know the ancient way of the Amazonian shamans, it is not necessary to immediately dive headlong into the jungles of Peru, we have prepared for you a stunningly cozy, comfortable and safe place, where everyone can get answers to their questions, recharge their energy
for new achievements and find new friends and like-minded people. 

Ayahuasca educational program
on our retreats

On our retreats we will make 3 seminars about vital parts of Amazonian Shamanism:

Dieting with Master-Plants as an essential part of sacred healing and the path of becoming a shaman"Icaros" - the sacred songs of Master-PlantsSpirits and mystical beings in Amazonia and its real representation in ceremonies and shamanic experience

Our shaman and facilitators will share their knowledge of traditional curanderism and will answer all your questions. It will allow you not only to participate in ceremonies but understand your experience and integrate it into your life.


After booking the retreat we will provide all the required information including preparation rules, the list of necessary things to go, the invitation to the retreat, a personal place in our villa and all recommendations for transferring and actions during the retreat.


We are always open for any kind of support that can be needed for our guests during and after retreats.
In our experience, the process of passing traditional sacred plants ceremonies have a great positive influence on the life quality of our participants.
In the very beginning of our retreat, our Curandero will give a lecture about traditional Amazonian shamanism and plant-teachers and their influence on daily life after ceremonies so every participant will be able to formulate his own intention and goals for the retreat.
After each ceremony, we will organize the discussion where you will be able to ask questions and discuss it with a shaman. All steps during our retreat will be discussed and fully explained by Curandero so you will be able to integrate your experience into your life in the right way.

We stand for the traditional Amazonian way of healing and protecting people

What's Included

  • Morning guided meditation & pranayama
  • Daily yoga sessions and yoga assists
  • Space to relax, read, write, rest and swim
  • Meals on the retreat
  • Comfortable accommodation in a beautiful villa
  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Kambo Ceremony
  • Everyday ceremonies with Rapé snuff
  • Individual consultation with a shaman
  • Educational courses

What's Not Included

Flights to Portugal
Travel insurance- please organise your own personal travel insurance
Transfers to/from airport
Visit to local village or surf beach
Massage on the retreat
Additional Kambo Ceremony

Venue Highlights

We work only with small groups (12 people)
We follow all traditional rules for ceremonies from Peruvian part of Amazonia
We work only with Amazonian shamans
We have everyday integration circles
We have 3 educational lectures/discussions so you can learn what the shamanism is from a perspective of shamans


You are going to spend unforgettable days in constant personal contact with our Curandero and the keeper of ancient tradition of Amazonian shamanism on a beautiful villa located in a quiet nature-place on the southern coast of Portugal.

At your disposal will be a huge swimming pool with an area for relaxing, sandy beach within 10 minute drive from villa, daily yoga, dieting menu and of course ceremonies with Madre Medicine and plants.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


During our retreats we serve a menu due to Ayahuasca dieting rules to avoid any health risks during ceremonies and make your experience deeper.
We can also provide for special diets or restrictions (vegetarian / vegan / allergies, etc). Before arrival we provide a participant form that will inform us about all necessary details.



We place on the south coast of Portugal, 40 min drive from Faro airport and 10 min drive from Manta Rota beach. So you should find flights to Faro airport.


We make our group chats in What’s App 2 weeks before the retreat where people share their flight details so we can arrange a transfers to our retreat. The price is 60€ that can be shared, the van fits up to 8 people from Faro airport.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

ayahuasca ayahuasca europe kambo plant healing shamanism

  Write a review - tell others about your experience.

  • Oliver   April 12, 2019

      One of my very best travel experiences!

    The instructors are what makes this a truly unique experience! Though they were open and willing to accommodate individual preferences and modifications.

  • Yanis   March 10, 2019


    Each of the yoga classes brings with own unique styles and energy. Amazing Ayahuasca experience, which was lead by Alberto. Great experience!!!

  • Alan   March 05, 2019


    PERU is such a special place!! It’s calling me again already

  • Alex   March 05, 2019

      Pura vida

    I felt at home as soon as I arrived. Alberto and Boris were so welcoming !! They were available during my entire stay, with good advices and checking eveything was ok. Thank you!

  • Ava Alfie   March 03, 2019

      Deep healing!

    Wonderful yoga classes, inspiring food, fiery hearted devotional singing, space and time for sharing and personal reflection! Ceremonies.... amazing!

  • Ava Alfie   March 03, 2019


    I liked the mixture of yoga and meditation and the Shamanic experience was a truly holistic one. The food was excellent. The yoga was considered and strengthening and with the instruction and her corrections I now feel I have learnt how to hold a pose for longer and with more certainty. The surroundings were perfect.

  • Aylin Bryant   March 01, 2019

      Very chilly retreat

    Team are awesome! Very lovely and always helpful! The Yoga-classes were really good! I already miss them. And not to forget the healthy food and the location near a cosy beach!

  • Adam Nelson   March 01, 2019

      Excellent place to practice shamanism

    The ceremonies were great for most levels and I feel like I learnt so much from the Medicine. The food was nice and staff are unbelievably friendly.

  • Adeline Roberts   March 01, 2019

      Short stay at Apl journeys in Portugal

    From the kind taxi driver, who had to wait over an hour for us to a the last hug from the curandero on leaving. A wonderful 3 days. Back for a full week in 2019!

  • Monica Williams   March 01, 2019

      Relaxing and restorative

    Everything was perfect at retreat with Apl journyes team and Shaman Anael! The days were structured really well, the classes were excellent and the food was amazing! It's a great place to meet people and spend some time recovering from a busy life. Jungle trip was amazing!

  • Mary Rogers   March 01, 2019

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!! <3

    APL Journeys retreat was far better than I expected. I loved the low key atmosphere, the relaxed staff who treat you like family, the eco-friendly huts with outdoor private showers and most importantly the vibe created by other guests, usually whom are also solo travelers, that welcomed each new guest to the group with open arms. The yoga instructors were lovely and the fairly relaxed schedule of twice a day yoga.

  • Leo   February 27, 2019

      Love this place

    All the staff were very good, helpful, polite and kind. The location is beautiful in Porugal. All the organised activities were interesting and engaging. Beautiful swimming pool in the villa. I had 3 excellent ceremonies at the retreat. If you want to Ayahuasca experience this is the place to visit!

  • Olivia   February 27, 2019

      Amazing ayahuasca and yoga retreat

    Perfect location, great food. The best part for me was the Aya ceremonies and Kambo. A perfect place to rejuvenate and heal. I’ll definitely be back.

  • Grace   February 27, 2019

      Wonderful stay, thank you!

    The staff at this place are some of the nicest people I have ever met!

  • Jacob   February 27, 2019

      "wonderful journey"

    Overall I moved my stress levels to zero. I healed and moved a lot of negative stuff in my life! Thank you Mother Ayahuasca!

  • Liam   February 27, 2019

      Nice experience!

    I’m so happy to have been there it was an amazing experience. I met a very nice people, I love the classes with the smoothies and of course Alberto is a such strong Shaman!

  • Benjamin   February 27, 2019

      Exceeded my expectations

    This is exactly what I wanted. 2 Yoga classes a day, the evening being more restorative. Celeste is the sweetest, most genuine yoga teacher I’ve ever had. Rooftop yoga with great views. Really healing ceremonies with Medicine! Thanks a lot!

  • Aubrey Peterson   February 13, 2019

      Transformation retreat!

    Attended the 2-week retreat at the APL Journeys in December 2018. From start to finish the entire journey was absolutely amazing. The camp and jungles were very beautiful, the staff was very knowledgeable. They take complete and full care of you during every step of your journey. Ceremonies were very strong, intense and deep healing! Thanks Team APL Journeys !

Thank you!

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