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12 Days Silent Meditation Retreat & Sacred Valley Couples Tour

Event Highlights

  • This tour combines multiple highlights and is really the best of the best of a relationship experience.
  • You visit the most powerful and energetic places of Peru, like the sacred valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu and lake titicaca
  • The tour is themed to be a couples experience so that you can share it with your partner and it will enrich your relationship in multiple ways.
  • It is a perfect blance between a guided group experience and free time for you and your beloved.
  • The 3 day silent meditation retreat on the island Amantani in the middle of lake titicaca is engineered to be a great experiene both for beginners and epxerienced practitioners. The high energy of the place makes it easy to have a profound experience and the ancient temples dedicated to the masculine and feminine principles provide a great environment for a couples retreat.


Day 1-5: You are picked up from the airport b one of our friendly guides and brought to your hotel. According to your energy level you can either rest first or jump into the tour right away. During the first 5 days you will be touring the sacred valley, cusco and Machu Picchu together with our friendly and knowledgable local guide.

Day 6: We are traveling from Cusco to the island Amantani for th upcoming silent meditatio retreat. The luxuriosu bus leaves Cusco around 8am and aftter traveling the last hour by boat to the island we arrive at the retreat center around 5.30pm and have a detailed retreat introduction session after dinner.

Day 7 + 8: The silent meditation retreat begins and has the following schedule
07:00 Meditation with instruction and breaks
09:00 Breakfast
09:50 Morning teachings
11.30 Gentle Hatha Yoga
12.45 Meditation
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Introduction in the meditation room
15:15 Silent hike to the sacred sites, with group meditation
18:00 Meditation at the retreat center
19:00 Dinner
19:50 Evening session with teachings and evening ritual

Day 9: Morning program is the same with a long lunch break until 16:00
16:00 Meditation
17:00 Heart opening closing ceremony
18:00 Retreat ends with sharin circle and following dinner

Day 10: We leave the island after breakfast by boat to the mainland and travel to the beautiful hotel next to a temple of fertility. Rest, relax and enjoy.
Day 11: Enjoy the Beauty of the place and indulge into the luxuries of the hotel together with your partner.
Day 12: Leaving the otel after breakfast. The taxi will bring you to the airport in Juliaca or the bus terminal, depending where you travel afterwards.

About This Event

What if you had the chance to go to Peru; one of the most magical places on earth, and take your favourite person with you, would you? What if we take you and your beloved on a special journey to the sacred sites of the Andes of Peru, and live a transformative couple’s experience?

We take you on a 12 day all-inclusive spiritual and transformational couple’s retreat for you and your beloved. In those 12 days, everything is taken care of for you. We pick you up from the airport and organize your entire journey, You don’t have to worry about anything. Being welcomed by a loving team, you can relax into a balanced combination of guided group experiences and free time for your relationship. 

This tour consists of three parts.

First, we take you to the magical sites of the sacred valley, show you the ancient Inca capital of cusco, and experience together the breathtaking scenery of Machu Picchu. With our local tour guide and a small group, you will experience the sites in a much more profound way then the usual tourist experience. Our indigenous tour guide shares with you the wisdom of his ancestors and helps you to connect with the high energy, that is still present in those ancient sites. 

After 5 days of enjoying the sacred sites, we are travelling to Lake Titicaca to go on a inner journey. In this second part of the tour, we will cross the waters of Lake titicaca to travel to the mystical island of Amantani where we spend 3 days in silence, visit the ancient temples that are dedicated to the masculine and feminine principle, and dive deep into the practice of meditation and yoga.

The island is an abode of peace without traffic or roads and the rich culture of the friendly indigenous population is a great environment for a retreat, full of peace and purity.

With the high energy of the place and the guidance of an experienced teacher, it is easy even for beginners to have a profound and transformative experience. Working with our own inner masculine and feminine aspects, we heal old wounds and invite new visions, love and insights into our lives and relationship. We leave feeling inspired and with an open heart.

After spending 4 profound days on the island, we travel back to the mainland for the last and very nourishing chapter of your journey. You will treat yourself and your relationship with 2 nights at a luxurious hotel, at the shores of the lake, next to an ancient temple of fertility.

Here you will integrate together your experiences, rest and relax, and let your new and inspired vision for your life together unfold.

If you wish to explore the wonders of Peru with your partner in a profound way and allow the magic of the sacred sites to touch your heart, learn about meditation, yoga, and yourself, bond deeper with your beloved and discover a new vision for your life. Then this is for you.

Wow! This retreat has surpasses all our expectations and is a perfect combination of deep inner work, exciting adventures and resting in the space of our relationship. Thank You!

Venue Highlights

The tour consists of 3 parts:
During the first part in the sacred valley and Machu Picchu, you will enjoy the powerful nature ith impressive views of the mountains. You will be surrounded by ancient Inca ruins and sacred mountains .
During the second part of the tour, you will stay at our retreat center on the island Amantani. Lake Titicaca is a global energy center and the island Amantani is the energetic center of the center. There are 2 mountains on the island and each has a many thousands of years old temple on top that are dedicated to the universal masculine (Pachatata) and universal feminine (Pachamama) principles. Without traffic or roads, the island is an abode of peace that has preserved his very rich indigenous culture and is very welcoming to visitors. It is trula an unforgettable experience to visit this place.
The third and last part of the tour is the stay at the luxurious and nourishing hotel next to the temple of fertility. It could not be better ending!


Part 1: We stay at different hotels in the sacred valley which all share the impressive views of the mountains. Bathroom are private and rooms are comfortable.
Part 2: We are staying in a comfortable family guest house that we have turned into a retreat center. As we are on an island at an altitude of 4000m , the conditions are simple, yet clean, beautiful and just perfect for a silent meditation retreat. Bathrooms are private or shared, depemding on your booking.
Part 3: Luxury and comfort on the shores of the lake. All rooms have private bathrooms, bath tubs, towels and everything you need or can imagine.


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Free Parking


The tour includes delicious breakfasts and 3 meals per day during the silent meditation retreat. All meals we provide are vegetarian and we can cater to any special food requests.


You can relax and we organize everything for you.
The retreat begins with an airport pick up in Cusco and ends with an airport drop off in Juliaca near lake titicaca.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • Teresa Humphrey   October 21, 2019

      Excellent retreat!

    The retreat was a perfect combination of meditation, movement, yoga, and nature. The hikes and mediation to Pachatata and Pachamama were incredible. Julia is an excellent facilitator and very tuned in to the needs of individuals and the group. All of the arrangements and transportation were handled very well. The home we stayed in was comfortable, meals were tasty, the family was very kind and helpful. Thank you so much for a great experience!

  •   For three days on Amantani, time had slowed down for me - by Nick Werber (yogi times)

    The Hridaya teaching focuses on breathing into the spiritual heart, which is where our true self resides, beyond names and conditions. I found that connecting to that place allowed me to feel a sense of wellbeing and joy, which released my creativity. My heart was like a clenched hand that had begun to loosen. ... The last night we sat our last meditation and then shared our experiences. The change in each of us from that first day was noticeable. Everyone was more relaxed, open, and happy. It seemed the retreat was a great chance for us all to stop and examine what is important to us. Most of us planned on making some changes in our lives.

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