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  • The Qhapaq Ñan path, known as the Inka trail, has a deepest meaning. It refers to the middle path, the path of the heart or the rainbow. The colors are the same as the 7 Chakras or main energy points in the physical body . For the Andean medicine tradition, the activation or alignment of the Chakras are an important part of the balance and health of the physical, emotional and energetic body in a person. The Chakras opening according to Andean medicine activates 3 points, mainly. In Quechua are Munay, Yachay and Yancay (the heart, the solar plexus and the third eye). The Andean medicine indicates that by activating these 3 energy points, we align the person with actions of love and wisdom. This helps their life flow in synchrony with the universal laws of Love and Reciprocity or Munay and Ayni.
  • People that have already done the Chakras opening require meditating for 5 days, for 30 minutes, to register the work at even more subtle levels of the physical, emotional and energetic body. The aim is to keep the work for longer by being able to reconnect with these energetic points again when you feel disconnected or overwhelmed by daily life.


* The Day before, coca leaf reading as diagnosis, schedule according to availability, 30 minutes per person.
08:00 Meeting point at Plaza de Armas of Cusco.
09:00 Arrival Huacarpay Lake. Start cleasing ceremony with feathers and protection.
10:00 Chakras Opening and flowering essences.
11:00 Interpretation of visions and walk through the place.
12:00 Return to Cusco
13:00 Arrival to Cusco.

DURATION: 6 hours including coca leaf reading.


PRICE: U$ 100 P / P –U $ 80 FROM 2 PEOPLE

** The profits will go to the creation of an Andean school and retreat center in the Sacred Valley.

About This Event

The Chakras Opening Ceremony includes an energetic cleansing with Condor feathers, and at the end we offer flowering essences to attract good fortune. This ceremony is recommend for people who don’t wish to take any type of sacred plants, but seek a solution to internal problems of a spiritual nature. Issues such as, lack of clarity in the purpose of life, low energy, depression, lack of sleep , anxiety, frustration, low self-esteem, and no passion for life may be some concerns that may be reduced or solved from this ceremony.

We chose the Huacarpay lake because it is a sacred place according to the Andean tradition. The water represents an element of purification in addition to being in contact with nature, which helps with your inner work and to focus on your purpose.

The Chakras opening is performed with Kuyas or sacred stones, and the coca leaf reading can be done in your accommodation in Cusco or at San Blas neighborhood, in a coffee in Tandapata street. Depending on the time and what is most comfortable for the group or person.

Our Vision is to create an Andean knowlege school in Cusco to teach how to live in balance with your environment from a perspective of unity and reciprocity.

What's Included

  • - Transport from Cusco to Laguna Huacarpay, round trip.
  • - Diagnosis of physical health by coca leaf reading.
  • - Cleansing with Condor feathers
  • - Flowering essences, ritual of abundance and protection
  • - Chakras opening by Andean Tradition
  • - Warm clothes, trekking boots or similar, warm and waterproof jacket.
  • - 2 litres of water, snack and sunscreen.
  • - Do not bring cameras or valuables.

What's Not Included

Water or meals.

Venue Highlights

The Huacarpay lake and wetlands in Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,020 meters at 40 minutos from Cusco. This high Andean wetland includes four permanent and one temporary lagoons, two swamps and two rivers. It is part of the Pikillaqta Archaeological Park and the National Tourism Reserve.


Don't Included.


Fresh veggies


Our office is at 20 minuts from the airport, $7 soles is the price of the taxi.

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