7 Days Luxurious Feminine Awakening & Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Bali

Event Highlights

  • Feminine Yoga Practice Daily
  • Natural Organic Facial Treatments
  • Sacred Feminine Practices
  • Balinese Holy Water Blessing Ceremony
  • Raw Gourmet Holistic Nutrition
  • Healing Your Relationship With Pleasure
  • Goddess Rituals & Embodied Dancing
  • Sisterhood Circle
  • Tension & Stress Release Practices
  • Hormone Balancing Techniques
  • Self Love Tools & Rituals


Day 1
13:00 Arrival
13:30 Welcome circle
15.30 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
18:30 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
19:30 Herbal Tea & Hot Vegetable Broth

Day 2
07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Feminine Yoga Practice
9.30 Organic facial treatments
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Traditional Balinese Massage
15:00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
18:00 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 3
07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Feminine Yoga Practice
9.30 Organic facial treatments
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Traditional Balinese Water Blessing Ceremony
15:00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
18:00 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 4
07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Feminine Yoga Practice
9.30 Organic facial treatments
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
15.00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for walking, relaxing, reading
18:00 Yin Yoga with Tibetan Bowls
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 5 - Juice Fasting Day (optional)

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Feminine Yoga Practice
9.30 Organic facial treatments
10:30 Cold-pressed Green Juice & Coconut Water
11:30 Holistic Nutrition & Wellbeing Seminar
13.30 Cold-pressed Beetroot Carrot Juice & Coconut Water
15:00 One on one consultation with our Wellness Coach
15.30 Cold-pressed Orange Juice & Coconut Water
17.30 Cold-pressed Green Juice & Coconut Water
18:00 7 Energy Centers (chakras) Seminar
20:00 Detox shots, Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 6
07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Feminine Yoga Practice
9.30 Organic facial treatments
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Balinese Massage Therapy
15:00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
18:00 Fire Ritual & Embodied Dance
19:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 7 Departure
08:00 Herbal Tea
09:00 Gourmet Holistic Brunch
10:00 Closing Ceremony
11.00- 12.00 Departure & Transfers

About This Event

Exclusive Yoga Experience In Bali


Awaken Your Radiant Femininity Through Hormone Balancing Yoga & Rejuvenating Holistic Nutrition

Join our 7-day exclusive yoga program and experience a journey into feminine yoga practice, gourmet raw food, guided meditations while staying in the jungles of Bali Island.

Are You Ready To Dive Into The Sacred World Of The Divine Feminine?


Dive Into The 3 Pillars of Feminine Transformation:

The Ancient Wisdom Of Yoga And Meditation For Inner Transformation & Empowerment.

Gourmet Plant-Based Raw Food Cuisine For Vitality, Beauty, And Radiance.

Balinese Traditional Rituals For Healing, Regeneration, And Emotional Balance


Awaken Your Inner Goddess

This feminine retreat is perfect for all women of all ages looking for an inspiring getaway on the Island of Gods, Bali!

Having to face the challenges of the modern world, many women forget what it really means to be Feminine and how to treat your body right.

Now it’s time to give yourself permission to take a week away and dive into a soothing and relaxing routine designed especially for your needs.

Restorative Feminine Yoga and Rejuvenating Holistic Nutrition will help you to restore your feminine energy, will make you feel softer in your body and return your natural beautiful glow.

This retreat offers you a great chance to spend a wonderful time in a safe circle of like-minded women, receive support and guidance. It is your invitation to indulge in the natural SPA treatments and heal relationships with your body through embodied yoga and gourmet raw food nutrition.


How You Will Feel:

Fully Awakened And Radiant

Balanced On The Body-Mind-Soul Level

Healthy & Connected To Your Body

Blessed And Purified In Balinese Sacred Water Temples

Leaner And Slimmer, More Open In Your Body

Glowing And Sparkling With New Energy

In Touch With Your Heart And Your Inner Voice

Relaxed And Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Happier And Much More Empowered

Feel Whole And Radiant Again

In Love With Yourself 

Ready To Live Life In A Feminine Way


What You Will Discover

Island of Gods & Goddesses – Bali – is a perfect place to embark on a journey to remember your Feminine Power and discover your Radiance and Open Heart.

During the Feminine Awakening retreat, you will allow the voice that comes from you heart to speak up, and you will learn how to listen to it.

As full body awareness is the key to your innate intuition and wisdom, here you will learn how to be always in touch with yourself on a much deeper level.

With daily embodied movement practices and special yoga routine you will discover how easily you can connect to the feminine side of yourself and be more in touch with your senses and feelings.

During this week you will discover where and how to store the vital resources of your own energy in the body and how to use this energy for longevity and fertility.

You will be surprised how fast you can return in a good shape and feel like a Goddess just by eating and nourishing yourself with living raw-food.

All the tools that we will give you in this retreat are very easy to use in your daily life and at the same time very effective so they can change your life.


Special Yoga Program

Discover the hormone-balancing yoga, designed specifically for women.

As a woman, you will get a chance to experience the yoga practice that is adapted to your feminine body and helps to balance your hormones. This practice is uniquely tailored to the female body and is different from the traditional masculine approach to yoga.

Our yoga practice is more focused on returning the energy to the ovaries and the womb, revitalizing and reenergizing your sexual organs as well as developing more sensitivity outside and inside of the pelvis are.

Our main goal in the daily yoga routine is to find more grace and softness in the body, open hips and find more mobility in the pelvic floor zone.

Slow flows and mindful breathing will help you to find more relaxation and gentle opening in the body.

Energizing kriyas will give a boost to your Sensuality and activate Kundalini energy in the spine.

Restorative and Yin evening yoga sessions with candlelights will allow you to release accumulated stress and tension out of the neck, shoulders, and hips and embrace a peaceful state of letting go and surrender.


Retreat Special Features:

Fire Ritual During Sunset For Transformation

This ritual is meant to help realise doubts, fears, old stories, and disappointments and to Get empowered, gain self-worth, strength, and confidence. Expect to dance around the fire, meditate and set your intentions.


7 Chakras – Powerful Energy Centers Workshop

During this workshop, we explore the ancient healing science of the chakras. You will experience a holistic approach to learn about our Body and 7 Main Energy centers.

And how we can use our energy system to heal every aspect of our being (mind, body, and spirit), and use it to elevate different areas of our lives.


Holy Water Blessing Ceremonies

As you will spend these 7 days on the Island of Gods, you can’t help but be impressed by the one-of-a-kind culture of Bali. As a way of exploring this amazing culture, we have included the Traditional Water Blessing Ceremony with offerings and prayers in a sacred temple of Ubud. This traditional ritual can be a way to help you reconnect with your Higher Self, and is a magical opportunity to feel more pure and relieved.

I spent a week with Vlada and Olah january 2019 and 4 other women. Through daily yoga with Vlada’s calming and open presence, lovely raw food made by Ohla I felt ready to start a new year more connected my inner body, femininity and spirituality. It’s a magical experience to be connected women to women this way. Thank you! - Renate (Norway)

What's Included

  • Pre-arrival information package
  • A pre-retreat questionnaire before arrival
  • Complimentary transfers to and from the airport
  • Exclusive Welcome Kit
  • 7 days & 6 nights accommodation in a private luxury suite
  • Feminine Yoga, Meditation and Sacred Feminine practices
  • Embodied Feminine Dance
  • Gourmet raw nutrition (breakfast, lunch, juices, desserts)
  • Cold-pressed fresh green juices daily
  • Detox shakes, lime shots & herbal tonics
  • Coconut Kefir & Kombucha
  • Unlimited young coconut water
  • Evening Hot Alkalizing Broth
  • Organic, Natural Face & Body Treatments
  • 2 Sessions of Balinese Massage Therapy
  • Traditional Balinese Water Blessing Ceremony
  • One-on-one Consultation with A Wellness Coach
  • 7 Energy Centers (chakras) Workshop
  • Individual Chakra Test
  • Ancient Agni Hotra Fire Ritual
  • Seminar On Holistic Nutrition for Women
  • A Day of fasting with cold-pressed juices & coconut water (optional)
  • Personalized Yoga & Wellness Program
  • Post-retreat Support and Information Package

What's Not Included

Flight tickets to Bali

Venue Highlights

Sensational setting and volcano views
Stunning master air-conditioned bedrooms
Two infinity swimming pools
Loads of elegant living space
Fusion of modern and traditional Balinese design
Free Wi-Fi access
In-room safe boxes
Elegant bath tubes with flowers and natural salts
Organic shower gel, massage oils, shampoo, conditioner, face mask, and body scrub
Dining and lounge areas
Yoga place with breathtaking views
Peaceful and serene atmosphere
Complimentary bathrobe and slippers
Yoga mats, blocks, straps
Fresh drinking water


The lovely and ultra-private villa is nestled in the Balinese foothills beneath the very small, traditional village. It is set at the jungle’s edge, atop a vast amphitheater of rice paddies cascading down into the deep gorge of the holy river. The villa complex commands a panoramic view of a distant ridge of nine ancient volcanoes.

Matching this iconic essence-of-Bali view, the villa itself is equally enchanting. It was created as a stylish, spacious and comfortable family home and is clearly cherished, bursting with character and personal touches.

Accommodation is designed with lovely panoramic views of rice paddies, jungle, and mountains. The master suite has a king size bed with a wrap-around terrace and glass windows that allow you to enjoy the most of the outside beauty. The en-suite bathroom has a custom-made bathtub, hand carved from a giant tree, and overlooking the rice paddies.

The living and entertainment areas are separated via the infinity pool that runs between through the house. A small wooden bridge is used to cross over. The living area has comfortable seating space to relax and enjoy the rustic surroundings.

Beyond the villa, sure-footed guests may make their way gingerly down to the river or stroll through the rice fields where colourful penjors flap in the wind to discourage birds and daily offerings are left at shrines to Dewi Sri, the goddess of prosperity and rice.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Bliss Body Retreats believes, that raw food has the greatest potential for healing once the body and gives perfect results in weight management as well as balancing the nervous system. Eating raw and organic during the retreat will raise your energy, your skin will glow, you will feel much more flexible and conscious of your body.

Bliss Body is passionate about eating tasty and healthy food, that's why the special gourmet menu will open new doors for you to the world of healing nutrition. The mouthwatering dishes will make anyone’s taste buds go dancing. The breakfast menu includes chocolate chia pudding, superfood smoothie bowls, papaya boats and cold pressed green juice.

Some of the highlights of the main course selection are the raw mushroom-spinach quiche, raw lasagna, and raw sushi. Among dessert lovers, are comforting raw carrot cake with a cashew frosting and strawberry-banana ice-cream.

Detox juices
Gluten Free
Raw food
Whole food


Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to this airport is included. Bliss Body Retreats will pick you up from the airport.

Airport: Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport
No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 14 days before the retreat start date.
The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.
Get full details...

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  • Annette Risi   November 29, 2016

      Bliss Body

    I was looking for juice fasting program in Bali and Bliss Body retreats were offering exactly what I wanted. I had 3 days of fasting and the rest we were eating only raw food. Must admit that guides are real professionals and gave me lots of help and support during my stay. Fasting was not so easy to do but I liked the juices they were making and actually I didn't even feel hungry. I have never tried eating raw food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This retreat opened my eyes about food and nutrition in general. It was so delicious that I immediately forgot about my favourite pasta! Thanks to Vlada who was giving her seminar about nutrition, it was very simple and very progressive for me. On the last day I couldn't believe my eyes, I was shining! Never felt to strong and so inspired before. What to say big thanks to Olha who told me so many interesting things about Bali and it's traditions! I loved our sunrise yoga practice and evening breathing with meditation it made me feel very calm and rejuvenating. To be honest I got much more then just fasting. It was like a perfect journey from a movie with all those balinese secret place where we did water cleansing, Vlada made it just as a magic. I will definitely come back to this Island and to Bliss body retreat for another vital and beautiful journey. Thank you again for making my vacation simply the best. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g297701-d10379257-r440239000-Bliss_Body_Retreat-Ubud_Bali.html#

  • Olha Pohoda   June 20, 2016

      7 day Detox and Yoga Retreat

    I would like to share my amazing experience of Detox and Yoga retreat in May. I had a very great time in Bali, it was even better than I hoped for. The program was well-designed and adjustable for such beginners in yoga like me. Firstly, I was a bit afraid that we will eat only raw food and drink juices as I have never ever tried to follow such a diet. But, I have realized that you can make a lot of various delicious meals even not to cook them. With the help of our amazing Retreat guide Vlada and useful tips from here my 7 days past so quickly, but truly amazing. The whole week was total relaxation and peacefulness. I have not only spent really good time but also was taught how to implement a piece of retreat in my daily life. That was really helpful. A Big Thank you to Vlada. I am pretty sure it was my perfect choice of the Yoga retreat and I would highly recommend it to everyone who want to have the perfect and healthy holiday.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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