200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Split Course (Part A)

About This Event

Love life, live yoga: Turn your PASSION into a fulfilling heart-centred career as a teacher or even start running your OWN yoga studio.

Do you love yoga and would like to make a living by following your passion? Ready to deepen your practice and learn to live a wholesome yogic lifestyle? Are you keen to immerse yourself in an inspiring spiritual environment that is applying yogic wisdom in all areas of life, from nutrition to meditation, from physical movement to spiritual practice? Then join us at the Krishna Village for our 6 week full immersion Yoga Teacher Training.

Becoming a yogi

At the Krishna Village, we are aiming to revive and teach yoga in its wholeness, so you can BE a yogi, rather than just DO some yoga. Our Yoga Teacher Training is therefore a full immersion program that spans 6 weeks and will allow you to experience yogic living in its entirety. From daily morning yoga to seva in our organic gardens, from philosophy classes to delicious vegetarian food preparation, from kirtan singing to mantra meditation you will live and breathe yoga, while being immersed in a kind, loving and supportive community. You will not only learn all required practices to become a fully accredited yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, but will also gain teaching practice with real students through our retreat centre by co-teaching with fellow trainees whilst growing into teaching your own classes.

About the course

We offer a full immersion program that spans 6 weeks, living in a vibrant community of about 70 yogis, spiritual seekers, retreat guests and backpackers on the “New Govardhana” eco farm between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

Nourish your soul with Yoga Teacher Training that addresses the science of yoga holistically, including postures and philosophy as well as ayurveda, kirtan, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness.

Teach classes with REAL students while being guided and supported by a team of internationally experienced yoga teacher trainers.

Gain Yoga Alliance international certification and some hands on business training to run your own heart centred yoga business

Don’t want to get certified? No problem – join us as a Full Immersion Retreat guest!


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The Krishna Village can host up to 75 people in a combination of rooms, dorms and camping spots. There are usually around 30 full time volunteers who work in our organic gardens and maintain the grounds, 15-25 retreat guests or Karma Yogis and up to 20 yoga teacher trainees.

All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities block includes showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder). Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes.

Prices for the training vary, according to the type of accommodation you choose.

Delicious Vegetarian Food

The Krishna Farm has been producing organic veggies since the 1980s and has therefore fantastic conditions to grow excellent produce. We grow as much of our own food as we can, and otherwise buy locally wherever possible. We provide 3 delicious vegetarian meals every day, with lunches taking place at the Krishna Village community kitchen, and breakfast and dinners – mostly Indian style – served at the prasadam hall, next to the temple.

All our food is prasadam – sacred food prepared in a consciousness of loving service. Like in other cultures, we offer our food before we eat to say Grace and thank the Divine for the sun, the rain, and all the visible and invisible blessings necessary to co-create a delicious meal. Feel free to sing along with us, or just listen and enjoy…


The Krishna Farm

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning, in the heart of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, the Hare Krishna farm “New Govardhana” is a 1000 acre property with orchards, certified organic veggie gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance.

New Govardhana serves as an ashram to a community of yogis who aspire to live according to their deepest vows and commitments on their path of service, spiritual contentment and happiness (Bhakti Yoga). Their service and dedication make this location a beautiful place of growth, healing and spiritual awakening. If you are interested, please come along and visit our beautiful Radha Govardhandhari temple and learn ore about the origins or our “simple giving, high thinking” philosophy.


Course Location 

Krishna Village – 525 Tyalgum Rd. – Eungella, NSW 2484– Australia



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Venue Highlights

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning, in the heart of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, our Hare Krishna Farm “New Govardhana” is a beautiful 1000 acre property with orchards, organic veggie gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance.

From the moment when you cross the rustic wooden bridge over the Oxley River and pass through the beckoning avenue of trees which comprises the entrance to the farm, you will notice that this Vedic Yoga Sanctuary is a special place and that your soul finds peace and a sense of coming home.

New Govardhana serves as an ashram to a community of yogis who aspire to live according to their deepest vows and commitments on their path of service, spiritual contentment and happiness (Bhakti Yoga). Their service and dedication make this location a beautiful place of growth, healing and spiritual awakening.

Apart from immersing themselves into their spiritual lives, the devotees also run a school, a cow protection program, big organic gardens and orchards, and an infinite number of yogic festivals and retreats throughout the year. In this context, the Krishna Village serves as an outreach program, inviting retreat guests, course participants and spiritual seekers from all over the world and all ages to participate in the farm's activities and experience a simple, happy and wholesome lifestyle.


The Krishna Village offers single, double and twin share rooms as well as camping spots for up to about 75 people. All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities block includes showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder). All rates include 3 meals/day and all yoga and other classes. Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes.

Single, twin share & double rooms
The Krishna Village has 2 double rooms (one big bed), 4 twin shares (bunk bed) and 11 single rooms. They are all set in former shipping containers that have been renovated and turned into simple but comfortable accommodation. Bedding is being provided, but you need to bring your own towels and toiletries.

4-share dorms
We offer a female and a male dorm - each for up to 4 people - and one 3-share dorm. The dorms have bunk beds and wardrobe space for your belongings, and bedding is provided. They are simple, older rooms and about 100m from the amenities block. Dorm accommodation is only available for yoga teacher trainings and permaculture courses.

Camp ground
Set among beautiful mango and lychee trees in our eastern garden, our camp ground can host up to 20 tents and 5 camper vans. The area for the vans is equipped with electricity. The amenities block is only 50m away.

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Lee Noble   October 12, 2020

      Yoga and wellness

    I had 2 days at the centre in a cabin over the lake. It was a beautiful healing environment. Meals and activities were included in the very reasonable price. I loved that I could pat a cow on the way to yoga. There is a lot of love and kindness and an experience I certainly recommend for yogies or anyone healing or needing space to draw breathe.

  • Chilli Doallo Ilvento   September 15, 2020

      Better than ever

    I stayed for a short time with my van as a guest and loved every minute. There were activities available constantly: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Kirtan, wisely guided Yoga Nidra before bed. The gardens looked so well taken care of, tidy and blooming. Had the chance to give a hand at the synthropic garden which was awesome. The space for the van was tidy and so did the camping area. The amenities looked as new and were always clean. Loved the atmosphere and the students and volunteers were extremely warm and welcoming. Oh and the food!! Still missing it. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

  • Donna OReilly   September 07, 2020

      Weekend retreat

    Had an absolutely amazing weekend learning Lomi Lomi massage at the Krishna village. It was catered for with 3 very big serves of mouth watering vegetarian meals. There were yoga and dance classes to attend, bush walks, meditation by the creek. Stunning views, fascilities so clean and well looked after. The village was full of happy, respectful and inspiring people. Its like a whole dofferent world but so close to everything you need. Highly recommend.

  • Shelly Michal Henderson   September 07, 2020


    What an experience Fantastic Yoga!!!! Great people and vegetarian food So tasty. A lovely experience with a Hawaiian massage course included from nalu training from Jen and absolute beautiful person to train with. I’m way more Centered and relaxed I can’t wait for my next visit Thanks everyone I would highly reccomend!!!!

  • Young Ju Ku   July 27, 2020

      Krishna Village: A truly revitalizing experience

    Krishna village is an environment where kindness is always overflowing. From the friendly staff members who warmly invite you to join breakfast as soon as you arrive to the village community that embraces you in all the activities they do, the people I've met and have gotten to know have made my stay truly special. The diversity of yoga classes offered opportunities to strengthen and lengthen in a variety of ways. It's no wonder that the organically raised, harvested, and prepared plant based meals are so delicious! The programs and talks have given me so many a-ha moments. The cabins were simple yet cozy. Being surrounded by nature gives you a true sense of well-being. My stay at Krishna Village has rejuvenated my mind, body, and spirit.

  • Sandeep Gupta   July 10, 2020

      Beautiful restful place

    I came right after the easing of restrictions from COVID-19. I was welcomed warmly and everyone was very approachable. The twice daily yoga classes were great and I was also able to take part in a chanting session. No massages were available while I was here. The room I stayed in was basic but adequate and the amenties fine. Some musty smell was noted in my single room. Overall a good experience.

  • Aaron Gonzalves   July 09, 2020

      Charming, loving and blissful

    It was an amazing experience, from smiling faces everywhere and loving and nurturing feelings everytime we eat and amazing yoga classes and meditations! Truly and experience! Humbling and nurturing!

  • Delwyn Kernick   July 05, 2020

      Balinese Massage Course

    From the moment I walked in the room I was welcomed with open arms by the Facilitators Dee & Karen. They both have a wealth of knowledge and deliver the course content in a professional manner, ensuring every detail is taken care of tailored to suit their targeted audience. I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the course and to have such a high standard of Facilitators guiding you along the way makes the course more enjoyable. I have learnt so much this weekend thank you Dee & Karen you both ROCK! Namaste 🙏 ❤️🙏❤️ Del Kernick.

  • Doerthe Jansen   March 22, 2020

      Love is the way

    Doing everything with love is the key to the success of the Krishna village. If you wish to cuddle a cow she may in fact lay down and ask you to give her a good scratch on the tummy. All services have this special ingredient: selfless service. Can’t recommend this beautiful nature sanctuary highly enough.

  • Melissa Bond   March 18, 2020


    I just recently experienced my first immersion weekend completing a Balinese Massage Certification whilst staying at the Krishna Village Eco Retreat. I couldn't fault the customer service of all involved, the beautiful lush farm surroundings, the kind and considerate guests staying and the course facilitators were truly beautiful souls.

  • Loz Charms   March 16, 2020

      Balinese Massage Course

    Such as amazing experience with Dee and Karen. Then entire 3 days at Krishna Village was sensational. Such warm and friendly people and great food.

  • Monique Drinkwater   March 15, 2020

      Gentle Peace

    I arrived with a head full of questions. I left feeling light and embodied, with most of my questions answered. Krishna Village is beautiful, I felt as though i was being nursed in the arms of peace and beauty. I slept so well in the guesthouse on the far side of the property, with views that changed like a painting each day. I met so many wonderful beings over the 5 days I stayed. I joined in the yoga classes and 5 rhythm's dance, which was incredible and so well crafted and created, the journey was special and felt by everyone that participated. All the yoga classes were great, I learned something new each day. The volunteers were so awesome and made my stay colourful, joyful and abundant. My visits to the Temple ranged from profound to joyous.The morning lessons were all very insightful and assisted me greatly, in finding the answers to the questions within the proceedings. All the devotees were tolerant, kind, and so caring, a pleasure to be near and share space and time with. I loved the land, the gardens and the encounters I had with the many happy, holy cows that live on the property. Thank you Lord Krishna and all the many devotees from the top of my open heart and from the bottom of my deep well of gratitude. I am already planning my next visit. Peace and Love, Monique

  • Braja Price   March 13, 2020

      brajabala- life membership 3 night free stay per year

    thank you for the retreat stay. i come every year for my 3 nights per year with the original 'Life membership program' which was set up by srila Prabhupada to collect funds for all centres around the world. I was extremely happy to see such a nice bunch of young people joining the 'volunteering @ krishna village program', they were all polite and happy in their service. Well done krishna village team! Everything in the guesthouse was nice and clean and well maintained. My room, 5, has no locks on the windows, which probably need to be attended to. Before there was a desk lamp in the rooms, but they has gone now. Desk lamps are good for low light in the night for quiet meditation, so i feel this would be a nice addition. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Thank you to Kalindi whose service attitude is 100%, and to Sachi, who honored my membership this year. hare krishna! p.s. the yoga was great too.

  • Debra Woodfine   March 10, 2020

      Lomi lomi course

    I Did the Lomi lomi course on the weekend of the 6th 7th and 8th march 2020 the trainer Jen was brilliant and the course was great. i didn't stay in the accomodation at the village so i can't comment on that. We had meals included in the cost of the course and were served at the temple for the most part and if i wasn't gluten intolerant i would have been able to indulge in the meals but sadly there was no guarantee that they were gluten free so i had to purchase my meals from the small cafe onsite.

  • Helena Arturaleza   March 10, 2020

      Amazing experience

    It was an incredible experience to do karma Yoga at the Hare Krishna Village. Spending time at the Krishna village nourishes the soul, learned a lot, met beautiful people, ate amazing food and enjoyed the nature and temple life. Thank you

  • Shayna Love   February 24, 2020

      A piece of paradise

    My experience at Krishna Village was very interesting. I enjoyed being a part of the community, the food was delicious & plentiful, the vibe was mostly welcoming, the yoga classes were awesome & the cafe served wonderful delights. The temple space was magical & a beautiful place to visit daily as was the nature surrounding the property. However I found the lack of respect from volunteers towards the peace of others & the rules disappointing. The place was generally very noisy due to volunteers talking loudly etc, motor bikes zipping around all day, building happening, & farm work. it’s a very busy place with a lot of movement, cars & people coming & going, so not a very good choice for a peaceful retreat. But it was a great retreat from regular society with like minded people & the staff were mostly very friendly & helpful.

  • Anita Bell   February 23, 2020

      Peaceful Retreat

    Had the most wonderful cultural weekend filled with amazing food, yoga and spectacular scenery. Went on the farm tour with Barat, and learnt so much about about the Krishna way of life. Cant wait to come back! Namaskar

  • Jody Vassallo   February 17, 2020

      Perfect place to recharge

    I came to Krishna village needing space to heal, relax and recharge. I got all that and more. The food was nourishing and the staff were the loveliest people I have experienced anywhere in years. This is a special place. A precious place. I very much enjoyed being able to go to yoga classes, join in talks and feel a part of a loving welcoming community. I will be back and I will definitely be recommending this community to friends. Thank you all for you kindness and caring

  • Steve Atlas   February 12, 2020

      Intuitive Balinese massage course

    Had the most beautiful weekend away at the Krishna village my teachers Desiree and Karen were wonderful caring magical lady’s that helped and supported all us the whole way though the course was a fantastic learning experience and would highly recommend. Met amazing people, ate delicious healthy vegetarian meals thank you Krishna village for the wonderful experience

  • Kath Hadleigh   February 07, 2020

      Brilliant Retreat

    I came here just for a mini break, with lots of yoga and time for contemplation and I definitely got both of those things. This is not a place to come if you are looking for pampering and $100 yoga pants. It is basic, wholesome and has all you need to live simply. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The Temple experience was brilliant, inspiring, moving and contained a feeling of joy(and this comes from the least religious person on the planet). The food was great although I did experience a bit of a headache as my body detoxed. Not the food's fault but entirely my own. If you are looking to get back to basics, learn heaps, meet inspiring people and just feel good then this is the place for you. If you are looking for a

  • Alexandre Haberkorn   February 05, 2020

      Great experience with syntropic farming!

    I had a great experience during the course Syntropic Farming, where I could discover many interesting facts on how to produce food in a more intelligent and integrated way. The classes with Tiago were really captivating and enrichenous, he really passes the information with love and enthusiasm!

  • Elsa Rövardotter   February 05, 2020

      Keep coming back

    I love the Krishna Village. It´s such a beautiful meeting ground for seekers of a more balanced life. A place highly influenced by the vedic teachings, this is paradise for anyone seeking to connect. Whether if this is connecting with yourself, nature, animals, people around you, faith or all of the above. After my fourth time at the farm I keep coming back because I just can´t get enough. Don´t hesitate in coming here because if you give it a chance it will change your life for the better. Thank You dear Community. Keep up the good work. Haribol

  • Gabriel Porto   February 03, 2020

      Krishna & Syntropic Farm Course

    It was an absolute great experience sharing these 2 days with amazing people. Such an amazing community and very good Sytropic Course lead by Thiago Barbosa.

  • Murilo Zemaitis   February 02, 2020

      Syntropic course

    It was great! I learnt a lot only in 2 days. Thiago was always making sure that we understood all the material before passing on to the next subject, answering all the questions. I would definetly book a course again in the future!

  • Emeline Lescure   January 21, 2020

      Wonderful experience !!!!

    Such a nice expeprience ! The best retreat that i have never done. I recommended ! Peacefull, nature, amazing food, fantastic persons...

  • Zosia Wells   January 20, 2020


    Stunning environment. ???? So refreshing having deep connection with such stunning souls. Not a bad vibe the whole time I was there.

  • Simah Acabani   January 19, 2020

      Great value eco yoga retreat,

    I spent 1 week there in one of there cabins as I wanted to refresh myself for start of new year. Everyone was very friendly and great vibes, 2 to 3 great yoga classes a day and 3 healthy vegetarian meals. You couldn't find better value for money than this. I am vegan and almost all food was vegan with a few exceptions. Highly recommended.

  • Roberta Trifone   January 18, 2020

      Grazie! (Thanks from my heart)

    I left the village just two hours ago and I already feel that I’m missing it so much! The entire experience is difficult to describe.. In that frame of perfect Nature, and with the work of so many beautiful people, I couldn’t desire more.. when people put their heart in service this is the result! thank you all for the magic and deep experience

  • Jodie Louise   January 14, 2020

      Beautiful community and experience

    I simply loved being part of the Krishna Village community. I felt so welcome and will for sure be back one day.

  • Julka Urbańska   January 13, 2020

      great experience. highly recommend !!

    The Krishna Village is situated in a beautiful spot, surrounded by nature and great views. The accomodation is very well maintained and comfortable and the food is delicious and made with love. The yoga retreat program was planned with great attention to detail and included various activities like talks, movie night, gardening, yoga and meditation class and massage session. It is also priced very reasonably. I loved that the group was small ( 8 people), what made it easy to connect with everybody and receive a personal approach from the teachers. The approach of the staff is one of a kind, open, positive and makes you feel a part of the community. I highly recommend visiting the Krishna Village to everybody searching for relax and broadening their horizons.

  • Sammii Anne   January 12, 2020

      Not bad

    Positives: Cows, birds, insects, beautiful natural setting, lovely place to wake up in and watch moon by night. Good to disconnect from technology and life stresses. Great yoga/ yoga philosophy classes thoroughly enjoyed each class. Teachers really are excellent. Mostly nice meals, however sometimes they ran out of one part and you miss out or if you are further back in line you get small servings. Don't threat, you can go back for seconds which are usually always available. After a couple of days and making the effort to connect with people, you will find all are mostly warm and welcoming, with interesting stories/backgrounds, wisdom to share. Pizza night was really nice, pizza then a walk through meditation gardens/ gardens was really lovely. Drawbacks: initially can feel slightly unwelcoming, people can very much just do their own thing, or seem clicky. You need to make an effort to reach out, if you're slightly more main stream may feel out of place. Suggest going to classes early on in your stay to make connections. Religious influence is strong; can feel a bit full on as a non religious person, but you get used to itand it was explained to me even non- religious people choose to join in for some innerchild, vibration raising fun. A few issues with room; blown reading lamp, old soap left and some old bit of some fabric left in fridge was a bit off-putting, shower regulation is difficult with boiling hot or cold. Aircon rooms aren't really aircon as such, 3 hrs on then shut off for 3 minutes before you can reput on and a strong blue light can be very disturbing to sleep. On the whole, not amazing but not a bad stay, the classes, natural beauty and connections with others left me leaving on a positive note.

  • Judi Radd   January 12, 2020

      Loved it

    I found the lady in the office very welcoming and she showed me to my room personally and pointed out where the course would take place and where the amenities block was. At night the path to the bathrooms was lit up. Meals were wholesome and plenty of it. Everyone respected your space and it was ok if you didn't want to talk to anyone. There were plenty of areas to chill in, drinks you could buy, places to walk and peolple to talk to if you wanted to. I loved the community feel. Thankyou for making my stay memorable.

  • May Kn   January 12, 2020

      Evolution Yoga Retreat Jan 2020

    What an amazingly intense experience. The environment, facilitators, food, content and everything about this retreat was everything I could wish for and more. The word 'evolution' was what initially drew me to this retreat, as I was looking for some personal growth. I knew nothing about the Hare Krishna lifestyle before, and didn't really expect to be fully included and immersed within 'a week in the life of a Hare Krishna'. I loved being guided by such inspiring and committed people into how to gain higher thinking through a simple life. The retreat included all aspects of the Hare Krishna life - conscious cooking, permaculture, philosophy, temple life, yoga, food - and has inspired me to work towards discipline in all practices within my life. I highly recommend this experience for those looking to be pushed out of your comfort zone by a caring and supportive community. I am very grateful.

  • Clare Louise Leahy   January 06, 2020


    Thank you for a lovely experience staying here. I would recommend it to anyone who wants some peace and nature in their life, time to stop and slow down and breathe the country air and eat good food. I also enjoyed the yoga and meditation but most of all just enjoyed the serenity of the open space. Thank you for a beautiful experience :)

  • Ali Anderson   January 06, 2020

      An incredible, cerebral, spiritual place to visit

    A beautiful, serene, amazing gem of a place. It's like your worries fall from your shoulders as you enter the gate. The 2-day Intuitive Balinese Massage course was INCREDIBLE - Dee and Karen are such wonderful, loving, experienced women. And the food is gorgeous - simple, plentiful vegetarian/vegan goodness sourced primarily from the village's own gardens.

  • Peter Lawrence Qualischefski   January 05, 2020

      Great for singles and couples

    Went camping and found the 0830 noise kerfu impossible! Just don't go with children.

  • Clinton Brennan   January 04, 2020

      Wonderful whole hearted experience

    I had an amazing peaceful experience at Krishna Village. All the staff and other occupants were wonderful. I would highly recommend this to others .

  • Ravi   January 02, 2020

      Another world

    It was a divine experience for me and the family at the Krishna Village during our stay this December. It was like living in another world with serene environment and the songs of the birds. Fantastic food and the association of Krishna devotees, yoga masters and students was really uplifting for the soul. Thank you for making our stay memorable, will visit again.

  • Ranish Baskaran   January 01, 2020

      Game Changer

    Such an amazing place with lots of lovely and friendly people. Everyone there is very loving, caring and down to earth people. The food's amazing and super-duper healthy. My only regret is not staying there a bit longer, but i am looking forward to visiting again soon. A good place to escape the matrix.

  • Kitty Lowry   December 30, 2019

      Wholesome, kind, genuine and just all out spectacular!

    I stayed at the Krishna Village Eco Yogo Community for 8 days/ 7 nights. The yoga was run twice a day by a number of different teachers who all provided a different approach to the practice, therefore I got to use a range of body movements and was able to push myself at my own level. The Vegan food was the best food I have ever had for both taste and health, mostly grown at the community so was naturally untreated plant-based whole foods. Being away from the hustle and bustle combined with Yoga (first thing in the morning was a wonderful way to wake up to the day!) and the nourishing food, I felt refreshed, invigorated and my heart full of gratefulness. In terms of feedback, if they use plant based detergent and funnel water from washing plates & cups it could be captured to put back on the plants. Thank you to all the amazing community members and other guests for being so genuine and I am so gracious to you all.

  • Rohitesh Kumar   December 26, 2019

      Our Fec.19 Stay Experience

    Improvements: 1) Cabins x2 allocated found changed when checked at reception. Had made booking for x2 cabins during our last family visit in Oct.19 at reception also paying in advance. No explanation couldn’t be given as to why changes were made. 2) Cabin provided was not ready to check-in till 5pm. 3) Cabin provided add no dishwashing sponge & cups had stains - hygiene concern. Rubbish bin outside cabin was full.

  • vivek s pathania   December 25, 2019

      Could not understand two things

    How they charged me I think they overcharged me by 100 dollars for 2 night stay. They have no aircon in rooms. Atmosphere is pure, spiritual food is vegan / vegetarian (only dairy milk and products included). Mesmerized by the purity of these people. You have to clean utensils yourself some lazy idiots leave utensils unclean. If you are after luxury not for you. If you are for clean atmosphere,in spiritual mood, detox and ready to cope up with nature go there.

  • vivek s pathania   December 24, 2019

      Could not understand two things

    Good for detox of body mind pure spiritual people peaceful no aircon or luxury.

  • Danielle Chapman   December 19, 2019

      Awesome place to find yourself

    This place was amazing. I went for the retreat in a single bed container room. The accomodation was comfortable, the people so welcoming. The food was AMAZING and the yoga was the best I’ve been to. I loved the whole atmosphere and will be making this a regular destination for my school holidays.

  • Amanda Wone McHugh   December 15, 2019

      Amazing weekend!

    Krishna village was so beautiful. The staff were lovely and friendly. The food was delicious and very fresh. Much of it from their own gardens I was told. I did the weekend massage course and it was an excellent course that I would highly recommend! The facilitators were so knowledgeable and also very caring and supportive which made learning a really positive experience. I’d definitely go back again and want to go back with my family. The cows were so beautiful also, some with big horns that were a different breed to the ones on the farm where we live so it was novel to see them. The grounds are stunning. I’d hope to come back and have a swim in one of the many watering holes in future they look so inviting!

  • Anna Culverwell   December 15, 2019


    The Krishna village was such an amazing place to do my YTT. The land is stunning, the ethos and community so welcoming, and the course itself was a great mix of Asana and yogic philosophy. A big thank-you to Lila (course director) whom without the course would not be the same.

  • Christian Nicoll   December 03, 2019

      What the world needs to be

    My time at the Krishna Village demonstrated what community living is all about. Nothing but harmony, respect and unconditional acceptance for everyone who was there. The world needs more places like this to show how beautiful a strong community spirit can be.

  • Travis Willis   December 03, 2019


    I really am grateful for the whole experience to the people that live there and the village volunteers to the great food and quality yoga, this has been the best week of my life and I respect the space so much.

  • Smitakrishna Devi Dasi   November 29, 2019

      Very nice stay

    I enjoyed my stay at the village facility is really nice and very friendly people and service .

  • Bharati Kumar   November 19, 2019

      Amazing experience

    I went to Krishna Village to attend Ayurvedic Cooking class. I reached there from Gold Coast airport. The people there are really amazing. I got fresh Vegetable Juice after I reach there (as I was tired with my travel), thanks to the Chef who made it, she is truly amazing. Then I started to settle down, attended an Yoga class, Kirtan and introduction to Ayurveda. We had amazing lunch and the dinner in the temple is priceless. Our training has been kicked off, we rested that night. I was having flu when I reached Krishna Village and was worried if I can be part of the group as I may spread germs. To my surprise, I was completely normal on day 2, my flu is just gone. Day 2 is started with an early morning Yoga, breakfast and our training, yoga and then amazing dinner in the temple. I had a similar routine on day 3, early morning Yoga, my training and reached back to Sydney on the same day. It was truly relaxing and absolutely blissful stay. The people are really lovely. The beautiful Krishna Village and the mountains around it are just awesome. I look forward to go there again.

  • Anna Glisic-Pollock   November 12, 2019

      Karma Yoga

    Staying at the farm and volunteering part time was a terrific experience. I worked in the gardens and loved it every minute. The delicious meals are huge and fresh from the gardens. Everyone is very respectful of each other and good to be around. I highly recommend staying here at the Village

  • Zadie Hunt   November 11, 2019

      More of a backpackers campsite than a retreat

    I stayed one night in a shipping container room in November 2019. I loved the yoga classes, visits to the temple (especially the festival celebration on the Sunday evening) and walks around the farm. It is a shame it is not looking lush and well tended at the moment due to the extreme drought and bush fire conditions. However, this venue is really a backpackers campsite providing free accommodation and food in exchange for labour not a retreat to come to for rest and relaxation. My room was right next to the communal kitchen/common area so there was substantial noise from excited young travellers sharing tales of their love exploits and travels until about 9pm at night. This started again at 6am so I didn't get much sleep. I also did not find it the friendliest of places to visit. The young girl on reception was lovely (once I found her) but I found I really had to go a long way out of my comfort zone (and I'm a naturally outgoing person) to interact with any of the villagers, participants in various courses and long-term backpackers, all of whom knew each other already. I think someone with less confidence would really struggle in this regard. I booked a hypno therapy session for my second day but it proved a complete waste of $140.00 - even the therapist said she had "run out of options". This (sadly) left me feeling ripped off, disappointed and negative about my whole experience at Krishna Village.

  • Elizabeth Bunyoung   November 11, 2019

      Intuitive Balinese Massage Course

    I thought this course was wonderful. I walked away feeling confident to deliver a massage. Dee and Karen are beautiful souls who make you feel comfortable and are very giving of their energy, hearts, knowledge and time. I would happily recommend this course. The food at Krishna Village is yummy and plentiful, there is no chance to feel hungry!

  • Sophie Chamings   November 10, 2019

      Lovely escape from busy life

    I stayed in the Lotus Pod. It was modern and clean, with a lovely energy,just like the entire village. The food was exceptional, the people amazing, the environment stunning and the classes were fabulous too! If you love nature and simple living, this is a fantastic place to be xxx

  • Sue Dooley   October 13, 2019


    Visited a relative who is having an extended stay at Krishna Village. We were warmly welcomed and left feeling refreshed by the lovely community and beautiful surroundings.

  • Alex Tsymbalov   October 07, 2019

      A very special getaway

    The communication leading up to my stay was incredible, informative and really got me thinking about the place. Accommodation was simple, clean and very comfortable. The pizza night was my first night and perhaps it’s a big call to make but I truly think it was the best I’ve ever had. Perhaps it was the environment, the people, Kent playing the guitar, the atmosphere. All just so very lovely and instantly made me feel at home. The next few days with yoga, the syntropic agriculture course with Thiago and of course the amazing food were also incredible. The meals and the Sunday feast truly do need a special mention, so so delicious. I have never met so many warm, kind and thoughtful people in such a short time before. I am making plans to come back with the whole family so they can share the experience also.

  • Crystal Stow   October 07, 2019

      Beautiful Peaceful

    I recently spend 3 nights at Krishna Village, i will be back I throughly enjoyed my time here. The farm is beautiful and peaceful.I especially loved the new yoga hall of a morning for Sunrise yoga

  • Amy Fortune   September 15, 2019

      6-day Retreat & Volunteering

    6 days to get away from life in a big city was both too short & also perfect amount of time to reset. I got my hands into the earth, left my phone in my room & spoke to strangers who so quickly became friends. Reconnected with a good life that sometimes gets so lost in cities. I learned meditation, yoga, self-love, breathing& the art of being able to stop at any given time, to connect to myself again if I ever feel overwhelmed. So many different personalities, ways of life & souls I learned from and listened to which is important in order to show true compassion. Already looking forward to going back. It will become a regular in my life. Thank you Krishna Village ???????? ????

  • Rochelle Primo   September 03, 2019

      Magical Place

    I always love coming back to Krishna Village. I feel so welcome and at home. The people are friendly,the yogis are beautiful and the food is so tasty. ????????

  • Debbie Kelly   August 28, 2019

      Affordable and Excellent Experience

    I attended Krishna Village for a yoga retreat in August 2019 for 3 nights. I stayed in a single room/cabin, which was basic but had everything I needed, including a heater for the colder nights. Bathrooms are shared and basic, but are functional. The yoga classes were excellent and the studio is beautiful, overlooking the hillside with cows in the foreground. Food is basic, but either grown onsite or sourced locally. Overall, amazing value and a perfect place to disconnect!

  • Bronwen Bender   August 21, 2019

      Calming community feel amazing food

    I havd a lovely week long stay at Krishna village as a karma yoga guest worling 4 hrs a day in the garden in exchange for a lower fee. The people were very friendly, beds comfy, scenery stunning. Skillful yoga teachers and very tasty nourishing food. Would definitely recommend.

  • Pip McKay   August 08, 2019

      Glorious Venue with Incredible People and Support

    We love Krishna Village so much. We are an outside organisation teaching Life Coaching and Personal Development Skill and were looking for a retreat venue. We are not affiliated with Krishna but we found this venue and support people to be totally fantastic. Everyone was so lovely, welcoming and enthusiastic about what we do, from our first contact to the on going care by the event manager Danielle, who is amazing and a total delight. The environment is incredibly beautiful and the energy peaceful and energising. We loved the fact that the cows were all around and that we could freely visit the baby cows and be so welcomed by their carers. The food that was cooked for us was beautiful. The vegetables were picked that morning and cooked with so much love and care by Dee and her team. Conor the IT person was really lovely and helpful and the room was beautifully cleaned and energised every morning before we arrived. There was so much attention to detail and so much love, care and support put into everything. It was such a pleasure and is now our all time favourite venue! Thank you so much everyone involved at Krishna Village we so highly recommend you.

  • Genie   July 18, 2019

      Amazing journey of finding mindfulness

    It has been amazing journey of finding mindfulness while doing yoga, meditation and volunteer service. Really grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at the garden where I could harvest fresh cherry tomatos, lettuce and all sorts of veggies! Also felt very special to be allowed to help out in the temple to prepare and serve vegetarian food. Feeling really great after eating vegetarian food for a week -- I can probably turn vegetarian if I can cook such good vegetarian cuisines!

  • Amir InsideAut   June 23, 2019

      Amazing Place, amazing people

    If you ask me Krishnavillage is a place where dreams come true. It offers all you need if you want to get away from the busy city life and connect with nature, if you want to deepen your spirituality or if you just want to find out more about the practice of yoga. The area is surrounded by lush forests, mountains and a river, the food is delicious, plenty and on top of that healthy. But the best part is with out a question the beautiful souls you going to meet there. In short krishnavillage is a place where you can be yourself without any compromises!

  • Shobha Karenglu   June 09, 2019

      Krishna Village

    Absolutely peaceful and tranquil place to go for the lost soul when it needed a peace and calmness. Beautiful people , yummy food , beautiful nature with God’s presence..

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