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Reclaiming Balance: The Yoga of Cycles & Rhythms 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Event Highlights

  • Svadyaya: self study via embodied practices, journaling for self-inquiry, reflection and sharing circles. Explore natural cycles via dynamic Vinyasa and meditative Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra
  • Weathering change: learn to work with energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment at the peak of any given cycle, while cultivating the ability to surrender with ease and rest in alignment with nature’s flow
  • Awareness of cycles: develop lasting self care practices through the honouring of personal, monthly and seasonal cycles
  • Life cycles: this part of the training program is framed around the rich guidance of a medicine wheel, so we can experience the full cycle of life. We’ll also look at birth, death, dying and rebirth through a unique excursion to Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic, and the lens of Yogic wisdom
  • Menstrual & Life cycle awareness: radical re-education and reclamation of personal and social power. Listen to and work with the wisdom within, our energetic cycles and body intelligence as keys of understanding for both men and women
  • Breath cycles: explore the seasons of the breath, with the inhalation (puraka), exhalation (rechaka) and the pauses (kumbhaka) in between
  • Krama: draw inspiration from the seasons through creative lesson planning and nature based yoga practices
  • Solar & lunar rhythms: create & work with dynamic/energising practices and gentle/cooling flows
  • Yoga Nidra: rest as the revolution that powers your life. Absorb the power of stillness as a radical notion for fuelling the vital energy, seeding creativity and altering states of consciousness
  • Sankalpa: how to set and work with effective intentions
  • Koshas: investigate the 5 layers of our Being: physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intuitive and soul
  • Yoga activism: putting compassion into action with authentic relating and leadership tools


06:30 – 09:30am Morning pranayama, mantra, meditation and asana practice

09:30 – 11:00am Breakfast

11:00 – 1:30pm Workshop / Outing

1:30 – 2:30pm Lunch

2:30 – 6:30pm Afternoon session / Lunar unwind with Yin, Restorative, embodied flow and Yoga Nidra

Opening circle: We will start at approx 3pm on October 17th

Closing ceremony: We will close by approx 8pm on October 27th

About This Event

This advanced teacher training aims to revolutionise the way we relate to our deepest consciousness so we can set ourselves, and others, on a trajectory of heart and care for the Earth.

We believe now is the time to integrate, into all aspects of our lives, a remembering of the cycles. The focus of this training will be on re-learning how to move with natural rhythms, from the movements of breath to the pulse in our bodies… from the phases of the moon to the transitions of the seasons.

By understanding the cycles and rhythms of energy fundamental to the universe, we are able to develop compassion and restore balance for positive change, individually and globally.

Truly understanding that we are of nature, we learn to consciously move in nature’s dynamic and restorative flow. In this way, life is not lived in opposition, but in a cyclical sacred balance bringing peace on many levels.

This is much more than an advanced yoga teacher training, it is a much needed rite of passage that restores soulful and meaningful connection to yoga and modern day living.

The aim of this immersion is to provide space for you to reset, renew, value rest, shift perspectives and settle into the cycles and rhythms which already flow through and around you.

Through breath and movement practices, we welcome back an honouring of our cycles so we can understand our own body – and the earth’s body. We start to recognise our imbalances and move towards different ways of being.

Simone and Bex’s years of experience in the yoga world has led them to understand that ‘spiritual practice’ is one that supports a deeply human experience. Their vision is for others to experience yoga as a highly personal and radical social tool drawn from the inherent intelligence of body and Earth.

Through this training, they humbly explore timeless practices drawn from yoga, medicine wheel teachings and other wisdom principles, together with modern mindfulness practices and advancements in neuroscience.

These practices serve to illuminate the truth that we are nothing but a microcosm of the macrocosm. Thus, we revere Nature as the true teacher.

This is much more than an advanced yoga teacher training, it is a much needed rite of passage that restores soulful and meaningful connection to yoga and modern day living. Emma Lowe

What's Included

  • In depth expert guidance in range of topics listed in event highlights including daily yoga, yoga nidra workshops and special excursions, manual and certification

What's Not Included

Food and housing is not provided as Ubud has such a great range we like to leave this up to students own preference and budget. We do have recommendations we can make so feel free to ask and we're happy to help

Venue Highlights

We will be hosted at Ubud's The Yoga Barn which is the highest calibre yoga studio, restaurant and spa facilities in Bali


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Cafe
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space


The Yoga Barn is located in central Ubud in Bali. Further directions can be requested upon booking.

300 hour yoga teacher training advanced yoga training embodied yoga embodiment medicine wheel teachings sacred menstruation shamanic yoga yoga nidra

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