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Pranayama and yoga energetics advanced yoga teacher training (sold out)

Event Highlights

  • This extensive Pranayama and Yoga Nidra Yoga Teacher Training Course will allow you to gain a profound understanding of breath work, yoga energetics and deep meditation. Facilitated by Simone MacKay (Somah Journeys) and Randall O’Leary (Swara Yoga Academy).
  • Renew yourself with the ancient breathwork & meditation techniques of the Yogis and learn to guide others through their transformation and healing. Transform your teaching, your yoga practice and your life by cultivating and embodying energetic cycles and systems of prana (vital energy / life force).
  • Course objectives: On this course you will learn how to use the power of the breath and deep rest and how to work with your energy body to:
  • Clear your mind and sharpen your awareness
  • Increase energy, health and mental/emotional/spiritual balance
  • Energise / calm your body and mind
  • Learn to skillfully, confidently and carefully guide others through pranayama and Yoga Nidra practices
  • Understand the therapeutic benefits of pranayama and Yoga Nidra
  • Become aware of the deeper layers of the Self
  • Connect to your highest truth and potential using Sankalpa / intention setting
  • Main course areas:
  • Swara Yoga: contemporary pranayama: This course includes daily dedicated pranayama classes which include our unique Swara Yoga system of rhythmic movement and breath. This practice draws techniques from Classical Pranayama and delivers them in a way which is effortless to practice and highly accessible for students of all levels.
  • Qualities of Prana: Learn how to use asana and pranayama to affect the quality of energy. Understand when, why and how to stimulate, expand, circulate, calm & ground prana. Learn accessible practices which flavour the energetic experience through the use of the five elements.
  • Pranic practice: Understand how to approach and teach asana practice which focuses on the cultivation of Prana and expands our capacity to feel the natural and extraordinary movements of Prana within the physical and subtle body.
  • Yoga Nidra: dive into the application of simple mindfulness techniques as well as exploring yoga philosophy, including discussion and experiencing the Koshas, some neuroscience, in order to offer context and understanding of the yoga nidra practice, including some exploration of the various schools and methods, all the while drawing on shamanic explorations.
  • Sankalpa: Come to a better understanding of the use of directed attention through developing a Sankalpa (with discussions and exercises on primary and secondary intention setting).


Our schedule will vary depending on the needs of the group and with some days having additional ceremonies in the evening/day:

Opening circle: We will start the opening ceremony a 3pm on the 17th

06:30 – 0930 Morning pranayama, mantra, meditation and asana practice

09:30-11:00 Breakfast

11:(contact info blocked) Workshop

13:00 – 1430 Lunch

14:30 – 18:30 Afternoon session

Closing ceremony: We will close by approx 8pm on the 27th.

About This Event

Do you want to step into your fullest power and potential and also learn how to stay there?

Are you ready to find true, natural and lasting flow in your yoga practice and in your life?

Do you want to work directly with the source of Life “prana” and your energy body?

Working with the rhythms of nature in order to remember our own true nature – this immersion provides you with a full integrated approach to yoga energetics.

What's Included

  • Daily morning solar/heating pranayama, mantra, meditation and asana practice
  • Daily evening/lunar rhythms with restorative and yin yoga practices
  • Meditation in motion. Swara Yoga: rhythmic movement with breath. This practice draws techniques from Classical Pranayama and delivers them in a way which is effortless to practice and highly accessible for students of all levels
  • Philosophy & application of Pranayama practices & sequences
  • Anatomy of Breath & Breath therapeutics facilitated byThe Anatomy School focusing on diaphragm, breath and its correlation to the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Ayurveda
  • Mantra as a form of Pranayama
  • Chakras, Bandhas & energy locks within the body
  • Sanskrit
  • Yoga Nidra philosophy, the neuroscience of deep rest, energetics & facilitation
  • Understanding the Koshas (the 5 layers of Self), Witness consciousness (Shakshi)
  • Teaching pranayama effectively
  • Energy & healing through vibration with Sound Healing
  • Deeper explorations of yoga philosophy and cosmology through Yoga Nidra including Yoga Nidra as part of Pantanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga, embodying, Pratyahara (withdrawing the senses), Dharana (improving concentration) and Dhyana yoga (as the meditative heart of yoga).
  • Yoga Nidra as a therapeutic tool
  • Cultivating energy & transformation with Mantra & Fire Ceremonies
  • Yoga energetics
  • Instruction by experienced senior Yoga Teachers with over 20 years of yogic practice
  • Techniques learnt on this course:
  • Mula (root), Uddiyana (stomach) and Jalandhara (throat) Bandhas
  • Meditation & Yoga Nidra
  • Kumbhakas
  • 3 part Yogic Breathing
  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Kapalabhati pranayama
  • Samavritti (even) pranayama
  • Viloma pranayama
  • Nadi Shodhana pranayama
  • Kumbhakas
  • Kriya purification, the Vayus & other yogic energy practices
  • Sequencing pranayama for desired effect
  • Teaching pranayama
  • Guiding Yoga Nidra
  • Grounding, energising, stabilising techniques for body, mind and energy
  • Therapeutic Yoga Nidra practices
  • Experience Yoga Nidra as far more than deep relaxation but a way of being born of the heart through the use of intention and a practice that offers tools for deep healing, restoration, integration, dis-identification and self-realisation

What's Not Included

Food and housing

Venue Highlights

Our training takes place at The Yoga Barn Bali, which is the highest calibre of yoga studio, eating and spa facilities in Bali.


Not included


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space


Check out the Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn for all their delicious, healthy yumminess!

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  • Jessie Emmons   February 24, 2020

      The Somah Journey of a Lifetime

    Simone, Leti and the rest of the Somah Journey's team provide an unbelievably comfortable atmosphere that enabled me to expand my overall knowledge of yoga and life in general. There was a good mix of heated Vinyasa to more relaxed deep Yin classes that always began with breathing and awareness exercises. Simone was able to provide many guided yoga nidra classes and expand on the science behind it in class form, which was a nice addition to the course. The level of talent Letizia has in leading ceremonies truly shines in her ability to provide support to the group mentally, physically and musically. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who has a true calling to the plant medicines and yoga. To say I left Peru enlightened and with a new spice for life would be an understatement. I truly appreciate everything Simone and Somah Journey's have done for me and fully intend on working with them again. Much love, Jessie

  • Lisa Hampel   August 28, 2018

      A profoundly inspiring experience

    Trying to stay positive is not hard when talking about the teacher training with SoSA. I signed up having been practicing regularly for a good while and this still exceeded my expectations in how much it would continue to deepen my practice. The teachers are magnificent and their light inspires to dip into the magical essence that is your self. Nearly a year on and lessons learned still continue to emerge and crystalise, like the most magical gift that really keeps on giving. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and am forever thankful to have been part of it.

  • Heather Evans   August 27, 2018

      SOSA is Pure Magic!

    I attended SOSA's 200-hour yoga teacher training in April of 2014 and it was nothing short of life-changing deep-dive into the recesses of my soul. Not only did my practice transform...I transformed. For the first time, I felt as though I was really seen for who I was and what I had to offer this world. The instructors all held incredible space for growth, deep reflection, inquiry, and the subtle shifts that occur. From the philosophy and history to the daily posture clinics and practice sessions, there was always a chance to go deeper and learn more - not only about yoga but also about myself. I am forever grateful to SOSA for introducing me to myself and for allowing me to become a member of this global family - the SOSA Tribe!

  • Erlin Sulisthio   July 18, 2018

      Once upon a time with SOSA ^_^V

    SOSA helped me change into someone who is more confident with myself and trusting of my own soul and inner teacher. After joining the Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Bali, I feel the difference in me as well as in my perspective about life. If you really want to know about yoga ... SOSA was a great choice to learn to teach yoga and understand the full depth of the practice. The team of teachers have so much experienced and had no reservations about sharing that knowledge with us. My fellow classmates quickly became a tribe...they were incredible brothers and sisters who always kept me motivated. The journey of a thousand steps starts from one first step, and so SOSA as my first steps to truly knowing yoga has changed the course of this journey of life for the better, forever. Thank you and love you SOSA!

  • Rachel Bentley   July 15, 2018

      School of Sacred Arts

    This yoga teacher training retreat is everything you’ve ever dreamed of AND MORE!! I knew yoga school would be life changing but I had no idea that it would have been this much of an impact of every aspect of my life. Signing up with SOSA has taught me how to handle everything from daily life stressors, yoga poses/flows, positive thinking, how to truly open my heart, how to handle my seer, how to make and hold space for myself as well as others, how to protect my energy, how to discover my inner sanctuary, healthier nutrition (I’m a TN girl #not easy teaching us to put down the bad food), SANSKRIT❤️ And so many many priceless lessons I learned while studying there!!!! Words can not express my love for ALL the people I’ve met along the SOSA journey..... JUST SIGN UP ALREADY✨✨✨

  • Cat Newton-Haydon   July 15, 2018

      Valuable Life Learnings

    Having completed the 200hrs YTT course with SOSA (2017) in Bali, I found that I’d only touched on a fraction of the practice of yoga, despite having a practice of 8+ years. SOSA provided me with the safest community to, not only guide me into a deeper understanding of the asana practice, but to awaken my questioning as the practitioner. Where I would falter with ideals, their teaching and guidance organically directed me to a rational understanding of myself, life situations and future opportunities. The many statements, for example: ‘know yourself’, ‘you are who you are’ and ‘believe in yourself’ (and there are many others!) came into question during my training and the unfolded answers have made my practice more valuable. For someone to teach others how to benefit from their own yoga practice (both on and off the mat), there are so many other elements to understand before becoming a teacher (the ability to look at yourself, listen to others and to be true at all times, as examples), the course ensured that all the elements are drawn together and worked through in a clear and concise teaching method. The core team, led by Simone, Heather and Randall (plus the incredible assistants who worked with them at the time), bring a well balanced course covering asana practice and posture analysis, anatomy and philosophy with additional elements of mantras, rituals, diet and business guidelines - the latter being very useful for anyone wishing to take their learning in this direction. As I learnt, business is not for everyone and no one has ‘failed’ if this is not their final destination - each person has their own understanding of how they wish to share their learnings - I’m still finding my way. Bali is a magical part of the world and the safe environment SOSA offers in which to learn, share and be healed, should be greeted with an open mind and an open heart - the course truly changed my life! I’m highly privileged to have been a student with SOSA and be part of this incredibly rich and knowledgeable family, and would like to thank Simone, Heather and Randall for opening my heart to change� Love, light and gratitude �

  • Brittany Dobbs   July 15, 2018

      5-star training and team

    What an amazing month in Bali with School of Sacred Arts! This 200 hr training provides you with a well-rounded experience of self-inquiry, philosophy, techniques, etc. The team of experienced teachers was absolutely incredible and so knowledgeable in a variety of practices. Walking away from my month with SOSA, I have a deeper sense of self, and I am well-equipped to share the benefits of yoga with the world around me.

  • Emma Lowe   July 13, 2018

      This training not only changed my career but transformed my life!

    Learning how to facilitate an asana practice through anatomy, alignment and the art of assisting is simply scratching the surface of what can be learnt from this course. Simone and her team create a safe and nurturing space in which true self enquiry can take place, in order for you to be able to truly align with yourself and be able to therefore teach from the heart and not someone else's experience of yoga. You are given the time to invest in yourself and encouraged to find and lay down your own blueprint for how yoga can therefore come off the mat and into the contours of your life. Whilst at the same time being gifted daily with a wide and balanced variety of philosophical, practical and physical practices. Heart is the fundamental essence of my experience of SOSA. The Schools love and passion for Yoga and the wisdom traditions is so evident and therefore so infectious and inspirational. Each individual and highly professional teacher has something fresh, brilliant and unique to share, culminating in a deeply resonating collective breadth of wisdom absolutely unparalleled to any 'education' I have ever received. The transformational and magical potential of this yoga teacher training is something to be felt and embodied and I feel my words can scarcely do it justice but my heart is so full with gratitude for each and every minute of this immersion that I know already it will last a life time. It has opened up my heart and mind to infinitive possibilities within myself and how I see the world. Whether you have the calling to teach, to deepen your personal practice, to reconnect with nature, humanity, your own essence...know you are in the safest of hands, the wisest of knowledge, among the kindest of hearts and the dearest of friends with this beautiful tribe.

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