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Apu Mystica is a sacred journey to the heart of the living intelligence and power of the mountain spirits of the Andes. This quest is for those who are ready and willing to embrace the next level of their personal evolution and planetary soul service. The Apus are beings of Light, star regents and ancient bodhisattvas here to help nurture and sustain all life within Pachamama. These mountain spirits endow the humbled hearted Pilgrim with insight, inspiration, and illumination to help you fulfill your Soul mission here. The sacred calling of the heart-pilgrim and Apu are aligned through our Ayni (sacred reciprocity). Apu Mystica is an initiatic pilgrimage of Ayni to the heart of the living mystery of the Andes. Be prepared for your life and soul inspired service to be radically upgraded, through the expanded illumination offered by these powerful enlightened ones.  To commune with these beings is of the greatest importance to the Pachakuti Mesa initiate because they are the elders of the tradition, holding the template of the medicine of the Paqokuna. The Apus help channel Kamasqa (universal life force) from Illa T’eqse Muyu Taytanchis Wiracocha Pachakamaq (aka The Ever Radiant, Ever Benevolent Great Mystery and Source of all Creation) abiding in readiness to transmute our old stories of self, community, and what is possible. Since time immemorial the Apus have been a destination for illumination, to help guide us to re-member and live the Beauty we are.  As we attune to these living powers, we more deeply awaken to our Soul Service and personal medicine/mission, and we become not just the conscious stewards of our lives but of our global family. Purpose of this initiatory journey is:

To expand into the beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and Andean CosmoVision.To radically empower, illuminate, uplift, upgrade, and recommit to embodying the essence of your True Immortal Self purposefully incarnated as planetary steward and star seed consciousness activator.To visit the four primary tutelary Apus of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition and receive direct Karpay (transmission in seed form) and bring these gifts back to your life, family, community and culture, and in doing so assist the benevolent expression of this great turning.To learn from and make relationship with Q’ero Elders, Andean Paqos & wisdom keepers, and the wildly alive spirit of the land within the Sacred Valley of Peru.To nourish the living multidimensional field of the Mesa with the Kallpa (living power) of the Apus, for expanded service, blessing, and alchemy.

This journey is not for the faint of heart and will require: joyful fortitude, an abiding willingness to embrace what is, and deep commitment to awakening your unique medicine in service to the dawning of the age of the Taripaypacha. It will also include traveling to altitude of +14,000 Ft, light to intermediate hiking, and accommodations that will range from enchanting to rustic.

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50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
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  • Louis Butterfield   March 15, 2018

      Amazing People, Genuine Connection

    Having been in ceremony with Darcy and Robin on multiple occasions, I can say with total certainty that they are the 'real deal'. Such generous, kind people that have helped transform my life in both subtle and momentous ways. Thanks for all that you do guys!

  • Jon   December 02, 2017

      Ancient wisdom for personal and planetary healing and creation

    I have participated in many of Robin and Darcy's Visionary Hearts offerings and as a student of the lineage under which they practice, I can say without question that what they bring forward and invite others into is a not-to-miss opportunity. They have an immense depth of experience working with the sacred cactus of Huachuma and incorporate the ancient teachings and practices of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. Their approach to this work blends deep tradition alongside curious exploration of 'what's possible'. They honor the Great Mystery and this allows for curious and open expansion of each of our unique gifts and infinite wisdom.

  • L E Williams   December 02, 2017

      Sacred Valley Pilgrimage 2017 - Trip of a Lifetime

    What an awesome trip! Beauty, connection, AHHAS, wonderful companions, Robin and Darcy - heart centered, compassionate guides. Lovely accommodations and delicious food. Pisac is a wonderful picturesque town, with friendly locals, yummy restaurants and a daily market with a wide variety of art, handicrafts and produce. The ceremonies brought deep insights and relaxation. Fantastic experience!

  • Jan Formby   December 01, 2017

      Visionary Hearts Pisac Peru.

    The sacred ruins above Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and the wonders of Cusco where some of the additional delights incorperated into a visionary quest lead by Darcy and Robin last year in the sweet sweet town of Pisac Peru. Darcy and Robin are dedicated ceremonialists and Pachakuti Mesa carriers. They truly embody "yanantin" the Quechua concept of a sacred pair, a complimentary union; together they hold sacred space and fun space impeccably. The trip was comfortable, we were well taken care of. The medicine ceremonies held at Hummingbird Retreat centre where deeply nurturing and the setting was awe inspiring. Munay Sonqo saminchay Blessing from the sacred heart of Peru.

  • Cassandre   December 01, 2017

      A Gift

    The Hummingbird's Blessing Pilgrimage was a very special time for me, opening a door to a deeper relationship with my heart and our beautiful earth. My connection with my mesa and the Pachakuti lineage deepened and expanded through the journey, offering me a take-away anchor of support and guidance that will direct and accompany me through all phases of growth. Robin and Darcy are impeccable guides, offering from their depth of personal experience and sincere desire to serve all life. With their unshakable integrity and incredible passion for this work, they bring a joyful and light-hearted approach to transformation. They are committed to ushering in the new consciousness with as much fun and grace as possible.

  • Tanin Shunter   November 15, 2017

      Heart, Beauty & True Transformation

    Along the wild-ride that has been my life, I have had the blessing of crossing paths with Darcy and Robin. From our first encounter their level of integrity, heart, and commitment to creating a more beautiful world struck a deep chord in me. When I caught wind that they would be offering a Pilgrimage to Peru, my heart rejoiced as I couldn’t think of two better guides for my first encounter with this magical land. The pilgrimage itself was wholly transformative. Robin and Darcy planned each day with meticulous love, care, and an ignited sense of adventure. I felt very safe and masterfully-held throughout the entire experience by the seen and unseen foundation these two had laid so beautifully prior to my arrival. In visiting the various sacred sites their knowledge, reverence, and passion for the Andean cultures shone through brilliantly. My experience of these powerful sites was greatly enriched by Darcy and Robin’s sharings of the various site histories, lore, and of the peoples that dwelled there many moons ago. I really appreciated how they made every conscious effort to connect us with the locals in deep and meaningful ways. We visited an elementary school, participated in beautiful despacho ceremonies with local elders and medicine carriers, and were treated to the beauty of traditional Peruvian dances and song. In this way, I did not feel like a “tourist” passing through, but a welcomed guest in a home amongst friends. In working with the medicine I found myself surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Everything from the space, to the food, to the company (did I mention the food?) was immaculate. With the level of safety and integrity present in each ceremony I was able to go deep within myself to catalyze healing that would have otherwise not been possible. The blessings, insights and gifts I received through these ceremonies continue to blossom in my life in magical and unexpected ways. It is rare indeed to find people who teach by the way they live, and live by what they teach, and that is exactly the medicine that Robin and Darcy offer. Darcy and Robin aren’t only “on the path” they are blazing a new way of being as a gift to us all. I wholeheartedly recommend them as impeccable guides and friends into the heart, lore and mystery that is Peru. Munay <3

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