Truffles Containing Psilocybin - Core 3-Day Retreat

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We offer an exclusive 3-day retreat in Amsterdam for individuals who want to utilize moderate-to-high doses of psilocybin truffles to catalyze creative breakthroughs, deepen self-understanding, and feel ready to make their next big ‘leap’ in life.

This is a legal opportunity to take psychedelics in a safe, intentional and expertly-guided setting, geared to facilitating positive outcomes like heightened creativity, clarity on next steps in your life, and general personal development.

To create your experience, we will carefully modulate the following six conditions, each of which plays an essential role in every psychedelic journey:

Set. The mental attitude of a would-be psychedelic voyager

Setting. The surroundings in which a psychedelic substance is ingested

Guide. A person experienced with non-ordinary states of consciousness who helps to mitigate challenges and channel insights. (Read more about our team of coaches.)

Substance. The type and quantity of psychedelic agent; in this case, psilocybin, from truffles

Session. The entirety of a psychedelic trip, including all activities and rituals

Situation. the environment, people, and culture from which a person comes to a session and returns to afterwards

When these elements are not carefully considered, and psychedelics are not used in a safe, supportive, and structured setting, many of their potential benefits may not be experienced. That’s why we pay such close attention to crafting the environment that we create for your experience. We understand that working with psychedelics can be intimidating; the nurturing environment we create will help to allay any concerns that may come up for you.

With due respect to the powerful nature of psychedelic experiences, and the strong impact that the presence of the others sharing the space can have on your trip, we limit each workshop to 12-16 carefully selected participants. Before joining us at Synthesis for your 3-day retreat experience, please complete our compulsory application form, which will be assessed by our guides and medical care team.


After arriving at The Lighthouse, the main focus of your first day will be 1-on-1 conversations with your lead facilitators to help clarify your intentions during the retreat and calibrate your dose level. We will also discuss whether you want to optimize your experience for creativity on a professional level, for personal development or are seeking a mystical experience.

11:30 - Arrival - Transfer from AMS

13:30 - Welcome Circle

14:00 - Welcome Lunch

15:00 - Flight Instructions

16:30 - 1 on 1 Conversations

19:00 - Dinner

20:00 - Q&A plus Activity


On the second day of the retreat, you will participate in the ceremony, consuming the psilocybin truffles at either a low, moderate, or high dose. You will be fully prepared and comfortable in a setting perfectly optimized for your needs, allowing you to make the most of your psychedelic experience.

8:00 - Breakfast

9:30 - Breathwork

13:00 - Psilocybin Ceremony

21:00 - Dinner


The retreat’s final day centers on the integration workshop. You will discuss and receive guidance on how to process your experience and integrate it into your life going forward. This will allow you to bring your newfound insights back with you and make concrete, meaningful changes.

8:30 - Breakfast

9:30 - Integration Part 1

11.00 - 1 on 1 Conversations

12:30 - Closing lunch

13:30 - 1 on 1 conversations

14:30 - Integration Part 2, Closing Circle

16.00 - Departure - Transfer to AMS

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  • Ella Cook   October 02, 2019

      Far exceeded my expectations and opened my mind in new and exciting ways

    I attended a retreat with Synthesis in July 2019 and it has a significant positive impact on my life. I cannot recommend the experience and the team highly enough. I was both curious and apprehensive to experience psilocybin to help me make peace with some past issues and also give me some inspiration for the future. The whole process from my first call with them all the way through to after the retreat exceeded my expectations. The actual retreat centre itself is really unique and beautiful and the rooms are really luxurious. The sauna is a real treat too! I felt so safe and guided through the actual psychedelics experience with medical and emotional support available throughout the whole thing. I had no idea what psychedelics could help me access and I feel like with the support I received from Synthesis, I’m entering the world with a whole new perspective on myself and my life. Thank you so much - I’ll be back soon!

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